Who (C)Hairs!

hair-9My best title yet!  I feel so silly every time I post one of these hair blogs, but you must understand, I get weirdly a lot of traffic when I do. So you better believe it’s going to continue.

Personally, I’m pressed with how long my hair is right now. I can put it in a cute half-pony, I can put it in a full pony too. Although, not without the help of many bobby pins and headbands. Maybe I’ll be able to do milkmaid braids by the end of the summer.  You can see the progression in other posts here.


I like gray.

Hair Update

hair-8Oh, hi. The weather is still terrible, so I thought it’d be a good day to update you all on the length of my hair (and because so little matters in the grand scope). I know you’re all on tenterhooks!

It’s safe to say I no longer have a pixie cut, and I’m back in the realm of having hair you can tuck behind your ears. For real, this hair makes me feel all kinds of cool and confident. HAIR-6It’s good to know if I ever want to go back to a super short cut, I can survive growing it out again. AND… I’m giving myself a center(ish) part nowadays. It’s all so wild! Photo on 12-14-15 at 9.53 AM #3

Joy to the world!

UNKNOWNSWEATER-1I received a little carrier pigeon with the message that this Joy Division sweater is available to purchase once again. One morning a year ago I received a mysterious email about this sweater, and within 10 minutes I had bought it. They found me because I bought a Smiths sweater from this shop (they’re the same person). They only become available in the holiday season. And while I love being the only person I know to own this, it would be wrong not to let the people know what must be known. It’s a cozy acrylic (read: vegan) garment and the CP-1919 graphic is amusingly huge. Perfect cold weather wearable for your favorite post-punk fan.

I am just over 200 lbs and 5’9″ and wearing a size M. j1_copyUNKNOWNSWEATER-3The M size is a tad snug for me (I dunno, I’m considering sizing up right now), but the good news is I can still dance in it.dancing

Ride of the Valkyrie

VALKYRIE-2I got a pretty major tattoo on Friday afternoon. Not my first, but my first super huge one, custom designed by Mimi at Sea Wolf in South Minneapolis.

I didn’t have any tattoos until March of this year, and now I have 4. Once you get one, the fear of permanently altering your skin sort of goes away and you’re like “screw it.” Well, that’s me at least. And probably a lot of people. Anyway, here’s the newest one. The Valkyries are the handmaidens of Odin. They are the “chooser of the slain.” They pick who dies in battle and goes to Valhalla. I am deeply into Viking history and Norse mythology (likely explains my Skyrim obsession). I named her Brunhilde.

Interestingly, I’m not a fan of the Minnesota Vikings.

I wanted some nice photos of my fresh new tat so yesterday morning I took a few – very serious – portraits. VALKYRIE-5VALKYRIE-10Brunhilde goes nicely with my little Viking sword necklace as well.

Hair Today


Making good progress on growing my hair out. Ever so gradually, I have an interesting new look every week or so. Right now I’m extremely digging my length. It’s almost a proper bob now. I feel like it’s classing up my whole look. For consistency’s sake, I woke the kitty up from a nap to take this picture. HAIR-5I’m getting haircuts on the reg every 5-6 weeks, so ensure that the bottom doesn’t get too mullet-y (like in September) and eventually matches up with the sides (yeah, who knew! Growing your hair our takes more maintenance than not). A lot of times it feels like a very 90’s bob, like Kelly MacDonald in Trainspotting, which is super cool obv. I do have this thing though where the right side likes to flip out. It did it when my hair was long, which I forgot about. Luckily, the photo booth on my iMac is a living chronicle of my style evolution for almost 10 years. Photo 741Oh so sassy, 20-year old Caroline.

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