Spring Evenings

SPRINGFLOWERS-3SPRINGFLOWERS-4Spring evenings are so magical, aren’t they? These photos were taken a couple weekends ago, after a long day where I had a bachelorette party and Alan’s longtime good pals came to visit… We fed Alex some avocado (which he ate willingly), and then bath time and bed. These still, golden evenings are some of my favorite things. It’s such a precarious time of year too. Mother’s Day weekend saw extreme heat and humidity, and then quickly that turned to cold and rainy for DAYS. Ugh, the dreariness.

It felt like growing up, I could rely on Minnesota winters being cold and snowy, and then the gradual melting in March would mean you could wear a t-shirt outdoors even though it was only 40 degrees. Then April would see rain and things slowly coming to life. All of a sudden, you drive down the street and you’re under a canopy of green. Green and life is bursting everywhere, and the warm evenings were filled with smells of lilacs.

Maybe it’s because I’m older, or the seasons are actually changing their patterns, but it feels like that experience doesn’t manifest itself in the same way. I mean, this past winter started out strong but ended with a thud. It was 60 degrees in February. It was 45 degrees in May. I don’t know what’s what anymore.

All I know is that when these magical evenings occur, I have a little sit and I just look at it, and I smell it, and I feel it on my skin. SPRINGFLOWERS-13SPRINGFLOWERS-14.jpg

4 Recipes for Warmer Weather


I’ve been cooking dinner more lately, which was one of my spring resolutions. And, despite the fact that I have a ton of cookbooks, I still lean on Pinterest to feed me. So I wanted to share with you a few of the best recipes we’ve used recently that are getting us excited for warmer weather.

CW from TL:
Garlic Butter White Wine Pasta from Savoury Nothings.

Winter White Bean Chicken Soup from the Solly Baby Blog (it says winter, but I the lemon and dill are impossibly fresh and spring-y).

Fish with Sauce Niçose from Food52.

Three Cheese Pesto Spinach Flatbread from Peas & Crayons.

Spring Wardrobe for Baby

SPRINGWARDROBE-7I know, a baby having a “wardrobe?” What a concept! Regardless, I’m kinda excited about putting one together for Alex, despite the fact that some of these items might not scream “spring.” Maybe not for most people. I find a certain freshness in them, but I am also a Picky Parent™. A few people have asked me at times where I buy Alex’s clothes. While I tend to stick with places like Old Navy, Gap and H&M for most of his clothes, I occasionally indulge in a few standout pieces from other brands. They’re not necessarily ultra-pricey, but a lot of more boutique brands tend to have more limited mileage in the sizing.

SPRINGWARDROBE-5Here is one thing I’ve learned about dressing a baby. In our house, we do laundry nearly every day. And so the same pieces that Alex wears (which are mostly footed suits) keep getting placed back in the top of the dresser drawer. So he has like, 10 outfits in rotation. I’m glad I finally realized this for his next growth spurt, because previously I just kind of was impulse-buying lots of cheaper clothes in weird different sizes and styles. This time around, with it being a new season, and a new size, I was a touch more deliberate. Unfortunately Alex is subject to my own personal style philosophy, which is that pieces are utilitarian and unadorned, and all within a color palette to optimize mixing and matching.

But he’s a baby, so he gets to look cute too.SPRING17

Top Row
Merino Tee for Good — Chasing Windmills, Button Neck Sweater — Zara,
Mini Legging — Cotton On

Second Row
Stripey Organic Leggings — Bitte Shop, Playsuit — Gray Label, Romper — House of Ninoh

Third Row
Union Suit — Goat Milk, Play Hard Onesie — DLK, Zip Romper — Primary

Bottom Row
Parka — H&M, Reversible Striped Jumpsuit — Zara, Hooded Cardigan — H&M


Cool Botanicals

botanicals_titleI have certainly been very lazy with blogging lately! I have good reasons though: I have a full time job, PLUS I am doing an immense freelance project on the side, PLUS I am gearing up for an epic two week international adventure taking place at the end of this month. PLUS I’m just tired from being pregnant and I don’t know what to write about. Stuff gets in the way, you know? Luckily, I had this post in the wings and because I can’t stand the thought of going two blog-less weeks, I thought I’d finally share it with you all today.

I find myself helplessly drawn to everything green these days. Maybe it’s the arrival of spring, which has been rainy here in Minneapolis. Everything is so lush and verdant!  Though it has been chilly since Monday. No bueno for May, the best month of the year, IMO. The weather should be perfect IMO. Anyway. I love botanical prints. They always seem to have a vintage feel while being at the same time fresh and warm. With summer just over that horizon, let us look at some beautiful ways to embrace the green:


CW from Top Left: Swimsuit / Vintage Poster / Phone Case / Tattoo / Watch

In the Trenches

TRENCHES2A couple years ago we had insane rainfall all spring and summer (including my wedding day, hey!). I didn’t have a rain jacket for ANY of it. When I did have one, I got one for cheap from Columbia, in bright white of all colors.. I had it with me one cold, early spring evening when I was hanging out on the patio at Grumpy’s NE… I never felt so uncool. So, I gave away that jacket in a clothes swap, but I can’t deny that living in Minnesota sort of necessitates needing rain gear, or at the very least, a good spring jacket; the ubiquitous Trench Coat. I’ve been on the hunt for a cool army green one, possibly to wear with stripes and sneakers. Here’s a few options for a few budgets.TRENCHES

Top: Lou & Grey Form Anorak. Lou & Grey is one of my favorite discoveries from the last year. They have such great basic wardrobe staples, and this jacket is no exception. Plus, it’s on sale right now!
ASOS TALL Pac a Trench. For the price, this seems like an extremely good buy. A very dressed down version of the classic army trench. Would probably look good with Docs.

Bottom: Woods You Be Mine? Jacket from ModCloth. This very much looks like something Liam Gallagher would’ve worn in the Oasis heyday, and probably still today.
Women’s Arcadia Casual Jacket from Columbia.  I will probably end up getting this. It has sensible weather protection but it doesn’t look like it’s made by an outdoor brand. When you can get form + function in a nifty package, I’m all about it.
Finally, H&M has a ton of great jackets but I particularly love this avocado green Rain Jacket. I like the androgynous boxy shape.

As a bonus, here are some cool boots for Spring/Wet Seasons:
Matte Chelsea Rain Boots (Seriously, these are SO STYLIN), Classic Hunter Wellingtons, and my personal choice for always, Doc Marten 1460s (just don’t forget the Wonder Balsam).

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