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My little sister Addie is obsessed with Jurassic Park like I am Skyrim (she at one time had the soundtrack on cassette and listened to it in her car). On Monday night she and her boyfriend had people over to watch it and eat lots of food and drink beer, and she wouldn’t stop… Admiring Ellie Sattler (Laura Dern) and her style. I’ve always thought Dr. Sattler seemed kind of endearingly irritating. Like, I’m amused by how much I’m annoyed by her. I told Addie, “Hey, if you like her style so much, why don’t you make a blog post about how to dress like her.” But she doesn’t have a blog, and I do, and while this is seriously way out of range of my preferred style (if we’re going early nineties, I’ll take grunge I guess) I figured “why not,” and seeing how we have a new movie coming out this weekend, it seemed appropriate.ellie_sattler
I did tell her: you’re going to find most of this stuff at LL Bean, and I was right. The Shorts, Tank-Top and Button-up are all there. The Sunglasses are at Target and the Boots I found on Zappos. Don’t forget to have a messy ponytail and do weird stuff with your mouth.


Style File// Gym Bag


Last week I started off strong by hitting the gym on Monday. Then Tuesday, I got hit with a nasty cold. Chills, aches, squeaky cough, and all around fatigue. I was out of commission for 4 solid days of would-be working out. By the weekend I was on the up and up, and by yesterday I was good as new (also explains the lack of blogging). This was terrible for gym momentum, but at least I had no problem not drinking. So far I’ve made leaps and bounds more progress on the ‘lifestyle changes’ than when I tried a year ago. I’m eating actual real breakfast every day, with actual real nutrients and wholesome, nutritious foods! Feels good to keep at it, and it’s not a serious struggle because it’s all in moderation. I’m not binging on snack food constantly BUT I’m also not denying myself any little treats if I so desire them (I’ve allowed myself two pops. A can of coke over a week ago, and a bottle of pepsi on Sunday. And that feels like just enough.) “Everything in Moderation” really is the key here. I don’t think I ever understood the weight of that mantra until now.

I use the gym in my building, which is nice because it’s convenient, and extremely cheap. We’re moving buildings at the end of March, when the gym membership will skyrocket. It’ll probably become more practical to sign up at a real gym, and there happens to be an LA Fitness down the street from our house with all the bells and whistles (Sauna! Hot Tub! JUICE BAR!). I want to look my best for these Training Try-Hards, so I’ve envisioned for myself a rad workout ensemble that is likely to subvert the paradigm furreal.

A Hoodie is good for exercise. It gets your sweatin’. This particular hoodie (from ol’ reliable Old Navy) is really nice material. It’s like, compression fleece. I have it, and it’s very soft, and doesn’t pill, and is just the right fit. When it’s a teensy bit warmer out, it’ll be perfect for jogging outside. Moisture *and* odor wicking too.

A Vest is really more of an outdoor thing too, but I can picture in the winter months throwing it on over the hoodie as I’m walking back to my car. No need to bundle all the way up while I’m cooling down. Plus, this one’s on sale guys! And, c’mon, get that brand recognition.

A Tank Top that will totally cause some gym bros to rethink their entire machismo world view. Plus, tank tops help your body breathe, and this one happens to be rad as hell.

Some Running Shoes from a trusted brand ;)

Wireless Earbuds because you don’t want to be this guy.

AND… Rad printed leggings.  This ones above are these which are sadly no longer available, but you can find all kinds of super cool printed leggings like THESE Lord of the Rings themed ones. And you know what, if you’re looking for some “real” workout leggings, and maybe you’re  a bit of a health goth, these look pretty cool.

A couple last things: Hydrate often, and get Netflix on your phone so you can watch 30 Rock on the elliptical. It makes the time fly by. ;)

Style file // Far From Any Road

Soooo, I had this Fair Isle cardigan from Target, and I wore it, but I kinda hated it. Way too bulky, way too Cosby. So this past weekend I gave it to Goodwill. I wanted to find one that was GOOD. And lo and behold I found a sweater I absolutely won’t be able to say no to. It’s so PERFECT…. Then I was looking through my current wish list of clothes and realized it felt a bit theme-y. Kinda country-ish, kinda southwestern.  Like, I want to wear this and sit in a prairie somewhere. At sunset. In Montana, or Wyoming or wherever… And listen to Whisky & Smoke (lol seriously). Top off the outfit with some black corduroy jeans (which I have) or just a regular pair of dark bluejeans (which I also have) and you’ve got yourself a stew going.

1  Hat  // 2  Sweater // 3  Necklace  // 4 Watch  // 5 Boots

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