What Are We Watching this Spring?


Guys, I feel like I finally shook things up with my TV watching since my last post. Alan and I successfully cut out the cancer that is The Walking Dead from our lives. Ha ha, look, I even wrote that I would watch it unapologetically to the end! But life is so short, and it was honestly just becoming boring. So, we’re not watching that. Having a little baby kind of throws a wrench into having a TV-watching routine, so we watch what we can. But there’s a few great shows on the docket right now.

I am super obsessed with Big Little Lies. And I’m really really bummed it’s a limited 7 episode series, because you guys it’s SO FREAKING GOOD. It’s super captivating, addictive drama that blends in satire so seamlessly. And the soundtrack and stunning locations are just icing. I suddenly decided a week ago I should watch it and then I tore through it and now on Sunday just like that it’ll be gone. Sunday, HBO, 8pm (CT).

Alan and I finally got into The Americans (streaming on Prime). I think everybody should watch it, because it’s sadly more relevant than ever. But it’s really just sexy, thrilling television, and I have a big crush on Matthew Rhys. Tuesdays, FX

I talked last year about how much we love Better Call Saul in our household, and uh, heh, we missed the last two episodes of last season! So please don’t spoil it. But, we’ll be caught up by the time it returns on April 10. Mondays, AMC, 9pm (CT)

As for our favorite HBO comedies, Veep returns April 16 and Silicon Valley returns April 23.

EDIT: also holy shiiiiit a new Game of Thrones trailer came out today and I’m so stokkkkked. 

Not a super long list this time around! What are you watching this Spring? Got any recommendations? I’ve been hearing a ton of buzz about Legion (FX). Maybe I’ll check that out next.

Getting Better all the Time.



I’d planned to make this post about how hard this whole parenting slog is.

But, duh, we all know that. All parents know it even more. Taking care of a baby is war. It’s the hardest most physically and mentally demanding kind of work there is. There have been times where I’ve thought there’s no way I’m going to put myself through this again. The lows I experience are super low. But there are some high high highs too. Like, every time I look at this face.

What a face.

When Alex sees me, 9/10 times he smiles this big smile. Sometimes he coos. Sometimes he kicks his little legs. Having the love and trust of this little person and being able to see it so plainly displayed is so rewarding. He doesn’t know how to filter himself or hide his emotions, and isn’t there something so pure and gentle about that?

Today he is five months old. Early on everyone says “it gets better.” But we’ve been experiencing sleep regression, early teething symptoms, a long and persistent cold… It gets rough. Some times I feel like it’s harder now than it was in the beginning. But we’ve had good patches before, and I know there are so many more ahead of me. Would I really make myself miss out on the joy (and there is so much joy) of another baby because of a few (and then some) bad nights?

Not to discount my own struggles, of which there are a lot, but more and more Alex shows us what kind of little person he is. He’s so happy, and strong, and smart. If the payoff for getting to know this guy is some hard nights where Alan and I are switching off rocking and feeding for three hours, well, I’ll take it.

Because when I see this boy my face nearly splits open.

Sit On It


A loooong while back, I did a dumb blog post title which resulted in a few people demanding I write a post about chairs. I was like, yeah, I guess I could do that. I do love chairs. When I was a broke apartment dweller, I used to find chairs on the street or be given them by a friend. And then I was able to apply my love for interesting chairs to my newfound midcentury modern appreciation (all the coolest chairs are MCM).

I’m finally getting around to this post because Alan and I have started to kick around the idea of getting one or two lounge chairs to put in our living room space, so now I’m looking at a ton. Here’s, IMO, some really good chairs. CHAIRS

The iconic Eames Lounge Chair (or just get a tiny replica)
IKEA Outdoor Chaise (ok, not for a living room, but surprisingly chic and design-y for them)
Parker Slipper Chair in Nordic Weave Indigo, West Elm
Hans Wegner Shell Chair
Capo Dining Chair
by Neri&Hu
Iconic Eames Molded Plywood Chair – IN WOODGRAIN 😵
Forma Milkyway Ivory Chair, Article

These are all obviously the cream of the crop. Amazon has a surprisingly vast selection of furniture in any kind of style you could want. Maybe this is obvious to you but to me, that was definitely not the first place I’d look. Happy Chair Hunting!

Top image via. Leather Butterfly Chair can be found here.

Help Plan our Anniversary Trip!


Our anniversary is in a couple months, and we can’t really do what we did last year, but we still want to do something exciting! So, what I proposed was a tour of Minnesota’s beautiful north shore. But, we need some help deciding what to do and most importantly, where to stay. It’ll be 4 nights and 5 days in May AND oh, we’ll have a baby, so baby travel tips are welcome too.


I made this super cool graphic to wrap my head about what is available to us up there because there’s so much to do and see.

So, go! What should we do Up North?

Start Again


I’ve been just, really bad at blogging lately. It’s odd, because I have the time, and the ideas, but I lack motivation. It’s not totally a bad thing, because our nights after Alex goes to sleep are spent together down in the basement, either playing board games, video games or catching up on John Oliver. So it’s been kinda ok. But I miss my blog. I have a small cache of other like-minded blogs I love and read and think Gosh, I gotta get moving. I have stuff I want to say, mood boards I want to make, envy to stir.

But on the darker side of things, I have been suffering big time from depression and anxiety, more than I ever have in my life. It’s paralyzing at times. That takes a lot of energy, and the other energy is taken up by taking care of a baby. I was thinking this morning about why I love reading lifestyle and design blogs so much, and I wonder if it’s for the same reason I love Skyrim… It’s an escape from my own imperfect life. I spend a lot of time making my house look cool, while my own appearance has suffered. But this is the first time in my life where I actually hate being depressed. I hate how much it curbs my enthusiasm and creativity. So, I’m gonna work on this blog, and in the meantime, I have a list of “Spring Resolutions” (because while I love New Year’s, isn’t the brand new promise of SPRING even more rejuvenating??)

  • Make Lists!
  • Cook dinner more!
  • Start a garden!
  • Organize the pantry!
  • Write Blogs!
  • Keep a journal!
  • Spend less time on Social Media!
  • Start running again!
  • …Or at least take more walks!


(Photos are my wedding bouquet, shot by Matt Lien)

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