My week in #vscocam

Trying to use VSCO more and more. Picture apps are a great quick way to stay creative and try to look at things in a different way.10666204_816853831668043_710609620_n
I had some fun with gin on Friday and made a delicious cocktail which I plan to share soon.
The future Vikings stadium, as seen from my office building.
Busted out the #LeatherJacket this week! Feels good, man.
I’m not 100% sure, but I may have never used this mug, despite wanting one for *YEARS* (because it’s cute right!) and I finally bought one when we went to the Tate Modern last Spring in London. Anyway. Mod morning coffee.
Last night I saw Buzzcocks with my good friend Anna. It’s kinda odd but they’re actually my favorite punk band, but then, I’m not the biggest fan of punk music in general (of course I LIKE it and I know about it, and I know how it’s important, but I just don’t get that into it.) I love Buzzcocks however because I dunno, listening to them makes me so damn happy.
And at last, this week Alan and I were both saying we wanted new desk chairs (the one I was using had ZERO back support). We ordered a couple of these Eames knockoffs on Wednesday and they were couriered out yesterday! I was gone all day and all evening and getting to come home to a GORGEOUS new office chair is such a lovely, lovely treat.

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My week in #vscocam

All the cool kids use #vscocam these days. It’s like Instagram filters on mushrooms.
Anyway, I’m getting first glimpse of Fall today, with the temperature just hovering below 60, and it’s sort of gloomy, and I got my first Salted Caramel Mocha of the season from S-Bux. So here’s hoping this week was really Summer’s last breath.
We went to the MN State Fair on Labor Day, which I have a full set of photos to share from at a later date.
10665530_538542892913838_2099720581_n 10643792_270175749859638_1997651163_n 10632386_1451168458498077_141195815_n 929207_363944833730860_1482878222_n
Spent some quality time in my porch the other evening, which is so nice, especially because it has a built in grill, and when it’s going, the whole place sounds like a wood burning sauna (sans the heat). Mm! It’s like we have a little cabin porch, and I plan to spend a ton of time in there this fall with coffee and a laptop. Blogging about sweaters or something.
I’m working heavy duty on my portfolio this week because I’m trying to get a sweet new job so I’ve been flexing my paper-cutting muscles which have been cold for some time now.  Every piece of paper I’ve tried to cut is at least 22 inches in length, and I don’t know if you’ve tried it with a yardstick, but it SUCKS.  So, I’m going to go buy one of these after work. 4 foot ruler? Why not!
Obv have to include the cat. Obviously.

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Snapshots: Lakewalks

After yesterday’s post where I talked about how little I actually take advantage of summer, I felt bad about that. I was also feeling bad about the fact that Alan and I are really bad at cooking dinner. So, I was like “Let’s cook a new recipe and go for a walk afterwards.” It was nice! We went to Lake Harriet after a dinner of fresh Alaskan Char and veggies. A very summery night.

2013: A Banner Year (an instagram retrospective)

2013 will go down as one of my all-time favorite years (along with 2005 and 2011), for so, so many reasons.


It started with a brutal and snowy winter which carried on well into the spring. Minnesotans love complaining about winter.


In February I got a job at a goddamn Minnesota institution, and eventually got my first shot at Art Directing.


Also in February, an Anglophile dance party at Brit’s Pub, “I Heart UK.”


In March we celebrated Alan’s birthday (which also falls on St. Patrick’s Day).


Transmission, my weekly dance night of choice, and my standing poster gig for 4 years strong, celebrated 12 years in the First Avenue mainroom in March where I sold t-shirts.


Morrissey canceled his concert but he released an autobiography.


In April we rang in the new season of Mad Men with an annual party at Jax Cafe.


On May 7th at 12AM I was ready to turn 25….


… And ready to start a new adventure with Alan…


… Which also included going to LONDON for the first time, seeing the house from Spaced, Abbey Road, and my all-time fav comedian, Stewart Lee…



… And celebrating Morrissey’s birthday in Manchester.


We did art galleries and poster shows.


And then Summery things, with lake houses, state fairs, grilling, giant birthdays.


And the annual 4th of July Kickball Game, in true MURICA style.


I got some new hobbies.


And we got a pool table, essentially making our very own basement dive bar.


I drank a lot of good beer…


… And a lot of bloodies…


… And a lot of coffee.


Saw a ton of amazing shows….


… Including in Chicago, for Riot Fest!


Had a kick-ass fall, with beautiful falling leaves and being “that house” on Halloween.


Closed out the year strong with a Christmas blitz of movies, good food, family time, and cozy festive houses.


And Arya was there for all of it.

I hope your year was as good as mine was. Thank YOU for making it spectacular. Here’s to even more adventures in 2014!

Snapshots: The Last Few Weeks

SNAPSHOTS-1[click to enlarge]

Grateful to keep finding stuff to do even though it’s cold as balls outside.

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