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BOY it sure seems like the world is about to end, doesn’t it? I’m a ball of anxiety about 90% of the time these days. Maybe it’s time to ask my therapist about drugs. Anyway I hope everyone has a very calm and peaceful Easter weekend, whatever that involves for you.

See you next week ✌🏻

The Return of Lorde Yassss

Kareem Abdul Jabar on Real Housewives.

10 Years Ago Today: Television History. I really miss this cast.

A timely song for these days

Oh hey, new Star Wars trailer.

ADHD is Different for Women.

15 Things I’d Want to Tell a New Mom . An oldie but always relevant.

The Unforgivable Mistake Sean Spicer Makes Everyday. It’s perfect, isn’t it? That this guy is the mouthpiece of our President?

EXC bound

What do you guys got going on this weekend? Well since you asked, I’m having a pretty major one. I’ve been prepping for months now for the Eaux Claires festival, which sounds like it’s going to be pretty spectacular, and really special! I’m so stoked to be going to the inaugural event, AND I’ll be shooting it all for City Pages.

And I’m a little terrified. I’ve had dozens of nagging concerns in the back of my mind for a couple weeks now. 

What if I’m over encumbered with gear? What if my outfit doesn’t breathe well? What if it rains? What if my battery dies?

Luckily, I have thought of every possible scenario (though I’m not quite sure how bathroom breaks are going to work) and I’m prepared for every eventuality. 

Probably deciding to shoot Rock the Garden was the smartest move I could’ve made in anticipation for this weekend. 5 bands, 3 songs each left me absolutely wrecked, for a number of reasons: Unbreathable clothes (weird cotton-linen t-shirt and denim shorts, birkenstocks. blech), uncomfortable neck strap, basically one lens. Overall I had a pretty great time and I came up with some good stuff, but it had me seriously doubting my gear, which seemed very piddling compared to all the other photographers. PLUS, this was 5 bands. Eaux Claires is two days (meaning: a lot more bands). So in the last couple months, after I got my assignment, I’ve been tireless about accruing gear. I’ll share the whole experience on Monday. Have a great weekend!

Have a radical weekend


Whew, it’s Friday again! We made it. I’m so proud of us. What do you have going on this weekend? Rather spontaneously, I decided to tag along with a group of friends heading Up North for some Chill Cabin Times™. Looking forward to achieving all-day-buzzed status and floating in a lake. I think this is also my first EVER time heading out of town without Alan. Crazy! In all five years together. Doing little trips is one of our things, and it’ll be strange taking a solo journey, even if it’s for 2 days. But. It’s good to do our own thing. And besides, he’ll have the cat all to himself.

Hope your weekend is a hot one, and stay cool. B-)

See You Next Week | Links for your Friday!


Four More Years

The First Official Photos from the new season of Mad Men! The premiere date is April 7. So excited!

The Coachella Lineup was finally released. I’m drooling over Blur and The Stone Roses playing the same night! And New Order too?! I may just have to go.

Designing Google. I have to say that Google’s interface has really hit its stride. It’s beautiful and economical design.

“Why I Started a Design Group That Gives Away Half  its Work for Free”. As someone who has done work on a barter system for the last 3.5 years, this is a good read.

Benedict Cumberbatch as Julian Assange.

American Airlines has a new logo. I think it looks smart.

The Secret to Losing Weight is Walking. Who would’ve thought?

And finally, all people could talk about yesterday was the news that JJ Abrams will direct the new Star Wars movie. Lost is one of my favorite shows, and I liked Star Trek quite a bit. But Star Wars is a very fragile franchise at the moment. Let’s hope he handles it with care.

Have a good weekend!

See You Next Week | Friday Links!

tromvikTromvik Lodge, Tromvik, Norway

Hope you all have some sweet MLK weekend plans. As I mentioned I’ve been going to Boot Camp this week, which is tough like you wouldn’t believe, but rewarding (but still, so tough). I’ll write about it on Monday. No really, I will. Until then, here’s some links I thought were awesome/interesting/thought-provoking this week:

35 Candid Polaroids from the Golden Globes (Did you watch? Fun times amirite?)

Tina Fey Gives a tour of Liz Lemon’s office. Can’t believe there’s only a couple more episodes left. I’m going to miss 30 Rock like hell.

Best Made does manly things.

RIP Dear Abby

A thoughtful look at the difficult and heartbreaking suicide of Aaron Swartz.

The NFL gets the Bad Lip Reading treatment.

What Van Gogh’s Famous Selfie would look like IRL.

Erin Jang (one of my favorite ladies in design) gets a profile on Grain Edit!

And finally, a song for your weekend:

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