Week in the North

CWC2016-2When you photograph a certain place so many times, it begins to feel more of a task and less of a creative outlet. Just a day before embarking on our annual cabin trip this year, I realized I hadn’t thought about what camera gear I would pack. Last year I definitely over prepared by bringing 4 lenses and a slew of other accoutrements. This year I hastily stuffed my 70D, 24-70 2.8 lens already affixed, into my bag, made sure the 128GB card was clean, and just for grins, threw in my macro lens and a few filters. I packed the tripod too, in case I wanted to get into some night time photography, but pregnancy has me out these days at about 10:30.

Suffice to say, it was a very quiet week on the photography front. CWC2016-1CWC2016-3And that’s totally fiiiine. Anything I would’ve tried to do this year would’ve just been trying to recreate my photoset from last year’s trip, which in my mind, really told the story of what our cabin trips are like well. I have nothing new to say about the cabin this year. It was insanely quiet. In our cabin, one daughter had just had a baby, and another was on the verge. Not a lot of wild swimming or runs or volleyball. Just straight chillin. I assume next year with a 10 month baby in tow I will have a new story to tell and/or not have any time to take pictures.CWC2016-9CWC2016-10CWC2016-11CWC2016-12CWC2016-13CWC2016-14CWC2016-28CWC2016-29CWC2016-30CWC2016-37CWC2016-38CWC2016-39CWC2016-40CWC2016-44CWC2016-45CWC2016-46For my cabin read this year I have delved back into the A Song of Ice and Fire series. Man. Reading these things with knowledge of what’s to come… It’s so frustrating. Ned Stark is SO STUPID you guys amirite?CWC2016-47I kept envisioning a cool bump photo of myself in my swimsuit with my lady prominently featured but I had yet to show anyone how to take a picture with my camera, so I took one myself. My suit is from ASOS maternity. Also: Rocking the top knot these days! CWC2016-48CWC2016-49Little Hattie is a little older and a little more delightfulCWC2016-50CWC2016-52CWC2016-53SUMMER EVENINGS, right?CWC2016-56We also had a new little niece this year, seen here being cradled by Uncle Alan. Thanks for the infant prep, sis!CWC2016-58CWC2016-64On the last day Alan and I took a walk and I got him to take some pictures of me. He had the hat turned around and everything, and his composition is not bad. Just have to teach him about aperture now! I find it difficult to pose and smile for pictures, as I think I have a super goofy smile when I’m forcing it. So he told me some jokes to get me going. You know, like you might a child. CWC2016-66Since getting tattoos and becoming pregnant, even though I’m not at my ideal weight, I feel a lot more comfortable in my own skin, and this summer especially I have been loving just showing off my arms and belly and legs with no hesitation. Early on, my midwife said “birth will be easy for you, because you’re tall!” I don’t know if that’s actually true, but it did give me a new lens to look at my body through, which I’ve always had a rough relationship with. I was like, hell yeah, I’m tall, I’m solidly built. I will birth the hell out of this baby and it will RULE. It’s so, so cheesy, but I’ve really embraced womanhood and body positivity with this little (super kicky) baby inside me.CWC2016-67I now feel a little better about handing the camera to Alan more often especially once the baby is born because I am poorly represented in my own photography and this blog. CWC2016-72For this one I handed the camera to my sister! And of all the shots she took I like this one of us being goofs. CWC2016-73CWC2016-77CWC2016-78CWC2016-80And the sun sets on another year at our beloved cabin. It really feels like it went too fast, and yet I’m still filled with a sense of renewed energy, like most years when the summer winds down. Must be all that Real Simple and Martha Stewart Living I read Up North. I get home and I’m ready to hit the ground running. Why, just today, I had a doctor appointment (which was very good BTW), went to the bank and the post office, and IKEA. I got a whole to-do list for the coming months, until baby arrives. Vacation as reset is always so positive.


Arya Gets Groomed


Saturday, 07/16/16

Fall Weekend


As I mentioned, my sister and I went on this fall retreat this past weekend, in the very same cabin resort that we attend in the summer. This was the first time I’d ever been there outside of August. You know how when something that used to be special becomes commonplace? Like, every year we go to the cabin and it feels totally normal. It sort of felt like that this weekend, but there was also an element of surrealism. To me, this place only exists in the summer. Plus, it was weird to be there, and not at our regular cabin, and without our whole family, and on a chilly quiet weekend as opposed to a full week, full of activity.  Read more ›

See ya, Summer

SUMMER-1I don’t always love the summers here because they tend to be hot and sticky. I’ve mentioned in the past, I like the cool air. In past summers I would tend to stay inside a lot, and unapologetically so! I don’t have to like sunshine and humidity. I shouldn’t force myself to be out in it if I don’t want to. But, this summer was so different. I took every opportunity to get out and do shit, and it was the best summer ever. So if you’re looking for a way to kill time on this Friday, here’s my summer recap.


(I’m gonna say this summer started in May, when we went to Georgia for 5 days of music festivals and hiking!)


RIP Vita.mn This event had sad consequences, apart from the obvious, in that I lost a job I loved and found difficulty the rest of the summer to get a routine again. The adjustment of changing jobs so abruptly is really hard. KITTEN-7052Kitten Forever @ AAW

ANNIVERSARY-7We went to Duluth for our first anniversary and got into some nature!

I played a lot with my new camera this summer. 

RTG2015-64I shot my first music festival!

CAMPDOS-62Annual “CampDos” trip with a bunch of our friends to Do Nothin’ Campground in Wisconsin.

(this didn’t get blogged about, but the first weekend of July had us doing a Northeast Bar Crawl for a friend’s birthday, and seeing Dillinger Four on 4th of July at the Triple Rock. Punk rock weekend!)
Last minute cabin weekend with a bunch of pals!

he big one: Shooting a massive two-day music festival in Eau Claire. It was both exhausting and totally surreal.

NEWYORK-37The very next weekend I was in New York just walking around, totally sleep deprived the entire time, breathing in piss-tinged subway air… Typical New York.

Annual family cabin trip, parts 1 & 2.

INTERSTATE-18It’s good to have friends who want to go hiking.

HEIDI-ANDY0830-41Also good to have friends who want you to take their picture

LABORDAY-28…AND invite you to their rad family cabin for one last hurrah in the summer air.

WHEW. What a crazy couple of months. I did it right, summer. I did it right. And hey, you can even see how my camera work improved from May – August.

Eyes to the Wind


Part one is here 

Ah, lake country. Where in every small town, the liquor stores outnumber the grocery stores 3-1. Things I did besides take pictures last week at the cabin was play some volleyball, do a lot of floating, and take a couple bike rides with Alan. That’s kinda “our thing” at the cabin. It was difficult though because there was an unprecedented amount of humidity up north this year. What? Humidity in Minnesota? It happened! Typically the mornings are breezy and refreshing and the evenings have a slight nip in the air. But there was a ton of rain this year and so for a few days, we just had sweaty air. Notably, there was a giant storm on Wednesday night. This came after a full day of beautiful sunshine, warm air and wind all day. It was nice, it made the water choppy, volleyball a challenge, and pushed all clouds away. Then the wind stopped, allowing some really nice looking storm clouds to settle in as we were sitting down to dinner. CWC2015-89Instantly there was no visibility across the water anymore. It was just gray, and those trees were swaying pretty violently. CWC2015-90Then the resort’s power went out, and the rain stopped. We heard talk of trees down around the place, so we went to take a look.  Read more ›

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