2015 GIFT GUIDE: Check Your Heritage

I’m a junkie for Hipster-Outdoor-Enthusiast websites and products (though, I gotta get a better name for them). I’ve wanted to come up with a guide for the well rounded ‘Heritage Hipster’ for a long time. And after I’d compiled my list, I looked at aggregator website Huckberry afterwards and many of the same items were listed there. Validated! My one issue with the “heritage” movement is how exclusive it seems to be of women’s items. I tried to be as egalitarian as possible here, with the exception of the shaving kit. ENJOY ~~HERITAGE

Clockwise from TL:
Maak Lab Juniper Black Salve | Topo Design Dopp Kit | Poler Stuff x Pendleton Napsack | Dram Bitters | Woolrich Slippers | Coal “The Scout” Knit Hat | Cabin Porn: The Book | Juniper Ridge Mojave Cabin Spray | Shave Kit | Stanley Travel Mug

2015 GIFT GUIDE: For the Nerds

Hey, it’s the 2015 SNFAS Gift Guide™. Welcome. Gettin’ a little late into December but there’s still totally enough time to get on this stuff. For round 1, here’s a few little things you can get for the special nerd in your life. Now, I know there are 1000 different types of “nerds,” so I didn’t cover ALL of them. For that I apologize. Most people I know who would identify as a “nerd” would probably dig some of this stuff. Nerd stuff. For “grown ups.” NERDS

Clockwise from TL: 
You Know Nothing, Jon Snow | Time And Relative Dimension In Space
Villa | I AM THE BAT | Spider From Mars | Chill R2D2

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