This Must Be The Place

nursery-2At long, long last I get to share with you, dear readers, our baby’s little habitat. I mentioned in my post about the original mood board that I started dreaming and scheming about the nursery since day 1, literally (well, not literally, but since the day I got the positive test). There were just so many little details I wanted to get right before I let myself loose with the camera. And while the baby will not care about any of this, sure, it was important that this was also a space where mom and dad felt cozy and relaxed too, since we’ll be spending a ton of time in here. And, let me tell you, it’s cozy as hell in here.

I scoured blogs and instagram and pinterest to find the right sort of inspiration for this room. I wanted something cozy, modern, bright, warm, woodsy and a bit whimsical. When you first start out trying to design a space, it’s overwhelming. How do people find all these different things? It takes a while. You’d be surprised how many resources there are for more design-oriented parents, but it takes digging, and yes, it is a little pricier. But, all in the name of beauty and taste. Most of these furniture pieces can be repurposed throughout the years, and in other rooms in the house, except for possibly the crib, which is pretty much just for babies. nursery-1nursery-15nursery-14nursery-8nursery-9

Crib: IKEA, Sheet: Kid Wild, Teddy Bear: Amazon, Bunting: Ferm Living,
Tree Banner: Etsy, Bear Mobile: Hand-Me-Down, Knit Blanket: H&M,
Wrap: SollyBaby

You can see the “bear” theme is evident throughout. I figure, bears are cute, bears are woodsy, the cat is a bear… It just makes sense. nursery-3nursery-5nursery-12nursery-6More bears! Finding a suitable rocker/glider was tough. It’s quite hard to find one that is modern and stylish while also still functional. I really wanted the Sleepytime Rocker from Nursery Works for a long time but everything we heard about it pointed to it being way too short, and Alan and I both would like to be able to lean back and relax when rocking the baby. So, that was out. It took a couple trips to the local baby store and trying a bunch out before we finally settled on one. We had to special order it to get the right fabric and leg combination, and I didn’t think a rocking ottoman was necessary (it’s not necessary, but it’s suuuuuuper good), but all my fears dissipated once that thing was delivered. Sometimes I just go sit in it, and magically all my hip and back pain disappear!

Chair and Ottoman: Dutailier, Blanket: Land of Nod, Alphabet Print: Rifle Paper Co.,
Nursing Pillow: Land of Nod, Floor Lamp: IKEA, Side Table: IKEA, Bear Teether: Amazon,
House Bookstand: Umbra, Sheepskin: IKEA, Rug: Rugs USA

nursery-10The curtains were the very last thing to go up. We already installed a blackout shade back when this was the guest room, so this is more decorative than functional, but I found these finials on Urban Outfitters and got them before we had a rod or curtains. When we went to Target to find a rod we could fit them to, I saw this much simpler arrow curtain rod (that reminded me a lot of Skyrim weirdly). Arrow imagery just seemed fitting, as they fall into a special venn diagram of my interests including medieval weaponry and outdoor/rustic symbols. And for whatever reason arrows are extremely popular for baby textile design. PLUS, I have a tiny arrow tattoo on my right wrist. White girl stuff.

Curtains, Rod & Rings: Target

nursery-7The changing table/dresser was such a thing. In my mood board I had originally picked out the Lolly dresser from Babyletto. But because I created a monster in Alan, he felt that the legs didn’t really go with any of the other furniture pieces, so he suggested the Hudson, which had angular legs like our chair would (he even asked me to mock up a chair and make a new mood board, bless him!). Once I saw it for myself, I was like, OK, this dresser can work. When we got it though, the tone of the wood was way different than on the website. In person it was more washed and pinkish whereas online it’s clearly a warm, natural wood. We were determined that this was the dresser we wanted though, and Babyletto kindly sent us another dresser, after being unable to determine why there should be a difference, and also unable to tell for themselves if the wood looks different in person (it absolutely does). You might not be able to tell in this photo, because of the way I processed it, but it’s certainly a lighter wood tone than the rest of the wood tones in the room. This whole paragraph makes me sound crazy. But anyway, the new one they sent was also wrong, so we got refunded and go to keep the dresser. I am not complaining anymore.

Dresser: Babyletto, Changing Pad: Keekaroo, Wipes Container: Luminaire

nursery-25This side of the room has a lot more of that whimsy that I mentioned before. I have to keep pointing this out to people, but I’m not an ogre who hates color. I was given a lot of grief (most of it good natured) about my preference for gender neutral, and particularly the color gray. I certainly love it for myself, but I also understand that a child should have a bit of playfulness and color in their surroundings. What I hate about kid stuff specifically is ultra heteronormative clothing that enforce gender stereotypes; things that say stuff like “mommy’s princess” or “daddy’s tough guy”. Puke. I personally find it weird when infants get dressed like tiny ballerinas. BUT YOU KNOW WHAT, THAT’S MY PROBLEM ALRIGHT. Gender neutral is not only a “fashion” thing for me, but it’s just practical. If my next baby is of a different sex than this first one, I’ll be -bam- right there with all the clothing and decor necessary. No blue, no pink, no thank yeh.nursery-19nursery-20It was also important for us to cultivate a little collection of wooden toys (in bright colors, even!) and simple books that emphasize design and early development (I was pleasantly surprised to find so many wonderful little books that met these standards). I plan to sit down with Simplicity Parenting when I get the chance, but until then I’ve tried to implement a few of those philosophies preemptively, by keeping the amount of stimuli to a minimum. And sure, for the first 5 months or so, baby won’t be doing much, but I figure start it out early. I really love things, but I hate stuff. nursery-23nursery-22NURSERY-18.jpg

Bookcase: Oeuf, Hobbit Print: Bodleian Library, Dowel Frame: Urban Outfitters, Abacus: IKEA, Skwish Rattle: Amazon, Bunny: Jellycat, Fox Rattle: Etsy, Moccasins: Old Navy,
Campsite Night Light: Land of Nod, Molecule Set: Ferm Living (no longer available),
Polar Bear: NWF, Woodlands Art Cards: Wee Gallery (via Amazon), Stacking Tree: Amazon,
Wooden Forest Scene: Etsy, Rainbow Stacker: Amazon, Sheepskin Booties: Minnetonka Moccasins,
Books: Amazon, B&N, Etc…

nursery-27nursery-16nursery-17I’m not sure how the coat rack will work once the kid is big enough to put away clothes. It’s kinda lower down (relative to Alan and me), but still pretty high up for a kid. I have no answers. For now it’s just a precious little detail where I can hang this little bear suit and bear sweater and bear hat. Bears!!

Hang-It-All: Eames (via Craigslist), Rope Basket: Land of Nod, Moose: IKEA,
Quilted Play Mat: NatureBaby, Tree Blanket: Fine Little Day, Art Print: EightHourDay


Diaper Bag: OneDuo, Bouncer: Baby Bjorn

nursery-29I’m very excited to start using this room for its intended purposes. Reading books, nursing, changing diapers… This room doesn’t mean much without a baby inside to use it. Any day now, baby… Aaaany day.

Nursery Progress

IMG_6573A quick little update today, as I’ve been bogged down by freelance work the last couple weeks to write up anything longer. Our holiday weekend was spent getting down to business with the goal of getting the nursery (formerly the guest room) painted. Alan did pretty much all the work on this, cleaning out all the junk that was in there (there was SO MUCH), wiping down the walls and the floors and putting up tape. It was hot and I was too tired and pregnant to contribute in any meaningful way, except with moral support and water delivery. He locked himself in there Saturday afternoon until the painting was done and did touch-ups on Sunday (he also replaced all the outlets and the light switch). It looks so great in there now! IMG_6599Whoever chose that horrible tan-brown scheme had bad taste. Our bedroom had the same colors initially; we painted it blue a few years back. I also went out and purchased a drum shade from CB2 (we have the same in our room!) and I went ahead and bought the shag rug that’ll eventually go in there. I’m excited to see it coming together. I wish all walls could be white, but painting is truly such a pain in the ass.

FYI the color is Snowy Pine by Behr.IMG_6605

Nursery Mood Board… At last!

I started making a nursery mood board the day I found out I was pregnant. By the end of that day I’d had something rough put together. Since then I’ve tinkered and refined and I thought I should wait until I was at least halfway through to share, so I’ve been sitting on it for a while. I am nearly 24 weeks along. I think it’s finally time.

I’ve waited so long, Dear Reader…

I LOVE making mood boards, if it’s not obvious enough. This blog is basically two things: 1. Photos of stuff, and 2. Mood boards. And getting to start fresh and decorate a whole room for my darling little child has been the most exciting task of pregnancy so far. I wish I could conceptualize nursery themes and design mood boards professionally. If anybody knows of such a job, get at me. BABYROOM-1We know the sex of the baby, but we’re not tellin’. The color scheme has been this whole time completely gender neutral. The ‘theme’ here is difficult to break down into a tight, bite-size concept, but I’ve described it as Modern-Minimal-Vintage-Whimsical-Woodsy. I feel like that covers all our bases. Let us break it down.

  • Crib — Baby’s gotta have a crib, IMO. I’m going very minimal in style and budget with the SNIGLAR from Ikea. It’s very solidly built and not too flashy. We want warm, natural wood tones all over this room.
  • Animal Alphabet Print — Still working on accruing good artwork to put up. Not too much hopefully, but this print from Rifle Paper Co. is super adorable and on-theme.
  • Paint — Right now the room in question is kind of a tan color. It feels like a hospital room. We’re going to give it a bright fresh coat of this subdued white color from Behr.
  • Night Light — How could you get more adorable – and outdoorsy – than this little campfire light from Land of Nod?
  • Changing Pad — I like the neutral utilitarian look of the Keekaroo Peanut Diaper Changer. You just wipe it down, no need to have a cover you have to wash.
  • Tree Flag — Our personal ‘wedding logo’ featured two pine trees, so I think it’s fitting to have this little banner now that we’ll be a family of three.
  • Floor Lamp — We’ll want a nice light for night time readings and feedings. I like this cozy mid-century style one from Target.
  • Dresser/Changing Table — One of the most difficult items to figure out, tbh. From the beginning I loved the look of this vintage camp-style dresser from Land of Nod, but the price feels steep. I thought I could go the DIY route like Sarah Sherman Samuel did here for her nursery, but Ikea doesn’t seem to have an TARVA dressers anymore, and I can’t find a single good plain wood dresser anywhere else. SO… In the meantime, I’m really taken with the beautiful Lolly dresser with removable changing table from Babyletto. It’s definitely on brand and I love the little wooden legs. Great personality in a dresser.
  • Blanket — I couldn’t wait to get this blanket from Fine Little Day so I bought it the day I found out I was pregnant. I was incredibly eager about getting pregnant, you might be learning. I’ve been a big fan of the Gran tree print for a long time. We have the pillow in our living room!
  • Hang-it-all — This is a last minute clutch addition from Alan, who found one on CL and I’m currently waiting to hear back from the guy/gal. It’s so perfect, right? We have the Hang-it-All (it’s a knock-off) in walnut in our kitchen. Now I can hang little baby’s tiny hoodies and when he/she is older, little backpacks.
  • Big Soft Rug — Look up “Modern Neutral Nursery” on Pinterest and guaranteed you will find that rug. You can find versions of it everywhere – the most popular probably being West Elm. There’s actually so many versions of this rug I don’t know which one is in this mood board. It’s probably this one from Rugs USA. A big fuzzy statement rug will fill out the room nicely (and baby’s totally gonna care!)
  • Molecule Building Set — This is mostly to show that I am capable of including colorful items in the baby’s room. Plus it’s science-y and cool! It’s originally made by Ferm, but they have discontinued it. I bought mine from Nest, where it’s also no longer available. But! You can buy it from the Dwell Store.
  • Where The Wild Things Are — Probably don’t need to explain this one.
  • Bookcase — Like the rug, you’ll find this little piece in many a modern nursery on Pinterest and blogs. It’s not just because it’s trendy. It’s also something I think our kid can use forever until he/she is at least 8-10 years old. Plus it’s cute and functional. Things that are functional should also be nice to look at! That is my ethos!
  • Rocker/Glider — This chair from CB2 is a placeholder for the chair we actually bought, which, the way we customized it, doesn’t exist in photo form online. We liked the idea of a rocking chair, because it’s more old school, and in general I think gliders look tacky. What we did is we went to a baby store and tried out rockers and gliders and gliders were just more comfortable and fluid. We got the Dutailier Classico with natural wood legs and a gray tweedy-type fabric, so much like the ikea couches in the rest of the house. I super wanted the NurseryWorks Sleepytime Rocker but the back is so short and Alan and I are tall. The chair we went with is mega cozy and will be wonderful for late nights with babby.
  • Storage Baskets — Such an anticlimax! But good, neutral bins/baskets can be tricky to find. As it happens, Land of Nod is having a sale on bins and baskets right now so I snagged a couple of these knitted bins.

Also, the knitted pennant is from Ferm, and it’s super adorable. (Happy Flags!)

As an epilogue, I’m using Babylist for my registry (again, I started it the day I found out I was pregnant) which is cool because you can aggregate items from all over, and they have handy guides and such too. If you’re expecting and haven’t put one together yet, I recommend Babylist for sure.

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