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Today is Alan’s and my 3-year wedding anniversary! 

Alan and I were always a good team. Our conversations cover all topics, from bad movies to current events to political philosophies to how cute our baby is. Alex’s arrival has forced us to relearn a few things about how we work together, and I’m on sort of a different plane, emotionally, and that does complicate things. Sometimes we drive each other crazy. But everyday we make a choice to stay together and keep working on what we’ve built together. 

Parenthood is not easy, but I’m glad I get to do it with this guy. 

Happy Anniversary, Alan! 

A simple summer dessert

PEACHMINT-19Recently I found myself in a rut. I’m happy being a stay-at-home mom at this point in my life. Truly! It took a long time to come to peace with it (part of it has to do with my baby having an actual personality now, and the weather being nice). I miss working and getting paid to be creative. But I will work again. I’m confident of that. What I really wanted was some sort of outlet in the meantime. I remember being totally beside myself one night before bed, crying to Alan that I felt like I had lost a part of myself.

Then the next morning, I was sitting at my computer and Alex was taking a characteristically long nap, and I had the idea to do this post on stationeryHonestly, that post was not really about the stationery. It was a impromptu mini art direction opportunity. I got to utilize some amazing natural light in my office, take photos of beautiful paper products, and use props! I was in heaven. And editing the photos afterwards is always one of my favorite parts. I emailed Alan, telling him how elating and therapeutic the little project had been.PEACHMINT-3Sometime later I was perusing the blog Cashew Kitchen, whose cozy and moody food photography just gets me, and it hit me that I should take that up as a hobby!  I would be able to check off a lot of boxes, including playing around with my camera, getting more comfortable with editing, art direction, and styling. AND, Art Directing a Cookbook is on my Life List even, so this gets me a little closer to that goal.

I have plans to collaborate with my younger sister Addie, who is passionate about food, cooking, cultivation and who has wanted to start a food blog that emphasizes cooking with local, seasonal produce. Synergy ✨

So, here it is! I’m starting off with something super simple, and it’s so easy, a whole blog about it is totally unnecessary.PEACHMINT-17I tossed this dessert together the other night after putting Alex to bed. I’d been frustrated with my diet choices lately; the last two weeks basically we’d been “dining out” every single night which is not only a super bad habit, it’s expensive. On top of that, my incredibly awesome and badass sister-in-law sent me a literal box of ice cream for Mother’s Day, and well, since it was there, I had to eat it, you know?

When I finally had the energy and time to go to the grocery store, I made sure to get some fruit for snacking on. And yogurt for Alex. And a bunch of herbs, because herbs are the essence of good food.

Anyway. I had just put Alex to bed. I was buzzing off having cooked a good honest dinner, and Alan was off helping my sister and her family unload boxes into their new house. I sliced up a little peach, tossed some sugar in a pan and began to caramelize to top some greek yogurt. Then I thought … How could I ramp this up a bit?

And then I thought… I should really take some photos of this.

PEACHMINT-5Summer has never been at the top of my list when it comes to Best Seasons, but there are certain things I love about it. Warm golden evenings. Cooking light, vibrant dishes, long-lasting light… And all these smells! Fresh mint is such a fine and refreshing smell.PEACHMINT-18And these flavors blend together seamlessly. It would be such a perfect way to top off a beautiful day spent outside.


9 Reusable Bags

Screen Shot 2017-05-19 at 9.40.05 AM.png

Minneapolis is enacting a plastic bag ban on June 1. Hooray! I’m definitely guilty of getting plastic bags at the store when I forget my reusables (or are too lazy to go back to the car for them). No more. I’m stocking up on a few good totes and such for when the ban takes place.

Plastic bags are just terrible for the environment, and even worse, they can’t just be tossed in the recycling bin. PSA: If you need to dump your plastic bags somewhere, use this handy finder (I believe most Targets have a receptacle). Any little thing you can do to reduce waste — or at least take the extra 5 seconds of effort to put your recyclables in the right place — helps. Plus you can feel superior to the old dudes on Facebook who think plastic bag bans are tyranny.


Leather Tote, Fluffy CatsKNALLA (these are $.99, get 10 of these)
Have an Earth Day, Seagrass Tote, Mesh Tote
Produce Bags, Cotton Net Bag (Retro!), Canvas Utility Tote

Spring Evenings

SPRINGFLOWERS-3SPRINGFLOWERS-4Spring evenings are so magical, aren’t they? These photos were taken a couple weekends ago, after a long day where I had a bachelorette party and Alan’s longtime good pals came to visit… We fed Alex some avocado (which he ate willingly), and then bath time and bed. These still, golden evenings are some of my favorite things. It’s such a precarious time of year too. Mother’s Day weekend saw extreme heat and humidity, and then quickly that turned to cold and rainy for DAYS. Ugh, the dreariness.

It felt like growing up, I could rely on Minnesota winters being cold and snowy, and then the gradual melting in March would mean you could wear a t-shirt outdoors even though it was only 40 degrees. Then April would see rain and things slowly coming to life. All of a sudden, you drive down the street and you’re under a canopy of green. Green and life is bursting everywhere, and the warm evenings were filled with smells of lilacs.

Maybe it’s because I’m older, or the seasons are actually changing their patterns, but it feels like that experience doesn’t manifest itself in the same way. I mean, this past winter started out strong but ended with a thud. It was 60 degrees in February. It was 45 degrees in May. I don’t know what’s what anymore.

All I know is that when these magical evenings occur, I have a little sit and I just look at it, and I smell it, and I feel it on my skin. SPRINGFLOWERS-13SPRINGFLOWERS-14.jpg

Have a thrilling weekend | Friday Links


It’s Friday! And my gosh, this has been A WEEK, am I right? Tomorrow, Alan is going to be at a conference all day for a Forestry class he’s taking through the U of M (!) and I’m gonna take the babe to a BBQ at a friend’s house, and I’m also catching up on Twin Peaks in anticipation of its return on Sunday night. Woo! Have a good one.

Why Twin Peaks is not the series we’ve convinced ourselves it was. 

How much Avocado Toast you’d need to skip to buy a house in Australia. So droll.

I love this dramatic sculpture. I love that it gives the impression of movement but is totally stationary.

Interesting article on the intersection of race and geekdom.

How to Spot Fascism Before It’s Too LateSome of this stuff seems kinda familiar.

I’ve never watched The Bachelorette. These dudes are…. something else.


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