Summer Chill mix


It’s been a long time since I shared a mix/playlist/whatever. Lately I’ve been taking advantage of Spotify’s new feature called “The Daily Mix”. It takes songs/artists I’ve listened to and makes me a cool ongoing playlist. Everyday! And I’ll admit, sometimes these songs sound great together, so I cheated and created my own mix based on one of these mixes. It’s also neat now that you can upload your own playlist art. This particular one made for the perfect soundtrack while I got some work done one morning after a particular sweaty walk. Find it here


Summer Ride – Seasonal Mixtape

SUMMER_RIDEHoo boy! It’s toasty out there right now. I’ve put together a little mix for your weekend, hopefully you’re going somewhere sunny where there’s a lake. This is admittedly a very Dad-ish mix… Parts Wes Anderson, parts Garden State, as well as a few contemporary favs (mostly Mac DeMarco). I can confirm it’s got good vibes. Please enjoy!

Tracklisting, if you’re interested:SUMMER_RIDE2

Synth i

synth_mixA few years ago around this time I made a pretty decent “mix tape” of songs that emphasize the Synthesizer. I felt it was diverse-ish, in that it wasn’t all Kraftwerk, and had a mix of old and new artists. But, I listened to it recently for the first time in a couple years and it is long. There was probably enough material on it to warrant 2 or even 4 volumes. Challenge accepted. I present the 1st of 4 Synth volumes for this winter, Synth i. It’s similarly structured to that one I made those many years ago, but it’s also shorter and tighter, and not quite as ambient.

I highly recommend listening to this in sequence, either while driving aimlessly home at night or with heavy duty headphones sitting at your desk. Either way, do it in the winter. This is not a summer time mix. synth_mix

Make it a Good One.


It is Friday afternoon, it’s sunny and warm out, and I got out of work early. I grabbed an iced mocha and put on my mix especially for these occasions. Here is my little Memorial Weekend gift to you: Hello Weekend. Preferably this is played in a car with the windows down, and very loud. Also, unlike all my mixes, this one can be played in any order. <<Enjoy.>>


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Whisky & Smoke II


photo source

Apparently blogging in Fall is not really my thing. Today was the first snow of the season and I realized I never posted the sequel to Whisky & Smoke, which loyal readers will know is my main pride of joy out of everything I’ve ever done. I love the idea of having an anthology of mixes. And then one day I can sell them all in Starbucks. I borrowed a few songs from The Walking Dead soundtrack for this one, which, despite it being a pretty “meh” show most the time, does have the best music on TV right now.  This was a difficult mix for the longest time, and I felt like I was really only scraping it together until I heard “Terrified” by the Rural Alberta Advantage, and I KNEW. Also thanks to True Detective for giving me no other choice on an opening track.


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