Kid Gear for the Picky Parent™

041317-4My whole thing is that I’m not a color person. Before we got pregnant with Alex, I already knew I was adamantly anti-abrasively colorful, light up, make noise, ultra-gendered… What have you. My philosophy with Alex’s things is that it has to be adaptable to the next baby, boy or girl, and it has to be useful (preferably multi-useful!) I also believe that the things you choose for your baby can be in harmony with the other things in your house. If you’re weird like me and everything needs to “go” together.

So I thought I would do a round up of some great and very cute baby items I’ve come across that will satisfy the parent who prefers a more scandi-minimalist look to Fischer Price. (Or I suppose, you could call it “tediously gender neutral.” Ha!)


1 — Archiblocks House  2 — Muslin Swaddle  3 — Baby Journal
4 — Geo Floor Tiles  5 —  Cuddle Bunny  6 — Plush Baby Basics Book
7 — Kitty Snap One Piece  8 — Teether/Rattle  9 — Birth Announcements
10 — Friendly Faces Soft Book

Spring Wardrobe for Baby

SPRINGWARDROBE-7I know, a baby having a “wardrobe?” What a concept! Regardless, I’m kinda excited about putting one together for Alex, despite the fact that some of these items might not scream “spring.” Maybe not for most people. I find a certain freshness in them, but I am also a Picky Parent™. A few people have asked me at times where I buy Alex’s clothes. While I tend to stick with places like Old Navy, Gap and H&M for most of his clothes, I occasionally indulge in a few standout pieces from other brands. They’re not necessarily ultra-pricey, but a lot of more boutique brands tend to have more limited mileage in the sizing.

SPRINGWARDROBE-5Here is one thing I’ve learned about dressing a baby. In our house, we do laundry nearly every day. And so the same pieces that Alex wears (which are mostly footed suits) keep getting placed back in the top of the dresser drawer. So he has like, 10 outfits in rotation. I’m glad I finally realized this for his next growth spurt, because previously I just kind of was impulse-buying lots of cheaper clothes in weird different sizes and styles. This time around, with it being a new season, and a new size, I was a touch more deliberate. Unfortunately Alex is subject to my own personal style philosophy, which is that pieces are utilitarian and unadorned, and all within a color palette to optimize mixing and matching.

But he’s a baby, so he gets to look cute too.SPRING17

Top Row
Merino Tee for Good — Chasing Windmills, Button Neck Sweater — Zara,
Mini Legging — Cotton On

Second Row
Stripey Organic Leggings — Bitte Shop, Playsuit — Gray Label, Romper — House of Ninoh

Third Row
Union Suit — Goat Milk, Play Hard Onesie — DLK, Zip Romper — Primary

Bottom Row
Parka — H&M, Reversible Striped Jumpsuit — Zara, Hooded Cardigan — H&M


Smart Home

smarthome-2I do love the new year. Even though it usually means the end of Christmas — and I LOVE Christmas — it’s a chance for a fresh start. Once we finally (and this year it took longer than usual) put away all the decorations, the house feels open and clean. I’ve been spending a LOT of time in our living room since Alexander was born (we got a FireStick on our TV in the living room which means I basically live on the couch). Anyway. I look around this room all day everyday and I have to say, I’m really in love with it. Alan and I have spent a lot of time making this room hip and modern, with touches of Minneapolis & North Woods flavor. smarthome-14Decorating a home is an evolving process, trying to balance tastes (which can change) and trends (which can definitely change). Recently I’ve really begun to lean in to the house’s natural Mid-Century Modern trappings, which meant embracing gold and darker wood. I’ve spent a lot of years pining after the ultra-modern Swedish look — minimalist, light natural pine, lots of black and white — but we’ve gone in a decidedly more Danish-Modern direction, which is totally cool too.smarthome-15 smarthome-8 smarthome-10 smarthome-1-2 smarthome-17

So, anyway, I’m today offering a little mood board inspired by my own home. mcm

LampClock, Chair, Bowl, PlanterRackFrame


Couch, Birch, TurntableCandlesticks, Coasters, Throwmcm3

Bowie, Calendar, PaddleRadio (similar), Sideboard, FramePillowBasket

Baby It’s Cold Outside


The Polar Vortex is BACK and I’m super pumped, especially because it has brought with it a really respectable amount of snow. It’s going to be a White Christmas after all! Early on in my pregnancy I fantasized about taking my baby out in the cold for winter walks all the time. In nordic countries this is the norm. With the subzero temps right now though, and him still being a little guy, I’m anxious about exposing him to the cold just yet. BUT REST ASSURED. When the time comes, I will be more than prepared. I’ve compiled a little group of items that would come in most handy for taking babies out in the cold.cold-1

Top Row: Hat, Snuggle Suit, Polar Bundleme
Middle Row: Thermal Long Johns, Sweater-Knit Scarf (for mom), Down Snowsuit
Bottom Row: Sorel Boots, Metropolis Parka, Stroller Hand Muffs

Future Knits

knits2Things sure have been grim lately, haven’t they? It’s been so sunny and pleasant outside but at the same time I can’t remember a gloomier week. I’ve been in shock and mourning like the rest of half the country since the election, but today I’ve decided I just want to blog about something that is absolutely unnecessary. Why not sweaters? Sweaters are nice. Nobody can get mad about sweaters.

I’m inspired by the forthcoming movie Passengers with young hot “it” humans Chris Pratt and J-Law. I was really interested in this movie as a movie until I saw the trailer and it basically just looks like a super sexy space thriller. Not quite as prestige as I was imagining, like recent past Sci Fi movies (I think that title goes to Arrival this year). BUT, I do love a good futuristic wardrobe. When I look at clothing for the colder months, I tend to gravitate (heh!) towards a few things: loose architectural build, some asymmetry, utility, and bonus if there is a funnel neck involved. I feel like in the future, to protect ourselves from “the elements” everything will be funnel necks (please please please). knits

1 — Merino Lodge Sweater, Athleta   2 — Jacquard Funnel Neck Pullover, Gap
3 — Hi-Side Poncho Sweater, Lou & Grey   4 — Bouclé Cardigan, H&M
5 — Ash Turtleneck, Kit and Ace

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