Gift Guide for Moms


Mother’s Day is approaching! It’ll be my first one and that is honestly so bizarre for me. Mother’s Day. I’ll admit, I don’t really think of myself as ‘mother.’ I guess I prefer Mama for now (it’s folksy!).


I myself haven’t always been the best daughter when it comes to gifting on Mother’s Day. Sometimes I plan ahead, make a visit, buy flowers and a card, other years it’s kinda “Oh-yeah-it’s-today-I-better-do-something-*pulls at collar*”. Rest assured, I’m prepared this year. Hoping you are too, but if you’re not, here are a few items I think most women would appreciate.MOMS

Walnut Print Stand (don’t forget the prints!)  |   A lovely card  |  Rosemary Scented Tattoo
Mama Bear t-shirt  |  Simple Fare Cookbook  |  Gem Earrings
Marble Concrete Bowl  |  Initial Necklace  |  Live-edge Walnut Serving Board

And if all else fails, there’s always fresh flowers, treating her to brunch, giving her your HBO Go password, orrrr a donation in her name to Planned Parenthoodbecause she raised you right. ◾️

(Photo © me, from the botanical gardens in Christchurch, NZ)

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