2017 Gift Guide No. 5 – The Hygge Hunny


Hey, who doesn’t love a good cozy time. I rounded up some nice cozy gifts for your friend or loved one who embraces the über-trendy Danish philosophy of Hygge, whether intentionally or not.

The most important part of Hygge is not candles or big blankets though – it’s togetherness. So make sure you include some hangouts in your gift giving!



1 — Super Chunky Knit Throw  2 — Bracelet Flask  3 — Frasier Fir Candle
4 — Glerups  5 — Vitamin D Lamp  6 — Saloon Box
7 — Homemade Hot Cocoa Mix  8 — Cashmere Hoodie  9 — Knot Cushion
10 — Danish Mug

2017 Gift Guide No. 4 – The Social Justice Warrior


I wanted to make sure I made a big roundup of ways you can shop consciously – beautiful products that help people. Few things seem as glaring right now as how much inequality there is. In America, in the world. Let’s help people out this year.

Apart from gifts, here’s a few of my favorite causes you might consider making an honorary donation to: Planned Parenthood, She Should Run, Helping Women Period, Sierra Club, Black Lives Matter, ACLU


1 — Intersectional Feminist  2 — Constellation Bowl  3 — Phoenix Poncho
4 — She Persisted Sweatshirt  5 — Hand in Hand Soap  6 — Conscious Socks
7 — Infinity Scarf  8 — Still Kickin Faribault Throw  9 — Marble Serving Board
10 — Tiny Feminist Onesie

2017 Gift Guide No. 3 – The Kids!


I have to say, some of the most beautiful products I see these days are for kiddos. That could be because I am a parent and that stuff just naturally crosses my path, but seriously! It’s never been easier for kids to be as design-savvy as their grown ups. These are skewed for babies and toddlers but if you’re shopping for older kids you’ll find good stuff from these same shops.


1 — Forest Friends Crib Sheet  2 — Blockitecture Parkland  3 —  Bamboo Dinner Set
4 — Planet Blocks  5 — Play Food  6 — Wooden Car  7 — Cozy Sweatshirt
8 — Slipper Moccasins  9 — C is for Castle  10 — Gemstone Crayons  11 — Xylophone

2017 Gift Guide No. 2 – The Backcountry Hipster

Screen Shot 2017-11-15 at 4.37.13 PM

Hi again. I present part two of my 2017 Holiday Gift Guide (part one is here). I feel a special affinity for this guide today because it’s for people like the ones I met at Socality Camp back in September in Alberta (photo roundup from that still forthcoming…). You’ll find a lot of them on Instagram, gazing dreamily at mountains while wrapped in Pendleton.


1 — Patagonia Catalog Photography  2 — Blundstone Chelsea Boots  3 — Knit Backpack
4 — Christmas Fir Trail Soap  5 — North Hat  6 — Faribault Throw
7 — Denali Candle  8 — Camp Brand Goods T-Shirt  9 — Woven Camera Strap
10 — Field Notes  11 —  Flash Java Kit 

2017 Gift Guide No. 1 – The Kitchen Maven

Screen Shot 2017-11-15 at 12.50.46 PMImage via

Welcome to my 2017 Holiday Gift Guide! I guess I never really did one of these before. I made a half-hearted attempt a couple years back which lacked vision (I’m SORRY). I’m feeling quite inspired by all the beautiful products I’m constantly coming across and thought I’d share them with you, dear reader. The first guide is kitchen goods, which I’ve come to be more intimate with since I started doing the food photography project.


1 — Spice Grinders  2 — Simple Fare Fall/Winter  3 — Teak Handle Measuring Cups
4 — Bitmap Napkins  5 — Pour Over Kettle  6 — Ceramic Dinner Plate
7 — Dipped Mini Bowls  8 — Wooden Cutting Board  9 — Peeler
10 — Stoneware Baking Set  11 —  Weck Canning Jars  12 — Cork Trivet

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