OFFICE-1It seems that whenever I come back from a blogging hiatus, I talk about my home office. Makes sense, right? This is where the majority of my blogging takes place (though sometimes it takes place down in the basement with my laptop. What can I say? I am a maverick).

We had a rather gloomy weekend, which I do like, but I find myself a lot more peppy and inspired by sunny days too (when I was younger, I hated sunshine. When asked how long I’d have to endure gloomy days before I wanted a sunny one, I replied “I don’t know, a few weeks?”). But my office was looking appropriate for the climate. Part of it I think was this bitchin new desktop photo I snagged from go70north. Very moody! Anyway, it had been a while since I took photos of my office. It’s always really great to get my creative juices flowing. On the one hand, it forces me to tidy things up a bit, and then, voila, I have a clean office. I can think more clearly, and feel inspired to create. And then I’m like “Holy shit, I need to blog more!” So here we are. OFFICE-3OFFICE-4

I just got this cedar and clove scented candle from LaedaCo, which comes in a fetching little ceramic mug. I haven’t lit it yet (obviously) but it does have a comforting, cozy smell. The thing is, it’s basically spring time? I might save it for next winter. OFFICE-8.jpgOFFICE-9It’s nice to have a space where I can create, be it photography, design or music. It’s my space where I’m free to do anything.

That said, I hope to do more blogging on the reg again soon. There’s SO MUCH stuff coming up this year I’m excited to share with you all (including a massive anniversary trip abroad. But more on that later. Woo!)

Happy Forever Home Day, Arya!

ARYA-5-1That almost-never-handy memory feature on Facebook reminded me that TODAY was the day, 4 years ago exactly that we got Arya from the Humane Society. We had hardly been at the HS 10 minutes when I saw this small, shy black cat and I said “how about this one?” Alan is a planner, and likes to really look around and make considerations, but somehow he went right along with it and we took “Amber,” as she was called, into a little room and we played with her. “Seems like she’s down to clown,” I said. Within the hour we had her in our house. We still have the feather wand we bought from the shelter, even though it’s just mangy now, and a little nip-filled banana we call the Meth Banana since we gets so drugged out whenever she plays with it.

We love this little cat so, so much. Sometimes I can’t comprehend how much I love this cat. She’s so sweet and cuddly. She’s also kind of a pain in the ass and rude sometimes. She’s shy and antisocial and loves to luxuriate around the house… She’s like us!

My little forever baby <3

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