#tbt The Time I Went to New Zealand

I’ve been waiting to make this post for a few months now. Today is THE DAY that TEN YEARS AGO I landed in New Zealand for a 7 week adventure that would change my life forever. NZjournal-1 NZjournal-2 NZjournal-3My mom had bought me a journal (I assume my mom bought it for me, like she bought everything for me when I was 17 and jobless) so that I could record everything that happened and share it with the kind friends and family and sponsored this trip. Because you can’t LiveJournal from remote camps in NZ. I’d love to share with everybody this whole trip, as best as I can remember it, because I didn’t have this blog back then. I did do a massive roundup, complete with apt Coldplay lyrics in my LJ in August of 2005, but to share it would be just too embarrassing, for now. I’m already showing you my journal in my terrible handwriting in my overexcited, utterly afraid of swearing even in a personal fucking journal tone of voice.  Read more ›

Wisconsin Weekend


We had a wild-n-rowdy weekend in Wisconsin at our favorite campsite, so aptly named, “Do Nothing.” The week we started dating, Alan and I went there with a few of his friends, and now it’s a yearly tradition. Lots of drinking, lots of hanging out, lots of doing nothing. I thought “cool beans, I’ll bring my camera to get some sweet candids of friends and nature” but it turned out that this was kind of a burden most of the time, AND I forgot to bring it with us swimming. PLUS my tripod, which admittedly, was bought 8 years ago to go with a tiny canon powershot, absolutely sucks and destroyed all chances of any good night time photography. This is a mixed bag, but if I’m going to be an artist, I have to be honest. Read more ›

National Parks


It is officially summer, and I always get urges to go check out some cool parks around this time. The National Parks centennial isn’t until all the way next August, but I thought we should get the ball rolling on showing support now. The National Parks are one of our country’s great treasures, don’t you think? We have this vast, diverse landscape in America, and so much beauty. Let’s celebrate them with commerce!

Ken Burns “The National Parks”, National Parks Annual Pass, Yosemite Trucker Hat, Yellowstone Blanket, National Parks Checklist Map, Glacier Travel Candle, Rocky Mountain National Park Socks.

And then you can also donate to the National Parks foundation. It’s America’s Best Idea™ people!

Rock the Garden 2015


Yesterday we went to Rock the Garden which has become quite a tradition in our house. Every summer we’ve lived in our house, we’ve been going there, so that’s cool. Sometimes the lineup isn’t always our bag, but it’s a fun day to hang out, see some music, run into everyone we know, and drink delicious Praire Vodka cocktails (the ones this year, a honeydew-basil concoction, felt like jumping in a cold creek. It was a HOT ONE this year). Through my media savvy (ok, so my more savvy godfather clued me in), I was able to score a last minute photo pass, and I was STOKED about getting a legitimate opportunity to bust my chops and see what it’s like shooting a festival. I packed up my festival bag with all my little tools which I thankfully had been accruing with rapid succession in preparation for next months’ Eaux Claires festival. I have to say, while festival shooting is kind of overwhelming, I’m really glad I did it yesterday, just so I know what I’m in for. I know now that my main lens, the Sigma 18-35 1.8, which I love of course, is not versatile enough. I know that I can’t drink too much water. I know to do some hand exercises so I don’t get cramps and numb fingers (my right thumb is still numb!). But, it was invaluable experience. And while the festival itself was fun, getting in the pit and going nuts with my camera was the real treat.  Read more ›

Hey, hydrangeas.


Yesterday I had quite a bit of time between when all my work/chores were done and when Alan got home, and it was a lovely evening so I took my Nifty Fifty out to the back yard because the hydrangea bush was coming in. It was so rife with beauty that I had trouble editing down the collection of 58 photos just that I chose to process down to 22. Whew. It’s such a good lens though, you guys. I’ve been thinking about upgrading it but it works so well just as the little cheapo plastic lens. Read more ›

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