Aw yiss, Polar Vortex

If you live in America, you already know what’s going on. In some parts of Minnesota today it’s colder than Mars. And you know what, that makes me proud. I try not to complain about living in this great state, because it’s great, and today is no exception. I’m not going to lie and say the weather isn’t a big deal. It’s a big effin’ deal. Not everybody gets to have a nice warm house with a warm dinner (we made a kick ass mid-winter’s feast this evening), or a car to drive to work, least of all a garage to store said car in, but to me winter is still quite beautiful. Minnesota is incredible diverse in its climate, which is bizarre, because we’re Minnesota. We’re hardly a blip on most of the world’s radar. We have harsh winters and, lately, brutal summers, but we don’t have freakish insect life, or natural disasters (apart from the occasional tornado). We got mountains and lakes and trees and cabins, and excellent cities with exciting culture. Minnesota is the best.CRW_9037CRW_9040I¬†went out this afternoon after work and took a few photos around my yard. It’s really not so bad for the first 30 seconds you’re outside. Unfortunately after five minutes I was walking in my house gasping and had to run my hands under lukewarm water. Minnesota!CRW_9049CRW_9052

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