What’s Up With That Diet


Couple months ago, my younger sister tells me about this diet she and her chef boyfriend are doing, known as The Paleo Diet. I pride myself on being pretty skeptical and I like to question the validity of things so I was like what the hell is this, this sounds totally miserable. No potatoes, beans, rice, bread, alcohol, dairy… ? Sounded shitty to me. But, she and her boyfriend were losing a lot of weight, so I looked at it a little more closely.

I also kind of doubted it would be something I could do because it’s heavily meat-based and I only eat fish, and even then, not very often. What I had been eating though was basically shit. Frozen pizzas, pop, burritos, chips, beer. I’m a terrible eater, let’s face it. I thought, maybe I could re-appropriate this diet a little bit to so I could cut out a lot of bad stuff, but not completely starve. Instead, Alan and I went full-blown paleo with no exceptions. We’ve been on it about 6 weeks now, and I’ve lost roughly ~20 pounds, depending on the day, having done little to no exercise.

So, what do I eat?

Eggs, avocados, salmon (which I don’t really like), grilled veggies (see my Brussels above), tuna, shrimp, and fruit. I like looking at it like a “back to basics” kind of deal, where processed foods with refined sugars and bad fats are out, and only whole foods I cook myself are in. All healthy fats, no carbs, and a lot of protein and natural sugars. Is it hard? Uh, yeah.

One general criticism I’ve heard about this diet is that cavemen didn’t know better than us what to eat, and we’ve evolved to adopt new ways of living and eating. I’m not doing it because of them, though. I’m doing it to be healthy, and I truly feel healthier while on this diet, and it’s really pretty amazing to see how much shit is in all the food we eat. If anything, this has taught me a lifelong lesson about food. I read this fantastic article a couple weeks ago which talks about the healthiest foods at their most basic and simple, and makes a good point about “diets” in general.

I’m still probably not going to eat meat anytime soon, and I will, in the future, probably turn to a frozen pizza one night for comfort, but I like this way too.

What are your thoughts on the paleo diet?

Kickball Kronikles

Most Tuesdays for the last 4 years of my life, I’ve played kickball in Kenwood Park. We all get together to play pickup games, and the rules are loose, and the alcohol is flowing, and the insults are slinging. I actually met Alan there 3 years ago. Though things have changed since we started going, this is still hands down one of the best parts of Summer.
IMG_6099 IMG_6103 IMG_6108 IMG_6133 IMG_6151 IMG_6162 IMG_6168 IMG_6171 IMG_6182 IMG_6185 IMG_6193 IMG_6197 IMG_6210

The Weekend


Saturday night was spent on bikes with friends trekking out to Minnehaha Falls to have Ah-mazing fish tacos and Rush RIver beer.

IMG_6029 IMG_6015 IMG_5981 IMG_5972

The rest was just spent lazing around the house with the cat.

Analog Summer

A few weeks ago we were at our friend’s 30th birthday which was an entire weekend of camping at a farm with enormous bonfires, bands, awesome drinking games, jell-o wrestling… Everything, man. I brought my camera with to capture all the action and one thing I had not anticipated was charging the battery half-way through. I mean, duh? So, the battery died on Saturday afternoon. I was weirdly depressed about it. I love taking pictures, but I apparently didn’t know really how much.

The following Monday at work I began listening to Paul Simon’s Kodachrome, which is a pretty and summery little love note to taking pictures. And I became so enamored after a while that I did a couple impulse buys in the form of film cameras.

D164951-R01-001 D164951-R01-003 D164951-R01-011

I got a Diana F+ which I’d wanted for years, and a few rolls of film. These were taken in Delavan, Wisconsin, where Alan’s grandpa has a lake house. I love the lo-fi, hazy and dreamy look of these, and playing with double exposure was a new fun experience too. I also got a cheap reusable underwater camera.

R1-06266-0000_0001 R1-06266-0001 R1-06266-0018 R1-06268-0000_0001 R1-06268-0020 R1-06268-0013

Whilst trying to load the film into this one, I fucked it up and that was my only one. But Alan saw how upset I was and drove me into town to Walgreens to buy some more. I used up two whole rolls in the lake in about an hour. What a guy, right?

So I’ve decided this is my summer. The summer of film photography. But really it’s just become the summer of everything. I’m doing more hands-on art stuff, more photography, I finally got a record player I want to bring back to life. It’s kinda like, Analog Summer. The summer of unplugged. Cheers.

Oh yeah, I’m getting married!


Another big thing happened in May, apart from my 25th birthday and Minnesota legalizing Gay Marriage – Alan and I got engaged! Not much of a story, I’m afraid. It was late at night, we’d been at a couple birthday parties that night, and we were talking in the kitchen and Alan stood up, walked over to me, gave me a hug, and asked me to marry him. He didn’t have a ring, and it was a week before going to London, so we decided not to tell anyone until after we got back. That was difficult, as I see my parents everyday because we work together. The ring didn’t come for 4 weeks, but it was totally worth it in my opinion. It’s from This Etsy Shop and I’d had my eye on the ring for a looooong, long time. It’s a clear topaz which is nice and sparkly. I love it.

It’s worth noting too that there is a date – Next May 31, which is also my parents’ anniversary, and it’ll be the most fun thing to plan in the world. I’ve always had an obsession with weddings and event planning, because think of all the crafts and design I get to do! Besides thinking about music, colors, decorations, bridesmaids, and invitations, I had to remind myself that I’m marrying Alan, and I’m pretty excited. That’s an understatement, but I don’t like to get mushy and whenever I’m super earnest about things it makes me gag a little. But, I’m getting married to my best friend, and that’s brilliant.

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