Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Meow

IMG_0356.JPGOur days as a family of 3 (me, Alan and the cat) are swiftly coming to a close and I think Arya knows something’s up (like something hasn’t been up since before we went to New Zealand). She’s very curious about the new baby’s room, sometimes hunkering under the crib. Other times we’ve found her perched on top of the baby’s bassinet, just calm as you please. She also left a little pee present on the comforter which is never a great sign. I sometimes worry for her, not as much as I did months and months ago when we were first playing with the idea of locking her out at night (she took to that habit really well and now we never have to kick her out; she just leaves). People who have affectionate relationships with their pets know: it’s not just your pet, it’s your baby

To my little bear: It’s not gonna get any easier for you, but we promise we still love you with all our hearts. 💕

Arya Gets Groomed


Saturday, 07/16/16

Happy Forever Home Day, Arya!

ARYA-5-1That almost-never-handy memory feature on Facebook reminded me that TODAY was the day, 4 years ago exactly that we got Arya from the Humane Society. We had hardly been at the HS 10 minutes when I saw this small, shy black cat and I said “how about this one?” Alan is a planner, and likes to really look around and make considerations, but somehow he went right along with it and we took “Amber,” as she was called, into a little room and we played with her. “Seems like she’s down to clown,” I said. Within the hour we had her in our house. We still have the feather wand we bought from the shelter, even though it’s just mangy now, and a little nip-filled banana we call the Meth Banana since we gets so drugged out whenever she plays with it.

We love this little cat so, so much. Sometimes I can’t comprehend how much I love this cat. She’s so sweet and cuddly. She’s also kind of a pain in the ass and rude sometimes. She’s shy and antisocial and loves to luxuriate around the house… She’s like us!

My little forever baby <3

Photos of my cat snuggling a shoe


We noticed something odd recently. Arya seems to have a bizarre and/or romantic fascination with a pair of my shoes. I don’t wear this shoes, and I’ve been considering getting rid of them but now I don’t think I can.

You might’ve seen this too-cute-to-handle article about a kitty cat in Poland snuggling with sick animals to make them better. Awwwww. This is really similar to that, except it’s our cat, and it’s a shoe. These photos are all taken on separate occasions.

IMG_3306 IMG_3307 IMG_3308 IMG_3309 IMG_3310 IMG_3311
I had to tell her that she can’t be in a relationship with a shoe.

“You can’t be married to a shoe. You are a cat.”

Your daily Arya

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