Whale of a Time

Kia Ora from beautiful Kaikoura in the South Island of New Zealand! It’s just unreal here. The little apartment we’re staying in looks out over the Kaikoura mountain range and the South Pacific Ocean. Today we saw the sunrise and then went on a whale watching excursion where we saw three (3) sperm whales, some sea kitties (seals) and a whole mess of dolphins. Our sleep schedule is a bit wonky; we count ourselves lucky if we make it to 9 o’ clock. But at least we’re not snoozing through the mornings. Right now Alan is bugging me about walking into town to get some lunch, so I’ll be off. Enjoy a few photos from our trip so far (taken with my canon, edited with my phone, where I’m writing this). 

New Zealand Bound

NZBOUNDWe’re going on a trip, so the blog will be -even more- quiet for a couple weeks. Since our lives are about to change dramatically, this is a big last hurrah, plus it coincides with our anniversary. We’re planning on seeing much of both islands (DRIVING on the other side of the road), eating lots of fish and seeing some mountains. Hell yeah.

It’s the tail end of autumn in New Zealand right now, and especially the further south we go, the rainier and colder it’ll be. Didn’t think super hard about that while planning it, but we’ll take it in stride. Arya and our house will be in the care of my sister in the meantime.

We’ll bring you all back some wool, and a 1000+ photo posts afterwards.

Cool Botanicals

botanicals_titleI have certainly been very lazy with blogging lately! I have good reasons though: I have a full time job, PLUS I am doing an immense freelance project on the side, PLUS I am gearing up for an epic two week international adventure taking place at the end of this month. PLUS I’m just tired from being pregnant and I don’t know what to write about. Stuff gets in the way, you know? Luckily, I had this post in the wings and because I can’t stand the thought of going two blog-less weeks, I thought I’d finally share it with you all today.

I find myself helplessly drawn to everything green these days. Maybe it’s the arrival of spring, which has been rainy here in Minneapolis. Everything is so lush and verdant! ¬†Though it has been chilly since Monday. No bueno for May, the best month of the year, IMO. The weather should be perfect IMO. Anyway. I love botanical prints. They always seem to have a vintage feel while being at the same time fresh and warm. With summer just over¬†that horizon, let us look at some beautiful ways to embrace the green:


CW from Top Left: Swimsuit / Vintage Poster / Phone Case / Tattoo / Watch

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