What Are We Watching This Fall?


Back in the spring I was talking about some shows that Alan and I regularly indulge in (I actually only watched the second season of Catastrophe last week. Oops!) But with our days being fairly low key lately and gearing up to be even more homebodies than ever, I thought I’d talk about TV some more.

Is there anything more wonderful than a good, can’t-stop-watching-it TV show? I contest that there is not. About a month ago we started watching Narcos (or Bad Hombres as I’m calling it now) and blazed through the first two seasons. It fits so neatly into that “Binge-worthy” category. Not sure if I would throw the “prestige” label on it, per se, but it’s pretty damn good. Plus, Pedro Pascal is muy guapo and Pablo Escobar’s dorky dad sweaters and grumpy cat mustache are 🔥 Streaming on Netflix


I cannot.

The Walking Dead is coming back this Sunday.  Truth be told, I was actually not so furious about the mid-season finale as most people were (I guess me and Chris Hardwick are both schmucks). It seems powerfully uncool to actively be a fan of this show, kind of like Coldplay, but I’ll unapologetically watch it to the end, and I’ll read the think pieces. One complication this Sunday is that I could be in labor and miss it! Maybe it wouldn’t be the worst thing? Sundays, AMC

Westworld is an interesting slow burn. We’re watching with detached interest at the moment, but I think/hope it’ll be a worthwhile investment. I wasn’t sure what kind of person the concept of “Westworld” was appealing to (because, uh, the Old West cosplay? Snooze!), until it became clear to me that it’s basically the fantasy of living in an open world video game. I could see the appeal in that, if it were Skyrimworld. Sundays, HBO160730-westworld-news.jpg

Last Week Tonight, Full Frontal with Samantha Bee, and The Daily Show. Seems odd to be talking about non-serialized shows, but we’ve been watching these shows pretty obsessively. Alan is BIG into politics and by and I’m pretty sucked in too. The only way we can sustain in these trying times is to laugh and have our frustrations echoed and validated by people who are funnier than us. While Trevor Noah is no Jon Stewart, he’s actually been doing decently with this election, even though I’d say TDS is probably the weaker of the bunch. Sundays, HBO; Mondays, TBS; Nightly, Comedy Central.

Vikings is another show, like Walking Dead or Game of Thrones where I think after a while the fantasy/escapism overshadows the content and I think “Is this show actually good?” Whether it is or not, we’re pretty hooked, and I like how liberal they are with time jumps. It’s comin’ back in November! Thursdays, History

It’s not out yet, but I’m so excited for The Crown. I am deeply fascinated by the British royal family and royal history in general. I think this series looks super interesting and beautiful. On Netflix November 4

There’s still some shows that I haven’t gotten around to that I really want to check out, like The Americans. I’m thinking that with a baby around I’ll at least have a lot of downtime. AND I’m very stoked that Vulture put out this article about a bunch of good shows to stream. Score!!

So what are you watching lately?

Thank You


Just a little thank you note to everyone who responded so positively to my tale of depression and pregnancy from Friday. I got so many really awesome messages of support from people — and a lot of messages from people who have similar experiences (not necessarily related to pregnancy). Social media has a tendency to force us to put our best selves on display constantly. There’s been SO. MANY. TIMES. I’ve wanted to just go on Twitter or Facebook and just say “Guys I am so lonely and sad” but have feared that it would severely turn people off. That’s probably why so many people with depression become comedians; people don’t mind hearing about your sad life as long as they can laugh at it.

I’m glad we’re breaking down the stigma. While I like this blog to be a happy place full of things that totally don’t matter, it would be a disservice to myself and to many others to try and mask who I am and what I’m going through from time to time.

So thank you for reading, and for your kind words, and for your solidarity. ♥


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Inbetween Days

Note: This is a post I’ve been meaning to write for a couple weeks now, but I’ve had no idea how to approach it. I really believe in minimizing the stigma of “mental illness”, and in the interest of keeping it 100, I have no issue talking about my history with depression on this blog. But this has been such a difficult subject to broach, for reasons I don’t really understand myself. But my therapist encouraged me to write about this, and if I wait too much longer, I might lose my nerve. 

Almost daily for the last 4 months or so, I have struggled profoundly with a form of depression. We could call it situational or prenatal or just regular depression. It all applies. Pregnancy has changed my circumstances so dramatically, from being a generally social, full time graphic designer who does stuff to an unemployed woman who now finds it difficult to interact with people. Not that I don’t know how to relate to people anymore, per se, but all the old tricks I would have for “hanging out” usually included going out late at night, drinking, etc… You can’t really do that when you’re pregnant.

So I’ve been alone. More or less for half my pregnancy.

Here and there I would do the occasional lunch with a close friend or attend my old trivia night, even once or twice going out after 10 to dance with people. And the buzz you get from seeing people who you like and who like you sustains you for a short while, but eventually I slip back into a deep despair, where I feel guilty that I have all this free time, and no earthly idea of how to enjoy it. I think back to what I would do with days off from work, and the answer was usually along the lines of lunch, movie, shopping, errands. If every day is a day off, those once enjoyable activities become tedious, almost an obligation (i.e. “Maybe I should go see a movie but I don’t want to, ugh“). Then I start to think how pitiful it is that I can’t come up with anything other than going to the mall again to spend my time.

Who am I trying to impress? What does it matter if I want to go to the mall? Who cares? I know, I know. It shouldn’t matter. But for some reason it does, and I feel pathetic, and I feel sorry for myself, and then I cry, and then I cry some more because I’m sad that I’m sad. Then Alan comes home and I can’t explain what exactly is so upsetting and he can’t fix it and I feel more alone than ever.

I’m trapped between my old life and my new life. It’s about to change in ways I have no way of understanding and that’s scary but also exciting. I’m just totally stuck in this inbetween, but after a summer of no job and no social life, waiting for my life to have purpose again.

Did other mothers feel this same way? Alan and I have indulged in dinners out and movies we weren’t super stoked about, and dates with friends. I’ve indulged in shopping trips, long drives and sleeping in late (mainly out of necessity, because the morning is when I’m finally exhausted enough to ignore the pain in my hips). But I also feel like I’m the only woman in the world who has spent many of her days leading up to birth sobbing at her desk at home, sometimes over very small things, but other times, and more frequently, over the suffocating isolation and lack of creativity in her life.

I guess my goal here is not to send you on a big ol awkward guilt trip, but more to just show you, hey, when I was posting all those mood boards and photos of my house, I was also struggling silently with depression and I just want to talk about it.Processed with VSCO with j2 preset

Some months ago I recognized that I was struggling and having always had a fear that I could be afflicted by Postpartum Depression (PPD), or even in an extreme case, Postpartum Psychosis, I began to see a therapist. Seeking help has long been my biggest hurdle in my fight with depression and anxiety. It can be overwhelming to find a therapist, and then you have to hope that you have a good rapport with the therapist. Last fall I had a therapist who helped me in some ways but who I didn’t feel at all connected to. Luckily this time around I found a woman who is gentle and compassionate and who specializes in depressive disorders unique to women.

Because of the lessening stigma surrounding these types of issues people have, I’ve learned of a ton of my friends who suffer in similar ways, or other ways I can’t imagine. It’s hard to remember when you’re being whipped around the maelstrom of sadness that there are others struggling in their own way too, so let’s all just try a little more to look out for each other.

I’m looking forward to this podcast which will hopefully help me and others to feel even less alone in the journey. Because while I’m so glad this pregnancy is almost over, I don’t know about what the next wave of strange body changes will bring. All I know is I want to be a strong and happy mother for my baby.

Pillowfort at Target

Screen Shot 2016-10-10 at 2.37.10 PM.pngMy shopping habits have dramatically shifted this year, leading me down a few rabbit holes I otherwise wouldn’t be finding myself in. One of these is this awwwwdorable new home line for kids at Target called Pillowfort. The nursery is very neutral at the moment, and there doesn’t seem to be a lot of baby stuff here, but I’m hoping this collection stays around for a few years because I can totally see a toddler’s room bursting with a little more color and personality. Obviously I lean heavily toward the woodsy collection but there are a ton of cute little themes for children of all persuasions. (Though I’m prob gonna get that tree blanket for myself. It’s so much like my beloved Gran pattern from Fine Little Day)pillowfort

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Radisson RED City Guide

RADISSONRADISSONI’m excited to share some photos from a job I did back in the spring, while I was in the midst of a full time job, planning a major international trip, and dealing with pregnancy fatigue/general unpleasantness. What fine days were those that I had so much on my plate. Anyway, my coworker at the time Amanda had a friend looking for a photographer to shoot the Minneapolis City Guide for Radisson RED, a new chain making its stateside debut (the first one opened up in Belgium not too long ago). It was a pretty cool job in that I actually got to see a lot of parts of the city I wasn’t really familiar with before, and discovered some new shops and restaurants I otherwise wouldn’t have heard of.

You know how you will do a job, and then forget about it for a while, and think “boy I really sucked at that job.” It’s always nice to look back and think “holy shit I might have actually done well at this.” That’s my entire portfolio basically….RADISSONRADISSONRADISSONRADISSONRADISSONRADISSONRADISSONRADISSONRADISSONRADISSONRADISSONRADISSONRADISSONradisson-191radisson-192RADISSON

Here it is in action.


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