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I was perusing my Instagram feed recently and one of my fav mom IG’s posted a lovely little shot of her baby boy’s nursery and I was like “cool lamp!” and it’s from Land of Nod.

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So, I went to investigate, and somehow I hadn’t realized that Land of Nod doesn’t have time for your kiddie shit. I want everything in my house to be Land of Nod from now on. I had NO. IDEA. Granted, Land of Nod is part of the Crate&Barrel – CB2 conglomerate, but it’s kid stuff! Of those three stores though, I have to say, I feel like LoN is doing the best job. So… I immediately sent Alan this lamp as we’d been looking for some nice basement lighting and he was hooked too.

It was difficult, but I managed to narrow down 10 bomb pieces I wouldn’t mind adorning my house with (I especially want like, 50 of those arrow shelves).LANDOFNOD

1 — Cosmos Floor Lamp  2 — Arrow Shelf   3 — Gem Wall Art  4 — Contour Swivel Chair
5 — Wheelhouse Bookcase  6 — Winter Forest Throw Pillow  7 — Wrightwood Bookcase
8 — Quartz Storage Bin  9 — Forest Floor Rug  10 — Bloom Wall Art

New Living Room Digs

LIVINGROOM_REDO-2If one were paying attention to my Pinterest trends a couple months ago, you might’ve noticed that I was pinning a shit ton of area rugs and a shit ton of coffee tables. I’d decided that our living room needed a shakeup. I spend a lot of time in there and while I was singing its praises only two months ago, there were still elements that I felt didn’t reflect the “vibe” we’d been working hard to curate (I know, first world problems etc). Plus, the rug had gotten real dingy over the years, and the coffee table was so huge and it felt more important to capitalize on the on the space for playing with baby.

If you don’t remember what it looked like before, here’s a (dated) refresherLIVINGROOM_REDO-5The table comes from Etsy and it’s just gorgeous. LIVINGROOM_REDO-18LIVINGROOM_REDO-9LIVINGROOM_REDO-10

The rug is from West ElmCan’t tell you how long it took to settle on one!LIVINGROOM_REDO-12LIVINGROOM_REDO-13Felt baskets from Amazonside table from Target (similar) and replacement IKEA couch legs from from Etsy.LIVINGROOM_REDO-17LIVINGROOM_REDO-19.jpgThis attractive candle is from Target.LIVINGROOM_REDO-20

West Emory Stationery from Target

STATIONERY-2STATIONERY-4A while back I was at Target, doing that thing you do at Target where you get one thing you need and then like, 7 things you didn’t know you needed. I nearly breezed past the card aisle when I saw these wooden boxes with strikingly minimalist cards. I‘m not really a card person, but maybe I could become one! I thought. In this age of instant gratification and instant communication, I like the idea of sending thoughtfully hand-written notes to friends and family – be it for something significant, like a birthday, or something insignificant, like saying “hey.” STATIONERY-5

This appears to be an exclusive line for Target, and they actually have a ton of really lovely home items. (This jewelry bust is 🔥).STATIONERY-7STATIONERY-6You guys, how gorgeous is the mid-morning light in my office? STATIONERY-8My favorite thing is this WAX STAMP with a timeless design symbolSTATIONERY-9STATIONERY-10When I graduated from school, I really wanted a wax stamp with my logo, but I was also poor and without the resources to get one made, or make one myself. This is a really fine consolation prize, all these years later.STATIONERY-12I feel like this line smartly capitalizes on a growing trend in household items: marble and gold. I’ve never been a gold fan, but I’ve come around in the last few months. STATIONERY-13So who wants a card?

Sit On It


A loooong while back, I did a dumb blog post title which resulted in a few people demanding I write a post about chairs. I was like, yeah, I guess I could do that. I do love chairs. When I was a broke apartment dweller, I used to find chairs on the street or be given them by a friend. And then I was able to apply my love for interesting chairs to my newfound midcentury modern appreciation (all the coolest chairs are MCM).

I’m finally getting around to this post because Alan and I have started to kick around the idea of getting one or two lounge chairs to put in our living room space, so now I’m looking at a ton. Here’s, IMO, some really good chairs. CHAIRS

The iconic Eames Lounge Chair (or just get a tiny replica)
IKEA Outdoor Chaise (ok, not for a living room, but surprisingly chic and design-y for them)
Parker Slipper Chair in Nordic Weave Indigo, West Elm
Hans Wegner Shell Chair
Capo Dining Chair
by Neri&Hu
Iconic Eames Molded Plywood Chair – IN WOODGRAIN 😵
Forma Milkyway Ivory Chair, Article

These are all obviously the cream of the crop. Amazon has a surprisingly vast selection of furniture in any kind of style you could want. Maybe this is obvious to you but to me, that was definitely not the first place I’d look. Happy Chair Hunting!

Top image via. Leather Butterfly Chair can be found here.

Smart Home

smarthome-2I do love the new year. Even though it usually means the end of Christmas — and I LOVE Christmas — it’s a chance for a fresh start. Once we finally (and this year it took longer than usual) put away all the decorations, the house feels open and clean. I’ve been spending a LOT of time in our living room since Alexander was born (we got a FireStick on our TV in the living room which means I basically live on the couch). Anyway. I look around this room all day everyday and I have to say, I’m really in love with it. Alan and I have spent a lot of time making this room hip and modern, with touches of Minneapolis & North Woods flavor. smarthome-14Decorating a home is an evolving process, trying to balance tastes (which can change) and trends (which can definitely change). Recently I’ve really begun to lean in to the house’s natural Mid-Century Modern trappings, which meant embracing gold and darker wood. I’ve spent a lot of years pining after the ultra-modern Swedish look — minimalist, light natural pine, lots of black and white — but we’ve gone in a decidedly more Danish-Modern direction, which is totally cool too.smarthome-15 smarthome-8 smarthome-10 smarthome-1-2 smarthome-17

So, anyway, I’m today offering a little mood board inspired by my own home. mcm

LampClock, Chair, Bowl, PlanterRackFrame


Couch, Birch, TurntableCandlesticks, Coasters, Throwmcm3

Bowie, Calendar, PaddleRadio (similar), Sideboard, FramePillowBasket

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