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office5Ohhhhhh hi there.

I never claimed to be a very dedicated blogger, though I would like to. Seems like the age of the blog has past us, doesn’t it? Still, I always have so many little ideas or things I want to earnestly write about, and the motivation is there, but sitting down to actually format a post always feels daunting (It’s not EVEN that daunting!). One thing in particular I feel like has contributed to my downfall is having a messy office. In my first year of college I emailed with my dad a lot and I was feeling down and he said to make sure my workspace was clean, because “a clean workspace is crucial for mental health.” Or maybe a clean living space even. These things are absolutely true for me. They might not be for everyone, because I’ve seen people at my job with piles of shit on their desk and they somehow manage to carry on working. For me though, I can’t concentrate if my desk has smudges on it, or there are loose papers everywhere. And sometimes I get so overwhelmed by it that I can’t muster the energy to actually clean up.

I probably seemed pretty pleased with my home office a couple months ago. It was bright and, for the most part, clean. But it was still cluttered, and my two desks were wobbly and uneven. Here’s how it looked only this last weekend:
Even the photo quality is bad here, which I feel enhances the awfulness of this set up. In theory it’s great. I have a lot of desk space and light. In practice though, look how much stuff gets dumped on there? My office is typically a dumping ground for anything that doesn’t belong anywhere else (to be fair it’s my stuff already). Look at the way that cheap IKEA desktop is bowed. Look at the little printer tucked away under the bigger printer? One of those little wood boxes was JUST holding washi tape. So, even though I had my own office and it was pretty good, I would still pore over blogs and pinterest, trying to find the ideal inspiration for a clean, minimal work environment.
I traded in my two flimsy white desktops for a super solid, smaller natural wood one. Instantly warms up the space, doesn’t it? I ditched the rug, because it was filthy and a weird size, and it slid all around the floor. I had a little set of three rubbermaid drawers that were GOD AWFUL and I made a serious upgrade to the ALEX set of drawers. And as I wished in the other blog post, I switched out desk lamps which I’m well into.
Add in a little greenery and actually put some of your shit up on the walls and it’s a true haven.
The desk is a lot deeper too so instead of using one desk for my Mac and one for my Macbook, I can simply push the computer and keyboard back. And yes, I DO actually use both computers for different things.

Anyway, I would like to use this as a jumping off point towards more blog posts, because I ACTUALLY have things I want to say, and have had things in my mind for months! So, why not start off with something sort of trivial like an office makeover to ease back in?

Home office

I’ve wanted to show off my little home office for a really long time. I just had to keep tweaking the space, because it has to be *perfect*. It’s my little autonomous space. I get to make it look however I want. Even to the point where I’ve been obsessing over clean, minimal workspaces on Pinterest forever now and feeling disappointed in mine by comparison. But then I realized that I’m really lucky to even have a home office. It’s not like I do a ton of work from home (I do enough). But this space is my little happy space. The only thing that sucks about it are the cheap IKEA DIY desks, which have cheap legs that wobble — a lot. I can make them more flush withe the floors, but the *floors* are uneven. Anyway. Look how terrible that photo is up there. Poor composition all around. It’s because I don’t have a super wide angle lens. And because I didn’t try very hard tbh.
Central control. The red lamp.. I love, don’t get me wrong. But it was bought at a time when red accents were all the rage. Black + White + Red = Totally Swiss design, right? It was a time when I was purely a black and white kind of person, but *just* black and white was too extreme. Now, I’m like, screw that. ONLY Black & White. I have my eye on this IKEA lamp, which has a button on the base, which is honestly enough for me. The red lamp has a switch down on the cord that I have to fish out every night. UGH, right? It’s a worklamp from West Elm and I’m essentially looking to trade down. (I can’t believe I found so much to say about a lamp!)
I used to have the ubiquitous flip clock screensaver¬†¬†until one day it just stopped working on my mac. I’m now using this even lovelier, more minimalist iteration.
ee? RED ACCENTS. Also, I AM A DESIGNER. Here’s a big type poster.
My “music corner”, by default. Alan got me the incredible electric piano for Christmas, which I’ve been dying for for years. After I moved out of my parents’ house I’ve been without a piano to play, and it really hurt. Like, physically hurt me sometime to not be able to play. That guitar? It’s broken. I need to get it fixed. But it looks *super* cool like that in the corner, doesn’t it? So casual.
The Morrissey poster is my *favorite* thing. I lifted this framing technique directly from Door Sixteen.
More Morrissey, and a little typographic letterpress poster. I got it for being an early backer on this great Kickstarter campaign.
he little boxes are from Ikea, natch. The coaster is a wood slab from Michaels.
Thank god for these little wooden boxes. There’s so much crap that you can’t see because of it. Also, how cute is the notepad? IKEA. And the tape dispenser? Also IKEA. The cross stitch was made by my wonderful friend Katrin as a wedding present (she was also my personal attendant I mean HOW RAD).
The sad part is that as soon as we have our second kid this isn’t my space anymore. :( / :)

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