I barely have the words or energy to talk about what’s going on lately. I am paying attention and I am as engaged as I can be. I’m spending a lot of time thinking about how best to raise my child in a world where Hate is becoming a norm. What a horrifying reality. I also recognize that as a white person, this is a first for me, but for POC it’s always been their normal. I’m sorry. I have a long way to go. I’m listening and I will show up. I know this is on me. I will help. I will fight.

Because seriously Fuck Nazis.

A Day Away

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I’m now at 38 weeks and truly, baby could come at any time. I was feeling like we weren’t quite taking advantage of the last of our child-free days, though, so I suggested to Alan that we take a little day trip up to the Duluth area to see some fall colors and commune with nature a bit. It was a beautiful warm early fall day. I brought my camera but elected to just use my phone instead to document the day. I edited the photos in my VSCO app, with the Minimalism presets. Processed with VSCO with j2 presetWe started the day in town at Wise Acre, a pretty amazing place we like to treat ourself to brunch at once or twice a year. We each got the CSA hash and three pastries to split. It was… A lot of food to be eating before taking a long drive. Processed with VSCO with j2 presetProcessed with VSCO with j2 presetJay Cooke State Park is one of the more accessible parks for city folk. It’s kinda the gateway to the north shore. Not a ton of fall colors to be had yet, but it was beautiful (and busy), though we did manage to find a spot with very few people. Processed with VSCO with j2 presetGot a couple endorsements to get lunch at Northern Waters Smokehaus, where we dined al fresco on these super delicious sandwiches (the craisin walnut mayo is legit).

Processed with VSCO with j2 presetProcessed with VSCO with j2 presetBefore heading home we popped into Waters of Superior where Alan ended up finding a couple pairs of nice bookends (you can spy them in the top photo – they’re steel cast pine trees) for some shelves he got recently to display his comics in the basement. We came here last year on our anniversary trip and we didn’t walk away empty-handed then either. This is an extremely beautiful shop – a must-visit for fans of well-curated home goods.

It seems like such a small outing (compared to the other big trip we took this year) but it was just the correct amount of doing stuff for us. Me being extremely pregnant and Alan being the guy who does all the stuff now (having a job, yard work, most household tasks that don’t include doing dishes or laundry). We’re stretched a little thin these days, in preparation for the little one’s arrival. It was nice to get away, even if just for a day.

In the Trenches

TRENCHES2A couple years ago we had insane rainfall all spring and summer (including my wedding day, hey!). I didn’t have a rain jacket for ANY of it. When I did have one, I got one for cheap from Columbia, in bright white of all colors.. I had it with me one cold, early spring evening when I was hanging out on the patio at Grumpy’s NE… I never felt so uncool. So, I gave away that jacket in a clothes swap, but I can’t deny that living in Minnesota sort of necessitates needing rain gear, or at the very least, a good spring jacket; the ubiquitous Trench Coat. I’ve been on the hunt for a cool army green one, possibly to wear with stripes and sneakers. Here’s a few options for a few budgets.TRENCHES

Top: Lou & Grey Form Anorak. Lou & Grey is one of my favorite discoveries from the last year. They have such great basic wardrobe staples, and this jacket is no exception. Plus, it’s on sale right now!
ASOS TALL Pac a Trench. For the price, this seems like an extremely good buy. A very dressed down version of the classic army trench. Would probably look good with Docs.

Bottom: Woods You Be Mine? Jacket from ModCloth. This very much looks like something Liam Gallagher would’ve worn in the Oasis heyday, and probably still today.
Women’s Arcadia Casual Jacket from Columbia.  I will probably end up getting this. It has sensible weather protection but it doesn’t look like it’s made by an outdoor brand. When you can get form + function in a nifty package, I’m all about it.
Finally, H&M has a ton of great jackets but I particularly love this avocado green Rain Jacket. I like the androgynous boxy shape.

As a bonus, here are some cool boots for Spring/Wet Seasons:
Matte Chelsea Rain Boots (Seriously, these are SO STYLIN), Classic Hunter Wellingtons, and my personal choice for always, Doc Marten 1460s (just don’t forget the Wonder Balsam).

Synth i

synth_mixA few years ago around this time I made a pretty decent “mix tape” of songs that emphasize the Synthesizer. I felt it was diverse-ish, in that it wasn’t all Kraftwerk, and had a mix of old and new artists. But, I listened to it recently for the first time in a couple years and it is long. There was probably enough material on it to warrant 2 or even 4 volumes. Challenge accepted. I present the 1st of 4 Synth volumes for this winter, Synth i. It’s similarly structured to that one I made those many years ago, but it’s also shorter and tighter, and not quite as ambient.

I highly recommend listening to this in sequence, either while driving aimlessly home at night or with heavy duty headphones sitting at your desk. Either way, do it in the winter. This is not a summer time mix. synth_mix

2015 GIFT GUIDE: For the Nerds

Hey, it’s the 2015 SNFAS Gift Guide™. Welcome. Gettin’ a little late into December but there’s still totally enough time to get on this stuff. For round 1, here’s a few little things you can get for the special nerd in your life. Now, I know there are 1000 different types of “nerds,” so I didn’t cover ALL of them. For that I apologize. Most people I know who would identify as a “nerd” would probably dig some of this stuff. Nerd stuff. For “grown ups.” NERDS

Clockwise from TL: 
You Know Nothing, Jon Snow | Time And Relative Dimension In Space
Villa | I AM THE BAT | Spider From Mars | Chill R2D2

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