Catching Up

ALEX_HOLIDAYS-15Boy I really fell behind in my blogging. With the holidays, and this little guy getting MAJORLY sick (more on that below). So, I still have to do another post about my Alberta trip, I want to talk about my 2018 goals and a BUNCH of other blog stuff but for now I’m just going to do a photo dump from the holidays and a lot of little young sir, who somehow just keeps getting cuter and cuter. ✨


Over Christmas weekend, Alex came down with Hand Foot and Mouth Disease, which was absolute hell on us. He was in so much pain and covered in sores. It was too painful to eat or drink from a bottle for a couple days. I’m not even sure how we got through it! My parents came over and helped a lot the first two days, and Christmas Eve we went over there for dinner. Since HFM is viral you just have to wait it out, although the doctor we saw gave him antibiotics for possible strep (AND we alternated ibuprofen and tylenol ad nauseum) and that made it so he could at least eat a little and get some rest. But hooooooly shit were those first 48 hours difficult.

ALEX_HOLIDAYS-6ALEX_HOLIDAYS-8ALEX_HOLIDAYS-7Christmas day things were getting back on track. We went back to my parents house for our traditional breakfast.ALEX_HOLIDAYS-12ALEX_HOLIDAYS-19

Also, it was cold. Alex missed a week of day care while his blisters healed so we stayed inside allll week.I’m not as ready with the camera as I was when this dude was just a little stationary nugget. But he’s also doing a lot more interesting things now (and as I mentioned previously, is SO CUTE. OMG HIS LITTLE BLOND HEAD).ALEX_HOLIDAYS-24We also got the little guy a rocking horse for Christmas.ALEX_HOLIDAYS-29.jpgWhoaaaa how did I get all my favs into a pic? Swords, trees, vikings, Christmas, feminism, MY BOY? ALEX_HOLIDAYS-31😍ALEX_HOLIDAYS-32ALEX_HOLIDAYS-33ALEX_HOLIDAYS-34ALEX_HOLIDAYS-35On December 30 the Royce family gathered for Christmas dinner and gifts. The next day, NYE, Alan’s parents were in town and we went to the Swedish Institute to check out the holiday deco and grab lunch. It was actually a perfect time to go – the crowds were minimal. Maybe we’ll make an annual thing of it!

ALEX_HOLIDAYS-36ALEX_HOLIDAYS-37ALEX_HOLIDAYS-39ALEX_HOLIDAYS-40ALEX_HOLIDAYS-41ALEX_HOLIDAYS-43How sweet is this little gnome? For the Swedish Institute visit I made sure he was dressed head to toe (literally) in Swedish brands. Name, Hanna Andersson and H&M. These little skiing overalls are too good. ALEX_HOLIDAYS-45ALEX_HOLIDAYS-47.jpgALEX_HOLIDAYS-50ALEX_HOLIDAYS-54

Hope you and yours had a splendid holiday season. Looking forward to making some changes in this year!

Holiday Cards


Our Christmas cards this year are from Artifact Uprising, a company I’ve loved and patronized for years now. I feel conflicted using design templates sometimes; I feel like I should use it as an opportunity to make my own. But they make it just so damn simple and convenient. Even easier is that we got real live family photos taken by my pal Cody KartarikIt was such a great shoot and I felt like I had to do one of these multi-photo cards.

2017CARDS-52017CARDS-1I love the Artifact Uprising designs because it feels like something I would do. They’re so simple and type-driven. They make it easy to give up control, and it takes like 5 minutes to put together. They’ll even address your envelopes if you’re so inclined. 2017CARDS-6

Bonus: Artifact Uprising is a cool company to make photo gifts for people. I’ve given my mom a little calendar the last few years. They have a big sale today and you should go check it out.

(p.s. it sure looks like this is a sponsored post, right? well, it’s not! I just think Artifact Uprising is neat).

Season’s Greetings

xmas-card-4I was debating with myself whether it would make sense to send Christmas cards out this year so soon after sending Alexander’s birth announcements, but since it is his first Christmas, I didn’t want to miss the chance for marking this tiny milestone. I decided on designing them myself, like the announcements, and again printed them through VistaPrint. His adorable little gnome hat is from Hanna Andersson. And while “Peace on Earth” is a pretty general Christmas card greeting, it’s especially referential to the [ICONIC] Bing Crosby – David Bowie duet “Little Drummer Boy/Peace on Earth”, a favorite of mine since I was a kid.xmas-card-6EH? So good. And, I feel like this is a really strong message right now, in light of recent political events. xmas-card-5The family photo was the tricky part though. We had the tiniest window for everything to go smoothly, as the cat was in her reindeer antlers, which she hates, and Alex had just woken up from a nap and had *not* had a clean diaper put on. Whoops. Plus I was controlling the camera from my phone! It was uber stress. So, I scrapped the original card design I had planned and stuck our photo on the back. xmascard-1xmascard-2

O Christmas Tree!

christmas2016-13Sometimes I start to think “oh my gosh, people are probably wondering why I haven’t blogged about [this] or [that]” and then I realize that NOBODY CARES… This blog is more for me than anyone else. So, I APOLOGIZE that my post on my Christmas decorations is so much later than usual. Dedicated readers of this blog know that as soon as the clock strikes midnight on the day after Thanksgiving I already have everything all up and ready to go and the cookies are in the oven. christmas2016-2I’ve managed to listen to all of my fav Christmas albums — several times over in fact — but the house decorations are not as elaborate as in years past. Things are a bit more subtle this year, mainly due to the fact that we got a real live Christmas tree and that changed the whole dynamic. christmas2016-3christmas2016-4christmas2016-5christmas2016-6It’s also been mega dreary around here lately, and no snow, so my house is dark af. My cozy german hymns would keep me warm except they just make me wistful for true winter weather.

I’ve also decided against getting a ton of greenery, like I did last year. Eh. It’s work, and it’s messy, and I got a baby. Ain’t nobody got time for that. This has been an extremely transitional year. Next year Christmas will be a much livelier affair.christmas2016-7christmas2016-8christmas2016-9christmas2016-10I love this tree. It’s kinda scrappy and with the big lights and comically tall treetop and gold star, the whole thing is very charming. Plus it just feels good having a real tree in the house. I can’t remember when we started cutting our own tree in my parents’ house, but it’s been a long time. christmas2016-15christmas2016-16But what about your beloved vintage aluminum tree? You find yourself asking. I found a pretty good home for it:christmas2016-18The most fitting place for it, actually. It looks great in the ultra mid-century modern basement, next to that sexy danish modern couch, underneath the cheeky cardboard deer head. Unh, I love it when stuff comes together like this. I even got a mini tree skirt so it wouldn’t scratch up our fancy reclaimed wood side table.christmas2016-19And then, the setup in my office has always been this tiny silver tree from Target wrapped in simple twinkle lights. This candle has an excellent pine smell. I had one last year and I burned through it quite fast so I re-upped this year in a bigger size.

Merry Christmas from the Hendo-Royces

XMASWEEK-12I’ve been largely inconsistent with sending out Christmas cards since I moved out of my parents’ house. It’s been a mixture of buckling down and designing, printing and sending them out. Other years I’m like “whatever” and just put a thing on Facebook. My mom has had a long, long, long tradition of making a new card every year from scratch and since she’s from the old days, most times she did them all by hand, for like a million people. I tried doing a version of that, but found that to actually get in the way of doing cards at all. There’s enough to do during the holidays  already, ya know?

So, this year, since I have a great camera & a little more money than usual, I decided to let someone else do most the work for me. Luckily there’s just so many great companies these days who have excellent designs and print capabilities. I decided to go through Artifact Uprising. They have really cool minimal (almost anti-holiday) designs and the turnaround time was super quick. PLUS they send you envelopes too, which saved me a trip to Paper Source. Hooray! XMASWEEK-11I took the photo of us while we were at Lutsen two weekends ago. While it was pretty slushy up there, we did get lucky one morning when there was a dusting of snow. The snow was literally melting while we were taking our picture. I wanted to do devil horns, but we settled for black and white punk rock t-shirts (although mine is more like, a t-shirt about berserkers, to go with my tattoo.) BTW the t-shirt Alan has on in the softest t-shirt there ever was. He always has the softest t-shirts. LUTSEN2K15-1

Obviously it’s too late for this year, but next time you’re in the market to get some nice cards made, Artifact Uprising is a great choice if you like clean and minimal designs. Minted & Tiny Prints are some other options with a seemingly never-ending variety of designs.  Paperless Post  feature designs from real designers!

Merry Christmas, wherever you are, whoever you are.

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