2017 Gift Guide No. 5 – The Hygge Hunny


Hey, who doesn’t love a good cozy time. I rounded up some nice cozy gifts for your friend or loved one who embraces the über-trendy Danish philosophy of Hygge, whether intentionally or not.

The most important part of Hygge is not candles or big blankets though – it’s togetherness. So make sure you include some hangouts in your gift giving!



1 — Super Chunky Knit Throw  2 — Bracelet Flask  3 — Frasier Fir Candle
4 — Glerups  5 — Vitamin D Lamp  6 — Saloon Box
7 — Homemade Hot Cocoa Mix  8 — Cashmere Hoodie  9 — Knot Cushion
10 — Danish Mug

Baby It’s Cold Outside


The Polar Vortex is BACK and I’m super pumped, especially because it has brought with it a really respectable amount of snow. It’s going to be a White Christmas after all! Early on in my pregnancy I fantasized about taking my baby out in the cold for winter walks all the time. In nordic countries this is the norm. With the subzero temps right now though, and him still being a little guy, I’m anxious about exposing him to the cold just yet. BUT REST ASSURED. When the time comes, I will be more than prepared. I’ve compiled a little group of items that would come in most handy for taking babies out in the cold.cold-1

Top Row: Hat, Snuggle Suit, Polar Bundleme
Middle Row: Thermal Long Johns, Sweater-Knit Scarf (for mom), Down Snowsuit
Bottom Row: Sorel Boots, Metropolis Parka, Stroller Hand Muffs

Have a cozy weekend


Hi all, I hope you had a good Thanksgiving, and have plans to jump into the holiday season, perhaps by lighting some candles or baking some cookies. If Christmas isn’t your thing though, no judgment (but actually a little judgment). I’ll be decorating the house a bit at a time, and we’re going to get a real live Christmas tree on Sunday!! The start of a new tradition. In the meantime, I’ve rounded up a few beautiful instagram posts that have caught my eye lately. I have my fingers crossed for a very snowy winter. (there is still not a fingers crossed emoji 😣)


Row 1 — @fermliving, @alexstrohl  Row 2 — @ourfinland, @halfbakedharvest 
Row 3 — @witanddelight_, @kdkuiper  Row 4 — @juusohd, @alexstrohl

(top cinemagraph © me)

♫ It’s been awhile ♫


January got kind of blog-light at the end there. What am I supposed to write about? How my diet and exercise goals have been falling a little short because I’m super busy with my job and literally there’s nothing new to report? Plus I spent the last week of the month totally zonked out with a bad cold that left me little energy to do anything other than to sit in the basement on my new gaming chair and play Halo 5 arena battles (it’s a ridiculous looking chair, but it’s also cute and comfortable).

The Twin Cities got pelted with a blizzard yesterday. It was a satisfying snowfall compared to what we’ve had to work with this season. It came fast and furious. 12 inches I believe. SNOW_FEB-2SNOW_FEB-3SNOW_FEB-4SNOW_FEB-5I got designs on some good blog #content coming up so do not fear about the radio silence.

For a shareable today, I became extremely basic this morning and lol’d at Chris Martin doing Car Karaoke with James Corden. Coldplay is powerfully uncool to like, so it’s pretty brave of me to still be a fan of them after all these years. Right?


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