2017 Gift Guide No. 5 – The Hygge Hunny


Hey, who doesn’t love a good cozy time. I rounded up some nice cozy gifts for your friend or loved one who embraces the über-trendy Danish philosophy of Hygge, whether intentionally or not.

The most important part of Hygge is not candles or big blankets though – it’s togetherness. So make sure you include some hangouts in your gift giving!



1 — Super Chunky Knit Throw  2 — Bracelet Flask  3 — Frasier Fir Candle
4 — Glerups  5 — Vitamin D Lamp  6 — Saloon Box
7 — Homemade Hot Cocoa Mix  8 — Cashmere Hoodie  9 — Knot Cushion
10 — Danish Mug

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