JOANOFARC-1I recently bought this splendid poster on Society6. It’s rather splendid in a number of ways.

  • A Smiths lyric in large, bold type. And a Smiths lyrics that happens to be from the Smiths song I probably identify most with.
  • The type is on a gloriously grungy photo of an epic Joan of Arc in armor and carrying a sword. I am a sucker for medieval anything. Especially swords.
  • It was designed by Anna Dorfman of Door Sixteen, whose influence of style is found in my home.

I have two RIBBA frames I needed to put to use since I found them in As Is at IKEA. Kismet! Plus, it’s in my main color scheme, and looks great opposite the giant Morrissey poster, and this little There Is a Light needlepoint…JOANOFARC-3JOANOFARC-2

I’ve Got Soul but I’m Not a Soldier (A Little Pep Talk)

Image-1 (3)Hey everybody. Have a really good weekend, and just know that you can do anything. Today I went “running.” Well, in intervals, which is how you train for a 5k. My whole body felt strange and painful afterwards, but I still did it! I think the trick is to have a really good soundtrack, one that motivates you and makes you want to sprint instead of just jog. I’m hoping I can go out and get some proper running shoes soon, because hiking shoes are not gonna do the trick, nor are converse.

If you’re going through a tough time, or are feeling stuck, either in your job, or in life, or creatively, or whatever, it’s ok. Try to treat yourself to a little adventure. In the meantime, here’s my running playlist from this morning. I ran to “Take a Bow” with gusto (shit, that song gets me so pumped), and sprinted out the last chorus of “All These Things That I’ve Done” and almost started crying while listening to it? Because I’m proud of myself for going 100% on trying to make positive changes in my life? Let’s go with that. Anyway. Go 100% in whatever you’re doing! Doesn’t matter what it is. EXCEPT FOR MURDER. DON’T MURDER.

Autumn Blues

tumblr_mcl51ySjL81qz6f9yo1_1280Happy fall! It’s finally here! 

I got an email a little while ago from Crate & Barrel saying that indigo was the hot trend this season. I was totally all over it like two years ago, though. So, my “thing” is definitely all neutrals all the time. If you know me, name a time you’ve seen me wear any color. YOU CAN’T. Although in fall of 2013, I had a pair of dark blue corduroys from Old Navy that I LOVED. They changed the way I dressed. A little splash of blue is about as much color as I can do. Yesterday, I went back to Old Navy to get some new jeans and, while I had gone back to all black the last year, I was pulled in by some indigo skinny jeans… And a slouchy indigo t-shirt… And a sweatshirt with navy thread. I was in love! In love with indigo all over again. Blue was always my favorite color. It’s inspiring! So let’s wrap ourselves in this blue coziness this fall.INDIGO

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

LL Bean also has some impressive sweaters along this color scheme.

Fall Weekend


As I mentioned, my sister and I went on this fall retreat this past weekend, in the very same cabin resort that we attend in the summer. This was the first time I’d ever been there outside of August. You know how when something that used to be special becomes commonplace? Like, every year we go to the cabin and it feels totally normal. It sort of felt like that this weekend, but there was also an element of surrealism. To me, this place only exists in the summer. Plus, it was weird to be there, and not at our regular cabin, and without our whole family, and on a chilly quiet weekend as opposed to a full week, full of activity.  Read more ›

Getaways + Gadgets


A quick post on this gloomy Friday morning. I’m heading back up north this weekend with my sister Addie for a sort of wellness retreat at our very own cabin resort! It’ll be nice to experience the place in a cooler setting. Addie and I are gonna hike, drink coffee on our little deck after we take an early jump in the lake, maybe get some massages, do some afternoon yoga, cook dinner, and play some cribbage in the evening. We’re getting our own cabin to ourselves. I think it’ll be precious. I would really like to unplug a bit and reset myself. Possibly get some good sleep… And we’ll actually be able to see, because last night I got a fitbit flex. Woohoo!fitbit2I wrote about fitness trackers back in the Spring. It was hard to decide, so I abstained. But last night we were at Target and it was there and I was like “ah hell.” Because I want to be able to quantify all the good hard work I’ve been doing, you know? Nothing flashy like the Charge HR. Just a good, simple flex model. I already used it to track my sleep last night and I only got like 4 hours of sleep. Rough. And I think I was so restless because I was excited about the fitbit tracking my sleep. Goes pretty nicely with my little Nixon watch huh?

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