Exercise 1 | Gradient in Nature

GRADIENTSA new series I’ll be undertaking on here exploring moods and themes in photography and design. Today I’m looking at gradients in nature, which is something I’m often gravitating towards whether it be on Instagram, Pinterest or [cough] REAL LIFE. Particularly at dawn or dusk, gradients found in the sky evoke a real nostalgia for me, whether for something real or fake (these lines sometimes get blurred in my mind).

West Emory Stationery from Target

STATIONERY-2STATIONERY-4A while back I was at Target, doing that thing you do at Target where you get one thing you need and then like, 7 things you didn’t know you needed. I nearly breezed past the card aisle when I saw these wooden boxes with strikingly minimalist cards. I‘m not really a card person, but maybe I could become one! I thought. In this age of instant gratification and instant communication, I like the idea of sending thoughtfully hand-written notes to friends and family – be it for something significant, like a birthday, or something insignificant, like saying “hey.” STATIONERY-5

This appears to be an exclusive line for Target, and they actually have a ton of really lovely home items. (This jewelry bust is 🔥).STATIONERY-7STATIONERY-6You guys, how gorgeous is the mid-morning light in my office? STATIONERY-8My favorite thing is this WAX STAMP with a timeless design symbolSTATIONERY-9STATIONERY-10When I graduated from school, I really wanted a wax stamp with my logo, but I was also poor and without the resources to get one made, or make one myself. This is a really fine consolation prize, all these years later.STATIONERY-12I feel like this line smartly capitalizes on a growing trend in household items: marble and gold. I’ve never been a gold fan, but I’ve come around in the last few months. STATIONERY-13So who wants a card?

Season’s Greetings

xmas-card-4I was debating with myself whether it would make sense to send Christmas cards out this year so soon after sending Alexander’s birth announcements, but since it is his first Christmas, I didn’t want to miss the chance for marking this tiny milestone. I decided on designing them myself, like the announcements, and again printed them through VistaPrint. His adorable little gnome hat is from Hanna Andersson. And while “Peace on Earth” is a pretty general Christmas card greeting, it’s especially referential to the [ICONIC] Bing Crosby – David Bowie duet “Little Drummer Boy/Peace on Earth”, a favorite of mine since I was a kid.xmas-card-6EH? So good. And, I feel like this is a really strong message right now, in light of recent political events. xmas-card-5The family photo was the tricky part though. We had the tiniest window for everything to go smoothly, as the cat was in her reindeer antlers, which she hates, and Alex had just woken up from a nap and had *not* had a clean diaper put on. Whoops. Plus I was controlling the camera from my phone! It was uber stress. So, I scrapped the original card design I had planned and stuck our photo on the back. xmascard-1xmascard-2

Alexander’s Announcements

alex_announcements-2alex_announcements-3alex_announcements-4alex_announcements-5I designed these birth announcements for Alexander shortly after he was born. Well, I actually had the design ready to go and then once I was satisfied I had a worthy photo, I was able to turn them around quickly one afternoon when I had a rare couple hours of downtime (my mom was over). I had them printed through Vistaprint, which had a super quick turnaround and the quality is nice, and it was relatively cheap! These cards are 4 color, even though I went with a B&W photo (printing in CMYK gives a certain richness to a black and white image).

Sending out birth announcements so close to Christmas also begged the question: Christmas cards? I feel like I have to, for baby’s first Christmas??! I feel I simply must.alex_announcements-6alex_announcements-7I had also designed a little crest for sweet young Alex. It means “Knowledge, Truth and Courage.” Eventually I will get a shield tattooed on my right arm to correspond with the sword on my left, and I will have Alex’s initials on it. IDK, maybe some Joy Division lyrics too.

Clothes for Lil’ Critters


I. Die.

Long before pregnancy I regularly kept (and still do) a Baby board on Pinterest, and would always find the teensiest cutest little clothes. Usually prohibitively expensive, especially for a baby who DGAF what they’re wearing, but still the cutest. When I started curating my our baby registry, I ended up loading it with some high ticket clothing items, until slowly coming to realize: nobody wants to spend this much money on my baby’s clothes… I don’t even know if I do. 


But it’s difficult to move on, even when you find that affordable outlets like Old Navy are stacked with cute little onesies and pajamas. Especially when stores like Rylee & Cru come out with their F/W line and every tiny little item of clothing makes you go awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! Some women out there really do make these types of clothing the go-to. They exist on instagram, but I’m not sure if they exist anywhere IRL. Designer baby moccasins? C’mon, man (side note: they’re on my registry, but I won’t be hurt if you decide to pass on them). As I began to put together this moodboard, I realized that what I was doing was really just projecting what I’d want for myself, and it happened to be mostly some sort of theme of forest. That makes sense, because our nursery theme is a kinda minimalist-neutral-woodsy-whimsical one. You know, one of those?

I’m trying not to be too precious about what my kid is gonna wear, but dammit it’s so hard sometimes.

  1. Bear Knit Beanie — Gap
  2. Tree Print Jumpsuit — Rylee & Cru
  3. Newborn Moccasins — Freshly Picked
  4. Deer LongJohn — Rylee & Cru
  5. Mountain Bodysuit — Old Navy ($5 right now! Hot diggity!)
  6. Forest Fleece Sweatshirt — Kid & Kind
  7. Arlo Suit — Cotton On (OMG PLS)
  8. GRAN Muslin Swaddle — Fine Little Day
  9. Night Owl Tee — Rylee & Cru
  10. Rabbit Hoodie — Oeuf
  11. Line Sweatpants — Tiny Cottons
  12. Heart Bear Romper — Huxbaby

Somebody save me.

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