We took an almost spontaneous trip to Chicago a few weekends ago to visit Alan’s best bro Andrew (and to catch the last day of Riot Fest). I say “almost” because we tentatively planned it for a week or so. As in, we both asked for a day off from work in advance. We are not spontaneous people. We arrived late on Friday night, and left Monday morning. CRW_8197 CRW_8216 CRW_8258 CRW_8264 CRW_8282 CRW_8302 CRW_8303CRW_8313 CRW_8314

Rocking day-old chucks, because they’re “punk” and Riot Fest is a “punk” festival. Thankfully it rained all the next day and they got really muddy.CRW_8327 CRW_8330

Even though I’ve lived in the Midwest my whole life, and have been to Chicago a few times, I’ve never seen the bean! It’s pretty surreal IRL.CRW_8356 CRW_8385 CRW_8389

On Saturday evening after a while of Alan and me being tourists in downtown Chicago, we met back up with our pals at Longman & Eagle and got a few drinks before heading out later for a neato house show with cool bands and junk. CRW_8397 CRW_8398 CRW_8417 CRW_8418 CRW_8434

Whisky & Smoke (an autumn mix)


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I have a backlog of Summery posts I’d hoped to do eventually. But I’ve found I’m pretty miserable at this stuff, so I’m jumping into fall. I made this mix back in like, April. But it’s really very autumnal to me.

I’m really not a folk music person by any means, but there are a handful of songs I like, which make up this playlist. This is the closest I will ever get to country music.

I call it “Whisky & Smoke.” I envision a beautiful yellow and brown forested in, like, Georgia or somewhere, and there are dudes with beards and wool jackets (they probably look like Father John Misty) sitting on a cabin deck or some shit. Their hands are dirty from choppin’ wood, and they drink whisky in the evening. Like, good whisky. And it’s spelled “whisky”. It’s a manly-ass fantasy! And wood smoke is smelled throughout the land. Please enjoy. Listen in sequence.


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