2017 Gift Guide No. 4 – The Social Justice Warrior


I wanted to make sure I made a big roundup of ways you can shop consciously – beautiful products that help people. Few things seem as glaring right now as how much inequality there is. In America, in the world. Let’s help people out this year.

Apart from gifts, here’s a few of my favorite causes you might consider making an honorary donation to: Planned Parenthood, She Should Run, Helping Women Period, Sierra Club, Black Lives Matter, ACLU


1 — Intersectional Feminist  2 — Constellation Bowl  3 — Phoenix Poncho
4 — She Persisted Sweatshirt  5 — Hand in Hand Soap  6 — Conscious Socks
7 — Infinity Scarf  8 — Still Kickin Faribault Throw  9 — Marble Serving Board
10 — Tiny Feminist Onesie

Pro-life, pro-choice, pro-abortion.

ABORTIONI am a woman, and a mother, so I feel like I have a pretty good idea of what reproductive health looks like, perhaps even better than the white men controlling the legislation. With Mother’s Day coming up, I thought I could write a sappy blog post about what being a mom means to me, but I feel like for now I’ve exhausted that channel. I’d rather talk about something else that is near and dear to my heart.

I have always been “Pro-Choice”, at least since I could comprehend what that meant. I was on a school bus probably when I was a freshman in high school, and one of the older kids was talking abortion, and up until then I didn’t know how I felt about it. I was a Christian, and as a Christian I think I was supposed to be “Pro-Life”. But it came to me suddenly and I was just like “Yeah, obviously it should be a choice.” And even though I always wanted kids, I knew that, should I ever fall pregnant when I wasn’t ready to raise a child, I would want that choice afforded to me.

I could never tell a woman to just tough it out for 9 months so that a baby could be adopted by a loving family — or not! And unnecessary pregnancy is unnecessary stress on your body and mind. And it’s expensive. The cost of our birth was in the 5-figures before insurance (thank christ we have insurance).

If the men who run this country really were “Pro-Life” as they say, I don’t think we’d have an alarmingly high maternal mortality rateThey would pay attention to places like Colorado where a campaign to give women free contraceptive saw a huge drop in teen pregnancy. They could look at countries that have high quality of life, and the kind of family leave that is offered. The so-called party of family values.

If you want to be Pro-Life, BE PRO-LIFE. Make affordable healthcare completely available, give mothers and fathers paid leave to heal and bond so that we can raise successful members of society. Make sure women have access to mental health services during this difficult period. Subsidize childcare so women don’t have to choose between motherhood and a career. Give these children lunch, and art programs, and housing if they need it.

And let women have abortions if they want to.

Being a mother now, I believe more firmly than ever that abortion should not only be available, but encouraged to women who don’t want to carry a baby. It’s just that fucking simple. Many Pro-Choice advocates fall back on that old line “Nobody is for abortion.” But I am, I am Pro-Abortion. Women should get them if they want to. End of.


Hey Dudes: Let’s Talk.

letstalkA couple weeks ago, I was out with friends. At the end of the night, a crack was made about my not drinking and one of my close friends threw the word “bitch” out towards me, totally nonchalantly, and when I asked him to clarify, he backtracked in an impish way, not owning up to what he said at all. It was the end of the night, we were all going home, so I didn’t push it. But know this: it deeply unsettled me. I drove home with a furrow in my brow. When I got home, Alan and I talked a little before bed, but I was totally distracted. I texted another friend who was out that night and told her I was furious. “He was just joking,” was the excuse, “he really didn’t mean it. Don’t let it bother you.”

This advice almost bothered me as much as the initial offense. How could I take something so lightly? Obviously he was joking. Yeah, I know that. Can’t I take a joke? Of course I can. But there’s a deeper issue here: that a man can call a woman a bitch, but not really mean it, and therefore, it’s OK.

Fuck. That.


Last week, Nora had a post on not telling women to smile go viral. The examples of misogyny in that post are horrifying at best. The response to this article was a lot of positive, with a lot of predictable negative. A lot of “What’s wrong with wanting to see a woman happy?” and “It’s really not sexist,” to “Stop trying to be offended by everything.” Of course, all written by men. On the surface, sure, it does sound pretty innocuous. “How could telling a woman to smile be a negative thing?” Right?


This week, it came to the surface that someone in the Mpls community is a serial creep who sends pictures of his penis to women who did not ask for them. Commonly these are known as “dick pics.” This was a person I knew, who I would usually have pleasant interactions with whenever I’d see him out. He’s been to my house. He gave me a guitar. He claims to be a Feminist. I was kind of stunned, but I accepted it was truth, because there was enough evidence and I heard people all around me corroborating it. Some men I know were in denial and assumed it must’ve been a different person.


Dudes. Let’s talk.

I want to start off by saying this: You are a victim of the patriarchy too. Now that you know that, the healing can begin. How can we fight this together?

First: Listen to women. Trust that we know what offends us. We know what makes us uncomfortable, hurts us and frightens us. We know. You do not. You won’t ever know the gut-punch it is to be called a cunt by an anonymous stranger on the internet (and then get laughed at for being mad about it).

Words like “bitch,” “cunt,” & “slut” are designed to degrade women and give men power. They are words, but they are extremely harmful. Similarly: Think about the next time you call someone a “pussy.” Just think about it. words

Don’t tell me to smile. It’s awkward. I’ll smile when I want to. Why do you give a shit. You don’t know what I’m thinking or feeling. So please: back the fuck up.

Making jokes about raping women is never ok. You kiss your mother with that mouth?

Don’t invade a woman’s personal space. This can be anywhere, like say, in a text. Don’t send a picture of your penis to a woman. That is an invasion of space and sexual harassment. No woman ever wants a dick in her texts.  It makes women uncomfortable and makes you a Grade A Piece of Shit.

If you hear someone use some iffy language in regards to gender, go ahead and call that shit out. Yes, it’s scary to do so. Sometimes it is just easier to let it go and not stir the pot, but more often than not, someone is using harmful language because they don’t understand why it’s wrong. It’s not your fault that it’s so commonplace to behave this way. But it’s your responsibility not to let it continue. 

Instead of policing women’s emotions and telling them not to be offended by gross men, tell those gross men that they’re gross.

We’re your friends, sisters, daughters, wives and mothers. We love and respect you and ask you do the same.


I did end up texting my male friend there in the middle of the night, those few weeks ago, saying that it wasn’t ok to call women bitches, especially your friends, and that I felt like total shit. His response: “You’re right. I apologize.”

Style File// Gym Bag


Last week I started off strong by hitting the gym on Monday. Then Tuesday, I got hit with a nasty cold. Chills, aches, squeaky cough, and all around fatigue. I was out of commission for 4 solid days of would-be working out. By the weekend I was on the up and up, and by yesterday I was good as new (also explains the lack of blogging). This was terrible for gym momentum, but at least I had no problem not drinking. So far I’ve made leaps and bounds more progress on the ‘lifestyle changes’ than when I tried a year ago. I’m eating actual real breakfast every day, with actual real nutrients and wholesome, nutritious foods! Feels good to keep at it, and it’s not a serious struggle because it’s all in moderation. I’m not binging on snack food constantly BUT I’m also not denying myself any little treats if I so desire them (I’ve allowed myself two pops. A can of coke over a week ago, and a bottle of pepsi on Sunday. And that feels like just enough.) “Everything in Moderation” really is the key here. I don’t think I ever understood the weight of that mantra until now.

I use the gym in my building, which is nice because it’s convenient, and extremely cheap. We’re moving buildings at the end of March, when the gym membership will skyrocket. It’ll probably become more practical to sign up at a real gym, and there happens to be an LA Fitness down the street from our house with all the bells and whistles (Sauna! Hot Tub! JUICE BAR!). I want to look my best for these Training Try-Hards, so I’ve envisioned for myself a rad workout ensemble that is likely to subvert the paradigm furreal.

A Hoodie is good for exercise. It gets your sweatin’. This particular hoodie (from ol’ reliable Old Navy) is really nice material. It’s like, compression fleece. I have it, and it’s very soft, and doesn’t pill, and is just the right fit. When it’s a teensy bit warmer out, it’ll be perfect for jogging outside. Moisture *and* odor wicking too.

A Vest is really more of an outdoor thing too, but I can picture in the winter months throwing it on over the hoodie as I’m walking back to my car. No need to bundle all the way up while I’m cooling down. Plus, this one’s on sale guys! And, c’mon, get that brand recognition.

A Tank Top that will totally cause some gym bros to rethink their entire machismo world view. Plus, tank tops help your body breathe, and this one happens to be rad as hell.

Some Running Shoes from a trusted brand ;)

Wireless Earbuds because you don’t want to be this guy.

AND… Rad printed leggings.  This ones above are these which are sadly no longer available, but you can find all kinds of super cool printed leggings like THESE Lord of the Rings themed ones. And you know what, if you’re looking for some “real” workout leggings, and maybe you’re  a bit of a health goth, these look pretty cool.

A couple last things: Hydrate often, and get Netflix on your phone so you can watch 30 Rock on the elliptical. It makes the time fly by. ;)

HEY LADIES: You can be a Feminist and still have the White Wedding


I’ve been seeing this article, titled “Let’s Ban Weddings and, While We’re at it, Baby Showers Too” floating around the web the last few days, and normally I’m all for “think pieces” (whatever those are?) seeking to subvert the norm and question gender laws and societal traditions, but a lot of things stood about in this particular case, which I could just not let lie. I think Valerie Alexander and I probably would see eye-to-eye on a lot of issues, but something about her writing here really strikes me as totally patronizing.

My second year of law school at Berkeley, when I was broke beyond compare, I was in three weddings — one in Indiana, one in Chicago and one in Hawaii. Yes, Hawaii. I have completely lost touch with two of those brides, and am merely Facebook friends with the third, and for the record, none of them are still married. In fact, of the seven weddings in which I’ve stood up beside the bride, only two of the marriages have lasted.

Alright. I’ve been to, let’s say 20 weddings in my lifetime, and of those 20, three of them have ended in divorce, but it wasn’t because they weren’t prepared for the trials of marriage. In two cases, quite the opposite. Those women whose marriages were harmonious for a good portion, but near the end, they fought tooth-and-nail for them to work, despite their partners’ transgressions and emotional abuse. Some might say this is an act of weakness but it’s actually an incredible act of strength. I would actually say, in their cases, divorce was a pretty really good thing. They both had big weddings that cost a lot of money. I even designed the invitations for one of them. Is that the cause of their failure? No. Is it even a factor? Doubtful.

I look at the girls in the picture described above (and I use the word “girls” deliberately), and I feel sorry for them that their engagements have already been so marred by the ubiquity of this photo, but I also can’t help but wonder if all of the varied responses might help each one stop and ask whether she’s ready to be a wife, or merely ready to be a bride. Because there is an enormous difference.

Yeah, thanks for that. I won’t deny that a lot of women probably put a lot of effort into planning a wedding, without thinking about when they wake up the next day and their married life has begun. But who are you, Ms. Alexander, to say that the women (and I use the word “women” deliberately) aren’t prepared for what lies ahead? Do you even know them?

Alright look, I’m getting married in the Spring when I’ll be freshly 26. I think that’s considered young-ish. Would Ms. Alexander call me a girl who’s not prepared for her future? Just by looking at me? Very likely. I can easily dispel any doubts though, quickly, if you like. My fiancée and I have been together for over 3 years, and have lived together for over 2. In my mind, we are a married couple without the contract. We do the grocery shopping together (and separately), fold laundry together (and separately), go out with friends together (and separately), make breakfast together, argue about money, and furniture, and everything else healthy couples do/argue about. We plan to raise a family together. We already own a house together. Wouldn’t some say that’s a lot like marriage? Granted, I’ve never been married before. So no, I’m not totally prepared for marriage because WHO IS?

Here’s what I like about feminism: I can do WHAT I want, HOW I want it. I can have the wedding I really want, without feeling like I’m betraying all the women who blazed trails before me. I can wear a white dress and be walked down the aisle by my dad. I don’t have to take my husband’s name. I don’t have to do a garter toss. I can have a party the way I want it, for me and my husband. Exactly the way WE want it.


Imagine for a moment if weddings were prohibited, or better yet, if you could only have one after 10 years of marriage. How much money would be saved? More importantly, how many ill-advised unions would never happen in the first place? I swear, weddings are the leading cause of divorce. If some girl wasn’t fulfilling her childhood fantasy of being a princess, holding court in the perfect gown with the perfect hair and perfect flowers, on a day dedicated solely to celebrating her ability to land a man, how much more effort would she put into finding the right mate, since the reward for doing so would be a lifetime together, rather than a coronation?

I’d go one further and say marriage is the leading cause of divorce. It’s like saying life is the number one cause of death. Give me a fucking break, you really think that every woman who spends thousands of dollars on a big party is JUST indulging her own vanity? Of all the weddings I’ve attended, I never doubted for a second that the bride and groom didn’t absolutely love each other as best friends and life partners. But what do I know, I just live in a major U.S. CIty. Probably not indicative of any larger, progressive views of weddings…

I used to live in a very blue collar part of Oakland, California where there were more baby showers than graduation parties. One family who I was very close to had four daughters. The three oldest got pregnant before graduating from high school and dropped out, and the fourth was hell bent on getting her college education.

For the three oldest girls, there were big, splashy baby showers with thousands of dollars in gifts. For the fourth, she was sent off to Santa Monica College (a vortex of collegiate Darwinism) with little fanfare and virtually no help. Where was her College Shower, to give her a laptop, a bookbag, sheets and towels, gift cards and cash and whatever else she might have needed to strike out on her own? Where was the whole family coming together to lionize her achievement, and set an example for younger ones of how you’re revered when you further your education? No wonder she got pregnant and dropped out her freshman year. That was something at least she knew her family would celebrate.

That is unfortunate, and I feel sorry for that girl. It’s a shame, but I think if Ms. Alexander was trying to make any sort of valuable point, she should’ve started and stopped with these two paragraphs.

It makes me wonder what our world would look like if female accomplishments other than becoming a wife and mother were equally exalted. If we had First Job Showers, gifting briefcases and business suits, or Promotion Ceremonies, with hundreds of guests flying in to commemorate a woman’s move to the C-suites. How about teen entrepreneur shows, instead of six (six!) different television shows about teen moms, which makes some girls want to get pregnant, so they can get on TV?

Women SHOULD be celebrated and encouraged more for their personal achievements in work, school, etc… And I think we’ve come a long way with that already. I think if a young woman wants to celebrate a new job or a promotion, you know, she can choose to celebrate that. Arguably though, women accomplish things more often – in work and school – than they do, say, get married or have babies. So, having a party every time someone gets a job seems excessive. But we certainly do celebrate women in this way.

I attended three ceremonies for my big sister: When she graduated high school, college, and got her Masters degree. She was an English teacher for many years until she met her husband and she’s now a full time mother to my wonderful little niece. Does the fact that she now chooses to stay at home negate all her past achievements? No.

Why can’t we all fucking stop analyzing how other women get married, or don’t get married, or have babies, or don’t have babies?

If you have kids, that’s great (and if not, that’s also great). But teach them. Teach them to do what’s best for them, and not necessarily what’s best in the eyes of whatever society they’re in. Instead of blaming weddings for failed marriages, enact real change yourself. Instead of saying “wouldn’t it be great if women were celebrated for this instead of that.” Then DO THAT. And quit writing bullshit articles on the Huffington Post.


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