Backpacking Ambitions: John Muir Trail

Happy Thursday! Somehow this week I went down the Thru-Hiking rabbit hole, and now all I can think about is taking a long backpacking trip. I’ve been sort of peripherally interested in long-distance backpacking trips since I read Simon Cook‘s ongoing blog recap of thru-hiking the Continental Divide Trail in 2009 (which, sadly, seems to be a now defunct blog). It seems like difficult goings, but ultimately super rewarding (if you  know what you’re doing). I don’t know if I’ll ever have six months to hike from Mexico to Canada, but Outside has done some features on shorter thru-hikes that don’t take half a year, and I’ve heard great things about the John Muir Trail. In Minnesota we have the Superior Hiking Trail which is also very good, but I’ve been on the North Shore plenty of times (and besides, I probably will hike it too). I want to go get into those Sierras. So I’ve officially added “Thru-Hiking the John Muir Trail” to my Life List. Enjoy some photos from the sublime instagram feed of Simone Anne from her time on the JMT: cameras-simone-anne-john-muir-trailwhile-hiking-simone-anne-john-muir-trailmost-liked-photo-simone-anne-john-muir-trail

Life List: Make a pizza from scratch

pizzaI finally got around to completing something off my Life List  and it’s a simple one, but a big one. Before the Summer started, one of my main goals was to make a pizza from scratch. Why? Because I had a new Stand Mixer I wanted to use, and I felt like it was a good thing to use. I also had a new immersion blender and food processor. Plus I love pizza. The plan was to buy all the ingredients (I wasn’t going to like, butcher my own meat, or make my own mozzarella, sorry) and make dough (which I’d never done before) and sauce (which I’ve done once, but it didn’t turn out well).
CRW_3262 CRW_3277
The dough: It was surprisingly simple to make, and I used this recipe.
CRW_3284 CRW_3288
For sauce I just kinda winged it. Usually, when I’m making pasta with store bought sauce, I always tend to add a bunch of herbs and spices anyway.
I may have to come up with a recipe though because it was SO GOOD.
CRW_3301 CRW_3303 CRW_3306
I could’ve just eaten sauce all night.
CRW_3308 CRW_3311
Yeah, what do you think of that, I grated my own cheese.
Alan fried up some little sausage balls.
Neither of us has grilled a pizza before. It was actually not difficult, though our grill is built into the house (yeah!) and we don’t have a lid, so trying to get the cheese melted was a trial, and our little pizzas ended up with black bottoms.
They were still excellent little pizzas! It was a whole day process though, which wasn’t necessarily too taxing, it was just time consuming and it created mess.

The Life List

lifelistSince getting married, there’s moments where I think “Now what?” I had this big huge thing to plan for a whole year of my life, and in one day it’s over. It’s actually freeing though, and I feel like I’m blossoming with possibilities. Lately, I keep saying out loud to Alan “I want to learn how to do this” or “I want to make my own that.” I need a list, and a place I can document these goals. What better place than your own blog, right? I want to keep adding to this, because I’m young, and life is full of stuff! Maybe I’ll never ever complete it, which might be the best thing, actually.

(Note: Not all of these are groundbreaking. In fact, most of them aren’t.)

  • Art Direct a cookbook
  • Develop my own hot sauce recipe and bottle and sell that shit
  • Learn how to knit
  • Knit a really big, really awesome blanket.
  • Give all homemade gifts at Christmas
  • Photograph a wedding
  • Learn how to pickle
  • Make really good pickles
  • Make my own Bloody Mary mix
  • Make the perfect Bloody Mary
  • Sew curtains for the kitchen
  • Run a 5k
  • Get an actual nice car suitable for an adult
  • Learn how to screen print for real
  • Learn a B chord on a guitar
  • Have a clean office {perpetually left unchecked}
  • Have a kid!
  • Drive to the Grand Canyon
  • Midsomer in Sweden
  • Make a pizza completely from scratch
  • Host a holiday dinner
  • Replace a kitchen backsplash {without hiring a professional}
  • Learn how to format text on this blog without having to copy and paste every. single. time.
  • Acquire a letterpress
  • Make a great summer cocktail, and have a backyard party where people drink it
  • Build a brick patio for the backyard
  • Go back to New Zealand and take a proper camera this time
  • Go back to London and stay out past sundown
  • Go a weekend without my iPhone
  • Learn how to surf?
  • Own a beautiful canoe
  • Learn how to use power tools
  • Master every English-speaking dialect in the world
  • Have a house with a dark room
  • Have a house with a *sauna*
  • Own a piano
  • Maintain this blog regularly (so meta)
  • Write music and record it
  • Play at 7th St. Entry
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