Branding for SNFAS

LOGOThe other night I was fiddling around with some stuff for this website and realized that I’ve never taken the time to brand my blog. It never even occurred to me to do so! Logo design has never really been one of my things; I am much more of a layout designer. But the exercise felt valuable and necessary. And it actually reminded me of the time I did a personal project to Brand Minnesota. It was fun to get back to that form.

Initially I was just going to do some sort of little type treatment against a series of neat backdrops, but it evolved into this whole logo with a few layers of significance. “Strange News from Another Star” is a song by Blur but also originally a collection of stories (that, full disclosure, I’m not really familiar with). I mainly chose the title because I liked it, and I never pass up an opportunity to reference song titles.


The three little trees represent my little family (and Alan’s and my wedding logo was two trees, and now we have a third one). The middle tree doubles as an arrow (I have an arrow tattooed on my wrist; I also like it for its vague medieval-ness) and points North, towards the Little Dipper and Polaris because Minnesota is the North Star State 😎.



Now the header of the blog has a rotating series of headers (either with some of my landscape photography or some textures I have in my arsenal) with my tagline; “Design, Photo, Motherhood, Cabins.” All told it took only a few hours to make this thing look mad legit, and I like it so much I added it to my portfolio! What do you guys think?


Start Again


I’ve been just, really bad at blogging lately. It’s odd, because I have the time, and the ideas, but I lack motivation. It’s not totally a bad thing, because our nights after Alex goes to sleep are spent together down in the basement, either playing board games, video games or catching up on John Oliver. So it’s been kinda ok. But I miss my blog. I have a small cache of other like-minded blogs I love and read and think Gosh, I gotta get moving. I have stuff I want to say, mood boards I want to make, envy to stir.

But on the darker side of things, I have been suffering big time from depression and anxiety, more than I ever have in my life. It’s paralyzing at times. That takes a lot of energy, and the other energy is taken up by taking care of a baby. I was thinking this morning about why I love reading lifestyle and design blogs so much, and I wonder if it’s for the same reason I love Skyrim… It’s an escape from my own imperfect life. I spend a lot of time making my house look cool, while my own appearance has suffered. But this is the first time in my life where I actually hate being depressed. I hate how much it curbs my enthusiasm and creativity. So, I’m gonna work on this blog, and in the meantime, I have a list of “Spring Resolutions” (because while I love New Year’s, isn’t the brand new promise of SPRING even more rejuvenating??)

  • Make Lists!
  • Cook dinner more!
  • Start a garden!
  • Organize the pantry!
  • Write Blogs!
  • Keep a journal!
  • Spend less time on Social Media!
  • Start running again!
  • …Or at least take more walks!


(Photos are my wedding bouquet, shot by Matt Lien)

No Caffeine For Over a Week = No Blog #Content

tumblr_ncgrjy4hWS1tr9u2ao1_500There, now it doesn’t look like I (essentially) skipped two weeks of blogging. Why do I blog, you might ask (I also ask myself that all the time)? I don’t really talk about topical issues I really care about (Planned Parenthood, gun control, socialism etc), so one could argue that I don’t really write about anything of real value. I tend to think of this blog as a genuine diary of my life. Instead of flooding my facebook with photo albums and big life events, I like to put all that stuff here, like a scrapbook. Some days that might mean talking about depression, or my shoes, or the Skyrim soundtrack. But even though it’s all personal experiences (though I’d like to branch out into some sort of series that highlights other individuals), I try to make them at least enjoyable and entertaining for people to read. Otherwise, I might as well just take up LiveJournal again (it’s still alive, but don’t worry. You’ll never find it).

Fall seems to be a slow period for me anyway. Even though there’s so much to be inspired by, the motivation to blog about it all is absent. Oh, but WORRY NOT gentle ones, for I have made lists of things I can write about if the ideas just aren’t coming. We’re all going to have such fun. Plus, the people need to be aware of my hair growth progress.

I mentioned in the title that I haven’t had caffeine in a while. Why? Who knows. One day I woke up and decided to try it for a week. Now a week has come and gone and I’m afraid what caffeine will do to me. The bright side is, I can feel good about drinking tons of decaf coffee, and I don’t get insufferable feet sweats.

Starting back up Monday, I’ll have tons to tell you all. Please stick around: It’s nice over here.

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