Who (C)Hairs!

hair-9My best title yet!  I feel so silly every time I post one of these hair blogs, but you must understand, I get weirdly a lot of traffic when I do. So you better believe it’s going to continue.

Personally, I’m pressed with how long my hair is right now. I can put it in a cute half-pony, I can put it in a full pony too. Although, not without the help of many bobby pins and headbands. Maybe I’ll be able to do milkmaid braids by the end of the summer.  You can see the progression in other posts here.


I like gray.

So This is Permanence

JD-TAT-1{Click for Larger View}

Right around when my Valkyrie got shaded I decided to pull the trigger and make a new tattoo appointment for this beauty I’ve been wanting for a long time. Longer than any other tattoo I have. Why it took me so long to actually get this one, I don’t know. I think I needed to make sure I found the right artist who would do CP 1919 justice. It’s incredibly detail-heavy. Another reason might’ve also been the location I wanted. The inner bicep is a notoriously painful spot for a tattoo. I can tell you, from personal experience, that I found it to be agonizing. I had pretty bad bruising for about a week afterwards!

This piece of art — and it is art — is incredibly important to me. Probably the most influential THING for my whole design career and in general life as a music fan. I was 18 I think when I first saw The Shirt being worn by Guy Berryman of Coldplay! of all people (aka the hottest one). Because I was (and always will be) a big Coldplay fan. I thought that shirt was the coolest shirt ever. The graphic was huge and enigmatic and I’m sure I enjoyed its stark boldness — coupled with the ear-catching name “Joy Division.” I held that image in my mind for a few years until I finally heard Joy Division for the first time, which changed something in me. I liked Post-Punk after that. It was because of Joy Division I was interested in getting into bands like The Cure and The Smiths. Anything 80s, alt, and British.

The most arresting thing about it was still that image. I learned that the album sleeve was designed by Peter Saville, who has since become one of my great heroes. Much of my early work was in homage to him. His work is a part of me. Also, cooly, it’s actually a historical image as well, being the first recorded sound pulsar IN SPACE. HOW COOL IS THAT?

So I got this done on January 2nd. I’ve waited so long to show it to the world because I’d just finished up an extensive half-ish sleeve and I was concerned I’d get people going WOW TRY HARD MUCH? Yes. Incredibly. I am mega try hard. Plus, I like the gothy abstract scientific graph to go on top of a sword from a fantasy novel. Multitudes, am I right?

♫ It’s been awhile ♫


January got kind of blog-light at the end there. What am I supposed to write about? How my diet and exercise goals have been falling a little short because I’m super busy with my job and literally there’s nothing new to report? Plus I spent the last week of the month totally zonked out with a bad cold that left me little energy to do anything other than to sit in the basement on my new gaming chair and play Halo 5 arena battles (it’s a ridiculous looking chair, but it’s also cute and comfortable).

The Twin Cities got pelted with a blizzard yesterday. It was a satisfying snowfall compared to what we’ve had to work with this season. It came fast and furious. 12 inches I believe. SNOW_FEB-2SNOW_FEB-3SNOW_FEB-4SNOW_FEB-5I got designs on some good blog #content coming up so do not fear about the radio silence.

For a shareable today, I became extremely basic this morning and lol’d at Chris Martin doing Car Karaoke with James Corden. Coldplay is powerfully uncool to like, so it’s pretty brave of me to still be a fan of them after all these years. Right?

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