Future Knits

knits2Things sure have been grim lately, haven’t they? It’s been so sunny and pleasant outside but at the same time I can’t remember a gloomier week. I’ve been in shock and mourning like the rest of half the country since the election, but today I’ve decided I just want to blog about something that is absolutely unnecessary. Why not sweaters? Sweaters are nice. Nobody can get mad about sweaters.

I’m inspired by the forthcoming movie Passengers with young hot “it” humans Chris Pratt and J-Law. I was really interested in this movie as a movie until I saw the trailer and it basically just looks like a super sexy space thriller. Not quite as prestige as I was imagining, like recent past Sci Fi movies (I think that title goes to Arrival this year). BUT, I do love a good futuristic wardrobe. When I look at clothing for the colder months, I tend to gravitate (heh!) towards a few things: loose architectural build, some asymmetry, utility, and bonus if there is a funnel neck involved. I feel like in the future, to protect ourselves from “the elements” everything will be funnel necks (please please please). knits

1 — Merino Lodge Sweater, Athleta   2 — Jacquard Funnel Neck Pullover, Gap
3 — Hi-Side Poncho Sweater, Lou & Grey   4 — Bouclé Cardigan, H&M
5 — Ash Turtleneck, Kit and Ace

Fourth Trimester #MomStyle


It’s coming, friends. It’s just about a month until my due date, though I can’t possibly imagine myself getting any bigger (at my last appointment I was measuring at about 36cm, which is more or less dead on; my mom insists I only look about 6 months pregnant. Hey, I’ll take it). I’m fatigued on a daily basis and while sleep should offer respite, I wake up in so much discomfort in my hips. So, I’ve got the finish line in my sights, and thinking about what I’ll be wearing once baby arrives. I’m stoked to be having a baby in the fall; it’s still nice enough out for walks, and I get to be super cozy. Like, the coziest I can possibly imagine. I’m looking at mainly slouchy clothes in dark neutral colors, hopefully to conceal stains more and because I’ll still have a belly (and likely some – TMI – tenderness down below) for a few weeks afterwards. I also acknowledge that this mood board looks really Mommy Blogger-like.😭😭😭

Anyway. I want ways to continue to feel like myself even though my body will have been (and continue to be) put through the ringer. I’m not necessarily a woman who needs a shower or makeup every day to feel put-together, but having comfortable, snug and shapely clothes area  must to make me feel like a person.

  1. Truth be told, I have a lot of hoodies. A zip-up one would be more conducive to nursing too, but this just looked tooooo cozy to pass up on. It’s even called the Cozy pullover hoodie and it’s at Gap.
  2. I featured this diaper bag in my backpack roundup a couple weeks back, but it’s worth sharing in this post too. It’s just so damn chic. It looks nothing like a diaper bag, but it’s also super well made and – bonus! – comes with a little travel changing pad and straps to clip it to your stroller.
  3. A cozy cardigan will be clutch for loafing around the house with little one. It’s even got pockets, which is amazing because I haven’t had front pockets since I started wearing maternity jeans. So nice to have a place to put my phone and spare pacifiers. And you can’t go wrong with thumb holes.
  4. NURSING: Of course, nursing tops are going to be crucial. I picked up a couple of these from Target. It’ll probably be the first thing I put on after giving birth (and after a shower… of course). For other nursing clothes, I allowed myself to splurge on one of these neat little shirts (and a pullover) from the Swedish company Boob. Bonus: the best nursing bra I’ve found is from a similarly named company Bamboobies.
  5. Comfortable shoes like these wool runners from New Zealand-based company All Birds will be great because I don’t need to wear socks with them (honestly huge plus) and they’re cushy and comfortable enough to wear for literally hours and hours. They’re basically slippers.
  6. I have a feeling these skinny joggers will be just what I need to bridge that gap between ultimate comfort and casual-cool. I want cozy pants, but I don’t want bagginess.
  7. Speaking of snug clothes, maternity leggings will still be very valuable in the weeks following birth. I’ll want some room down there, but I want to feel tight and secure as well.
  8. I have a zillion gray t-shirts, but none so soft, casual and feminine as this boxy tee from Alternative apparel.
  9. And once I feel I can wear jeans again, I’ll be sure to get some with stretch.

It’s worth mentioning that this wardrobe is doubling as my late-third trimester capsule wardrobe as well. With the temperatures finally dipped below 70, it’s become cozy central around here. Bonus “bump” pic:img_7253

Packs for your Back

backpackThey’re not kidding when they say the second trimester is super awesome and you have energy and you just get socked in the third. I feel I’ve been run ragged the last few weeks, and as a result, have hardly accrued any #content for blogs! To my great shame and embarrassment, I see that my last post (a whole week ago!) was also a mood board. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love doing mood boards. I’d do them 10 times a week, but that would be, you know, overkill.

Anyway. I’m all about backpacks. I’m all for the most efficient way to hold your shit (although my purse of choice is a cross-body bag. Similar principle I suppose.) I think bags that hang off the shoulder (such as a small purse or a tote bag) are the worst. Do they not fall off your shoulder like, all the time? I want to like them, because so many come in fun different designs, but I can’t. I’m just a little too utilitarian. Again, anyway, a few blessed bags came into my life lately and it inspired me to spread the news. And it felt extra fitting with school being back in sesh, so without further Apu…


  1. This is actually a diaper bag from Etsy shop OneDuo. I found it through Fresh Exchange some time ago and couldn’t get it out of my head, so I splurged on it and I’m really glad I did. It’s beautiful quality and stylish as hell. I love it so much and I can’t wait to wear it out on the town with baby. 😍
  2. I love the old school splatter pattern on this backpack from Baggu! And it’s only $15! I feel like if I were a student I might be picking this up.
  3. I adore this super cheap pack-a-way backpack from Ikea. The grid pattern is fun and modern and it’s surprisingly got a few pockets making it super practical to have in your purse (or diaper bag?) for when you need some extra cargo space.
  4. Also from Ikea, this very slick travel backpack with a million little compartments. Honestly wish I’d known about it before our New Zealand trip. This would’ve been a perfect accompaniment to a suitcase.
  5. This city bag from Herschel Supply Co. seems like a grown up-but-still-playful briefcase/backpack hybrid. I picture cool ladies with giant black frame glasses, super tight ponytail and red lipstick with one of these slung over their shoulders. Those gals make it look so easy!

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Clothes for Lil’ Critters


I. Die.

Long before pregnancy I regularly kept (and still do) a Baby board on Pinterest, and would always find the teensiest cutest little clothes. Usually prohibitively expensive, especially for a baby who DGAF what they’re wearing, but still the cutest. When I started curating my our baby registry, I ended up loading it with some high ticket clothing items, until slowly coming to realize: nobody wants to spend this much money on my baby’s clothes… I don’t even know if I do. 


But it’s difficult to move on, even when you find that affordable outlets like Old Navy are stacked with cute little onesies and pajamas. Especially when stores like Rylee & Cru come out with their F/W line and every tiny little item of clothing makes you go awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! Some women out there really do make these types of clothing the go-to. They exist on instagram, but I’m not sure if they exist anywhere IRL. Designer baby moccasins? C’mon, man (side note: they’re on my registry, but I won’t be hurt if you decide to pass on them). As I began to put together this moodboard, I realized that what I was doing was really just projecting what I’d want for myself, and it happened to be mostly some sort of theme of forest. That makes sense, because our nursery theme is a kinda minimalist-neutral-woodsy-whimsical one. You know, one of those?

I’m trying not to be too precious about what my kid is gonna wear, but dammit it’s so hard sometimes.

  1. Bear Knit Beanie — Gap
  2. Tree Print Jumpsuit — Rylee & Cru
  3. Newborn Moccasins — Freshly Picked
  4. Deer LongJohn — Rylee & Cru
  5. Mountain Bodysuit — Old Navy ($5 right now! Hot diggity!)
  6. Forest Fleece Sweatshirt — Kid & Kind
  7. Arlo Suit — Cotton On (OMG PLS)
  8. GRAN Muslin Swaddle — Fine Little Day
  9. Night Owl Tee — Rylee & Cru
  10. Rabbit Hoodie — Oeuf
  11. Line Sweatpants — Tiny Cottons
  12. Heart Bear Romper — Huxbaby

Somebody save me.

Summer Digs

CWC2015-137Hey, it’s Summertime at last! The weather in Minneapolis has been nice and hot, and I’ve been enjoying it from inside. While I do have difficulty with being out in the heat, just out of sheer intolerance, I love a good casual summer wardrobe. Shorts? I love wearing shorts so much. And this summer is unique for me in that I am expecting a child, so that meant an opportunity to see in what ways I could still dress like myself while wading the hell that maternity clothes shopping.

Luckily, H&M has some pretty good stuff for women in the family way. I like that they don’t look like maternity clothes. They look like clothes I would already be wearing, just with a built-in belly. I bit the bullet one afternoon and ordered up a few pieces I was determined to have as staples, and so far, so great! The denim shorts are actually better looking and fitting than any pair of denim shorts I’ve ever had. And I’ve never been able to get a good pair of black shorts either! SUMMER

In addition to these clothes, all from the H&M MAMA line, I’ve been digging this shirt and this shirt (although mine isn’t plus size, it’s just XL). A good boxy/loose striped t-shirt is a must. I’m also breaking in a pair of Milanos this summer. I feel fresh and casual every day!

Oh, and can’t forget about the Ray-Bans.

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