2017 Gift Guide No. 4 – The Social Justice Warrior


I wanted to make sure I made a big roundup of ways you can shop consciously – beautiful products that help people. Few things seem as glaring right now as how much inequality there is. In America, in the world. Let’s help people out this year.

Apart from gifts, here’s a few of my favorite causes you might consider making an honorary donation to: Planned Parenthood, She Should Run, Helping Women Period, Sierra Club, Black Lives Matter, ACLU


1 — Intersectional Feminist  2 — Constellation Bowl  3 — Phoenix Poncho
4 — She Persisted Sweatshirt  5 — Hand in Hand Soap  6 — Conscious Socks
7 — Infinity Scarf  8 — Still Kickin Faribault Throw  9 — Marble Serving Board
10 — Tiny Feminist Onesie

9 Reusable Bags

Screen Shot 2017-05-19 at 9.40.05 AM.png

Minneapolis is enacting a plastic bag ban on June 1. Hooray! I’m definitely guilty of getting plastic bags at the store when I forget my reusables (or are too lazy to go back to the car for them). No more. I’m stocking up on a few good totes and such for when the ban takes place.

Plastic bags are just terrible for the environment, and even worse, they can’t just be tossed in the recycling bin. PSA: If you need to dump your plastic bags somewhere, use this handy finder (I believe most Targets have a receptacle). Any little thing you can do to reduce waste — or at least take the extra 5 seconds of effort to put your recyclables in the right place — helps. Plus you can feel superior to the old dudes on Facebook who think plastic bag bans are tyranny.


Leather Tote, Fluffy CatsKNALLA (these are $.99, get 10 of these)
Have an Earth Day, Seagrass Tote, Mesh Tote
Produce Bags, Cotton Net Bag (Retro!), Canvas Utility Tote

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