How I spent my summer vacation

I guess I have even more film photos I never shared with my admirers (that’s YOU!)

Took 3 rolls of film with the underwater camera at the cabin. One on a pretty warm day, one on a fairly colder day. Can you guess?R1-06596-0016 R1-06596-0009 R1-06596-0007 R1-06596-0018 R1-06596-0026I was on the Paleo Diet when this was taken, so no shame.  R1-06596-0027 R1-06596-0033My niece didn’t particularly like the water much. To be fair to her, it was cold, and she was confused.R1-06596-0035 R1-06597-0000_0001 R1-06597-0000 R1-06597-0003I was pretty sure paddleboaring would be stupid and it IS but I spent so much time doing it. (pictured is little sister) R1-06597-0005 R1-06597-0008 R1-06597-0006 R1-06597-0009The (–ONLY–) advantage of the paddleboard is taking super cool pictures above the water.  R1-06597-0007Here’s our cabin from the lake. R1-06597-0014 R1-06597-0018 R1-06597-0021 R1-06597-0016 R1-06597-0019

I started summer by ordering some cameras and a bunch of film on a whim. I wanted my new hobby to be taking film. I’m happy to have achieved this in some way.

Dark Water

I didn’t do as much underwater film as I’d anticipated at the cabin this summer, mostly because it was like 70 degrees everyday and Up North that isn’t really swimming weather. I find it’s also best to use up an entire roll for every swim otherwise you might miss out on some chances (have you ever tried to change a film roll in the water? Well have you?) I thought it would be more fun to do a B&W roll in the water. I was right, and I find these to be spectacular.
z383405-R01-006 z383405-R01-007 z383405-R01-008 z383405-R01-009 z383405-R01-010 z383405-R01-012 z383405-R01-015 z383405-R01-016 z383405-R01-018 z383405-R01-022 z383405-R01-023 z383405-R01-024 z383405-R01-028 z383405-R01-030 z383405-R01-032 z383405-R01-037 z383405-R01-039 z383405-R01-040

The last of the Summer Film

I finally got the last of my Diana rolls from the Summer developed. It doesn’t seem that long ago, but then again I pretty much think every day “Wow it was only last week I was wearing a t-shirt outside and now I’m in my winter jacket.” In Minnesota it happens more often than you think.

The whole ethos of Lomography is “Don’t think just shoot.” In fact when you’re advancing your film to the first exposure, it says it in the little window on the camera. I still like to frame my pictures, but I’ve been so in to the idea of getting weird or interesting or unpredictable photos, that I end up blowing it by doing single, double, triple exposure. Some of these are “meh” and then SOME of them are like “haha damn.” I prefer the latter.

EDIT I realized I have 4 other rolls of film just sitting there, being unshared, so I may as well make this “summer catch up week”

z169858-R01-004 z169858-R01-005 z169858-R01-006 z169858-R01-011 z383400-R01-001 z383400-R01-004 z383400-R01-005 z383400-R01-007 z383400-R01-008 z383400-R01-009

Somewhere between the baseball game and the state fair something happened with the film and I got these MASSIVE LEAKS. That actually would’ve been a great picture at Lake Michigan but this is pretty cool too.

Summer nights

We got our engagement pictures done a few weeks ago, for the first of three sessions with our incredible wedding photographer Matt Lien. This is our “Summer Shoot.” And then later on we’ll do a Fall and a Winter one (I mean, wow, is it really already October??)
CarolineAlan_001Our first date was spent at the illustrious CC Club in Uptown. Many more Saturday mornings were spent there, getting steak and eggs and bloodies.  CarolineAlan_002 CarolineAlan_003 CarolineAlan_009 CarolineAlan_013 CarolineAlan_016 CarolineAlan_017 CarolineAlan_018 CarolineAlan_020Here we are at our beloved Kickball diamond. This is, of course, the very park where we first met.CarolineAlan_021 CarolineAlan_023 CarolineAlan_026 CarolineAlan_027 CarolineAlan_050 CarolineAlan_056I think we both are looking pretty sexy here, are we not? CarolineAlan_059 CarolineAlan_077 CarolineAlan_078 CarolineAlan_080This one is like BAM. I love it.CarolineAlan_084 CarolineAlan_087Matt loved all the Willows around Lake of the Isles, and here is where we were looking at each other for what seems like forever, and looked over at him, and he was on the ground, trying to hold a willow branch out of his sightline with his foot. CarolineAlan_094 CarolineAlan_098 CarolineAlan_100 CarolineAlan_104 CarolineAlan_116 CarolineAlan_118 CarolineAlan_124 CarolineAlan_125If this doesn’t scream “Summer in Minneapolis,” I don’t know what possibly could.  CarolineAlan_128Thanks again Matt! Can’t wait for round 2!

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