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Hi friends, posting this a bit later, but the links are worth it!

Hope you have some decent weekend plans. I’m getting a long overdue massage tomorrow (post-baby body is NO JOKE) and Alan continues his crusade to build out a garden.

The Handmaid’s Tale is a Warning to Conservative Women. This is a must read!

This article about Bog Bodies is super weird and cool.

This video on Climate Change crucially frames the most frustrating argument made by Climate Deniers.

This is cool! We may soon be able to incubate preemies and potentially save lives. Science!

Is FaceApp already over? I’ll admit I had my fun with it. But hey, I’m quoted in this article!

RIP Jonathan Demme. Have you guys seen the video for New Order’s “Perfect Kiss”? For so many years I danced underneath it at Transmission and had no idea it had such a big name behind the camera.

Here There and Everywhere


Alex will be 6 months (!) on Saturday.

Recently I was at Target (by MYSELF in the MIDDLE OF THE DAY) and breezed through the newborn isle, chock full of tiny onesies and muslin swaddles and little blankies and I thought, “I don’t need anything here.” Somehow right now my Instagram feed has become more crowded with little sweet snoozing newborn babies and I can still sort of remember what Alex’s little body felt like in my arms when he was just a potato.

I’m eagerly awaiting a future where he can toddle around and I can read a story to him and he understands, instead of just reaching for the book and trying to chew on it but actually just poking himself in the eye. I’m excited to bring him to the cabin, and celebrate his first birthday, and take him to cut down our Christmas tree (for real this time).

And I want right now to just stay right now for a little bit.

040816-27I’m constantly in a state of wanting things to move along, while wishing they could stay the same. Our first week, I remember saying to Alan “I want him to stay this size forever and ever.” He smelled sooooo good, and he was so soft and warm. He wasn’t wobbling around in my arms and headbutting me in the mouth yet. But also right now I’d LOVE him to stay him the same. He sits on the floor, content to grab things and look at the cat, and he smiles and coos at me when I get his attention.

I want him to stay napping even though I miss playing with him at the same time.

I’m exhausted and want him to get to the stage where his napping is just a little more regular, more predictable. I’m excited and nervous at the same time to start solids, or to stop using the infant car seat, because it’ll just be one more sign that this baby’s growth is a runaway freight train that I can’t stop. I’m so paralyzed by sentimentality that I wonder if the rest of my life I’m doomed to mark every new milestone simultaneously with mourning and elation. I want to be in all these places at once, and I can’t be, and that’s a difficult thing to accept.


It’s been a huge struggle, these first six months, and for better or worse, I’ve felt every conceivable emotion. The lows are so low and the highs are sky-high. But I’m grateful to feel. Your mind and body go through the most unimaginable changes when you have a baby and while I’ve had serious reservations, I feel like I would still absolutely have like, 10 more babies.

But none of them will be Alexander Richard Royce. Happy Half Birthday, sweet babe.

Gift Guide for Moms


Mother’s Day is approaching! It’ll be my first one and that is honestly so bizarre for me. Mother’s Day. I’ll admit, I don’t really think of myself as ‘mother.’ I guess I prefer Mama for now (it’s folksy!).


I myself haven’t always been the best daughter when it comes to gifting on Mother’s Day. Sometimes I plan ahead, make a visit, buy flowers and a card, other years it’s kinda “Oh-yeah-it’s-today-I-better-do-something-*pulls at collar*”. Rest assured, I’m prepared this year. Hoping you are too, but if you’re not, here are a few items I think most women would appreciate.MOMS

Walnut Print Stand (don’t forget the prints!)  |   A lovely card  |  Rosemary Scented Tattoo
Mama Bear t-shirt  |  Simple Fare Cookbook  |  Gem Earrings
Marble Concrete Bowl  |  Initial Necklace  |  Live-edge Walnut Serving Board

And if all else fails, there’s always fresh flowers, treating her to brunch, giving her your HBO Go password, orrrr a donation in her name to Planned Parenthoodbecause she raised you right. ◾️

(Photo © me, from the botanical gardens in Christchurch, NZ)


041317-20Hey, Blue Eyes!

Things are ticking along in our household… Alan undertook the GREAT task of building raised beds so I could fulfill my goal of having a garden this year. I’ll dedicate a blog in the future to that, but it’s been pretty cool to get to know how that process works (because I had NO IDEA) and it’ll be a lot of work but it’ll be so rewarding.


Alex remains a happy little boy. And I feel like a broken record while talking about his poor sleep habits. I’m constantly keeping myself in check, telling myself that our problems could be worse and we could have a baby who sleeps like 4 hours a day total and also is low on the height and weight chart and a bunch of other stuff, but like, STOP IT. Your problems are not invalid because they’re different than other peoples’ problems. I still need sleep just like everyone else, and 4-5 hours of sleep every night for 6 months is – not normal or healthy -. Unfortunately, this is just my reality for the foreseeable future, so I might as well cope as best as I can.


041317-39041317-40041317-41Now that Alex can sit up on his own and generally keep himself entertained for at least 20 minutes, I have more little moments during the day where I don’t feel as guilty for just zoning out on the couch, browsing my phone. Sometimes I turn on the TV and -GASP- sometimes I let him watch. Motherhood is exhausting, and on top of judgment from others (whether real or imagined), nothing competes with the judgment we give ourselves, and that sucks. Mothering a baby is one thing, but I think we also need to Mother ourselves.


Have a blissful weekend | Friday Links


Hey party people, what’s up this weekend? We’re going to start on a big garden project (Alan will actually be doing most of the work😅😅) and I’m going to my BFF Jen’s bridal shower. It promises to be a lively and pleasant couple of days.

#RIPPrince  — Can’t believe it’s already been a year!

Fuck yeah new pics from the new season of Game of Thrones!!!!

fascinating profile on Rachel Dolezal.

Why I’m Settling For a Man Who’s Not My High School Poster of Aragorn.

The False Feminism of Kendrick Lamar’s Humble

While we’re on the subject of Bad Feminism, Ivanka Trump’s “Cool Girl” Feminism is Dangerous Because It’s Not Really Feminism At All.



(Photo taken by me with some cellophane)

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