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ARTIFACT-5Lately I’ve taken to investing in some good framed art for our walls. We have long been in the habit of collecting screen printed posters, and about 80% of them never get framed, never get hung on any walls. Pains me to admit, but I don’t think they will. My old uptown apartment had walls of framed posters, and that does seem like a thing you have when you’re in your early 20s in an apartment, but we’re like, married and stuff now, and a baby on the way. Time for some classy displays. And even better if they’re personal photographs, right? So I came across Artifact Uprising, which I’ve been using for all kinds of stuff, including our Christmas cards from last year. I love the very simple and minimalist designs available, plus the photo book options (I made one of our wedding, which I might feature on here eventually, and I’m currently doing one for our New Zealand trip) and most of all, the options for printing and framing your photographs.

Essentially, if you are a photographer, this is a dynamite company. ARTIFACT-1ARTIFACT-2Recently I decided to get a New Zealand photo printed and framed to pair with a photo I took at the cabin last year. There was a real empty space burning a whole in the wall. ARTIFACT-3ARTIFACT-6ARTIFACT-7ARTIFACT-8ARTIFACT-4Back in January I also upgraded the wedding portrait on our mantel , which was previously a Target photo print with a $5 frame I found at Michael’s. From far away it looked fine, but up close you could see how horribly warped it was. Not so with Artifact Uprising! The prints are extremely fine; rich coloring and archival quality. Pre-framing, the prices are super reasonable, but there’s also a nice variety of frames to choose from. The service is also fast. I got my New Zealand print within two weeks of ordering.ARTIFACT-9

*Note — this post is not sponsored by Artifact Uprising. I just like them, and want to spread the word! 

Vinyl Resting Place

*Full Disclaimer: I originally wanted to title this blog “The Vinyl Solution,” which I realize is sort of horrific and offensive, albeit totes clever (and kinda fitting for this post!). But… I figured I’d rather deliver an honest blog post about a very innocent topic and not have that resting on a Holocaust pun. Sorry.RECORDS-12

I’ve had this blank wall here in the living room, well, as long as we’ve had the house. Way, way back in early Spring, I purchased the Bon Iver Holocene 12″, because I’m super into that dreamy watercolor look. And I thought, wouldn’t that be a cool thing to frame? It’s like, Hipster Cottage Art. And I also found nice wooden record frames from Urban Outfitters – 2 for $20! (looks like they don’t sell them anymore). I hadn’t decided what the second album to frame would be until earlier this summer, when I was listening to a lot of Mac DeMarco. And I also dug the lo-fi, kind of summery analog look of Salad Days as well. RECORDS-13And I figured this was such a simple project that needed doing. So, I rolled up my sleeves, and asked Alan to mount these babies on the wall. I was in part motivated by the need to organize the overflow of records that I’d resorted to leaning against the credenza. It was kinda cool and casual at first, but I also just ordered like, 4 LPs recently and they’re comin’, and I need a place for them. Luckily, I was strolling through Target yesterday, and they had these milk crates for 15% off. Score!RECORDS-14RECORDS-15Now the majority of records are in the basket, and out of sight. My Bon Iver LP sitting pretty in the front. So quaint, so cozy. RECORDS-16Just a few little solutions to make this area feel a little more put together and deliberate.

Morning Phase


Ah, stillness. Every day the cat gets fed around 6AM, which is a schedule we inadvertently put her on back when Alan worked a much earlier shift. She starts getting antsy as early as 5, and usually goes about getting food by sitting on our faces, or licking our noses, which is cute until you get a big whiff of cat breath. I was wrapped snuggly tight in my cocoon yesterday when this happened. I decided to not prolong this ritual by meeting her demands. It was about 5:50 and the sun was still really low in the sky. We don’t get a *ton* of natural light, but I like the dimness of the house in the early morning. MORNING-PADDLES-1MORNING-PADDLES-5Now that it’s spring (even though it’s been really chilly), everything is all grown in and GREEN. It makes everything feel just full. MORNING-PADDLES-6MORNING-PADDLES-7These canoe paddles from Sanborn Canoe (in SE Minnesota– bluff country!) are a new addition, a surprise birthday gift from Alan. We’ve talked about getting these for a long time to hang up, even make a day of it down to the shop and sample some local libations as well, but he got impatient. MORNING-PADDLES-9There’s one for each of us, mine is the black & white, natch, which they call “North” (fitting), and Alan’s is “Mackinack“.MORNING-PADDLES-10And, we mounted them to the wall with deluxe leather straps. Sure does make the place feel nice and North-y.

Photos taken with Canon 70D, Sigma Art 18-35 mm f/1.8 lens, edited in Adobe Lightroom with VSCO Pack No. 5

Waking Light

CRW_3940Haven’t blogged as much because of Labor Day probably, and I’m working on beefing up my portfolio so I’ve been mainly working on design work. More about that later.

It’s hard to put a mantel together. Seriously, how do? It’s slowly coming together though. And it’s a massive improvement on how it was a couple months ago. We had a wedding photo blown up and put into a cheap frame I got at Michaels (it was FIVE DOLLARS. Which I don’t think was right, but I didn’t say anything, because I was going to save like THIRTY DOLLARS). The entire living room/dining room combo is screaming out for some flora so I might put a nice vase of flowers up there (perhaps a vase of fake flowers from our wedding. Also, do you or your spouse and/or pet need any paint-dipped milk jugs and fake flowers?)
CRW_3938The main thing I wanted to showcase was just this beautiful light that was coming in the other morning. There’s a greenhouse behind our house up on a hill and the light was reflecting in. As the days get shorter I’m hoping I can witness this at that golden hour when I’m up and milling around in the morning before work.
I like this peaceful house.

The Living Room (pt. II)

Since the last time I documented the living room, I’ve upgraded cameras,  and the room itself. I’m declaring this the Most Perfect Room in the House, which is somewhat a feat. I love decorating and collecting things to make the house fit into the  “Minimalist Cabin” motif, but I’ve focused too much on one room and as a result, the rest of the house is cluttered.HAWAII-0431I’ve taken away most of the color. It didn’t jive with my theme, and I just am a way bigger fan of neutrals. In house terms, that’s mainly black and white patterns, exposed wood, and gray wools. Mm. HAWAII-0458 HAWAII-0439The little white guy is an urn, made by my Uncle Brad, who passed away last fall. He was an amazing artist and these urns were his most constant creation. My parents gave me one for Christmas. I love its simplicity.HAWAII-0454Gotta have a wicker basket with a big chunky blanket in it. You gotta.HAWAII-0440 HAWAII-0447Textiles… My greatest weakness. HAWAII-0441 HAWAII-0442 HAWAII-0461The coffee table has always been a work in progress.. I finally settled on wool coasters, a bunch of Dwells, a book about cabins, and this reclaimed wood cribbage board from the Summit Brewery. Isn’t it gorgeous?HAWAII-0434 HAWAII-0448 HAWAII-0449The credenza is a recent addition, and it’s truly what has brought the room together. That whole wall was a complete mess before. There was a bookcase, a side table, and a cabinet. We consolidated.HAWAII-0450 HAWAII-0451Finally became in possession of a working record player this last Christmas. One that may not have audiophiles drooling, but it does what I need it to do; look pretty and make sounds.HAWAII-0465In case I were to be accused of staging something that makes my life look well designed, I present the fire place, which has become a dumping ground for every small trinket. It’s been sadly neglected and I plan to do something about it… At some point…

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