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I’ve wanted to show off my little home office for a really long time. I just had to keep tweaking the space, because it has to be *perfect*. It’s my little autonomous space. I get to make it look however I want. Even to the point where I’ve been obsessing over clean, minimal workspaces on Pinterest forever now and feeling disappointed in mine by comparison. But then I realized that I’m really lucky to even have a home office. It’s not like I do a ton of work from home (I do enough). But this space is my little happy space. The only thing that sucks about it are the cheap IKEA DIY desks, which have cheap legs that wobble — a lot. I can make them more flush withe the floors, but the *floors* are uneven. Anyway. Look how terrible that photo is up there. Poor composition all around. It’s because I don’t have a super wide angle lens. And because I didn’t try very hard tbh.
Central control. The red lamp.. I love, don’t get me wrong. But it was bought at a time when red accents were all the rage. Black + White + Red = Totally Swiss design, right? It was a time when I was purely a black and white kind of person, but *just* black and white was too extreme. Now, I’m like, screw that. ONLY Black & White. I have my eye on this IKEA lamp, which has a button on the base, which is honestly enough for me. The red lamp has a switch down on the cord that I have to fish out every night. UGH, right? It’s a worklamp from West Elm and I’m essentially looking to trade down. (I can’t believe I found so much to say about a lamp!)
I used to have the ubiquitous flip clock screensaver  until one day it just stopped working on my mac. I’m now using this even lovelier, more minimalist iteration.
ee? RED ACCENTS. Also, I AM A DESIGNER. Here’s a big type poster.
My “music corner”, by default. Alan got me the incredible electric piano for Christmas, which I’ve been dying for for years. After I moved out of my parents’ house I’ve been without a piano to play, and it really hurt. Like, physically hurt me sometime to not be able to play. That guitar? It’s broken. I need to get it fixed. But it looks *super* cool like that in the corner, doesn’t it? So casual.
The Morrissey poster is my *favorite* thing. I lifted this framing technique directly from Door Sixteen.
More Morrissey, and a little typographic letterpress poster. I got it for being an early backer on this great Kickstarter campaign.
he little boxes are from Ikea, natch. The coaster is a wood slab from Michaels.
Thank god for these little wooden boxes. There’s so much crap that you can’t see because of it. Also, how cute is the notepad? IKEA. And the tape dispenser? Also IKEA. The cross stitch was made by my wonderful friend Katrin as a wedding present (she was also my personal attendant I mean HOW RAD).
The sad part is that as soon as we have our second kid this isn’t my space anymore. :( / :)

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Hi! I'm a graphic designer, photographer and female person. I live in Minneapolis with my husband Alan and our baby son Alexander and baby cat Arya.

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