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SUMMERPRODUCTSGrowing up, I was a tomboy. Not like, wearing dresses and climbing trees like Caddie Woodlawn, but like shopping in the boys’ section at Old Navy. That kinda thing. Femininity has never been something that came super naturally to me. There were periods in my life where I tried to even out my more masculine side by going hard “girly”. I liked how I looked wearing makeup, but it also made my skin itch and I touch my face too much. I’ve realized this recently when in a therapy session. I’ve never felt like a conventional woman, but in the last year I’ve embraced my own brand of womanhood. I found out that long hair suits me as long as I wear it up, jewelry’s not really my jam (unless it’s this cool teething necklace), and try as I might, I just can’t get on board with wearing makeup. But, I much prefer myself when I look put together. I recently got microbladed so I could have natural-looking brows without having to pencil them in every morning. I got my hair colored so I could get away with taking fewer showers but also so it didn’t look so bland (my mother has referred to my natural hair color as “dish water blonde”. Lovely!).

All this to really say, I’m lazy, and I’ll take whatever shortcuts I can get. I may not be the woman who looks like she was born wearing lipstick but I still have a few go-to products that are giving me life this summer.


Sea Mist Texturizing Salt Spray — Herbivore

I love this stuff. Since getting my hair bleached, it really only looks “nice” when I get a professional blowout (or when I give myself one, which is a capital P Pain in the Butt). So, I’ve decided for the opposite approach: I mist this in my hair post-shower and put the dryer on the cool setting. The result is natural and fun, and smells great.


Perfect hair Day — Living Proof

I’ll be honest, I kinda hoped bleaching my hair would mean I didn’t get greasy roots, at least not for a few days!!! No such luck, unfortunately, so I picked up this dry shampoo and it seriously takes 30 seconds to give me clean hair. Being a full time mom right now also means I just can’t shower that often, so this saves me sooooo much time.


Cloud Paint in Dusk — Glossier

I never said I didn’t like to wear any makeup, but when I do, I prefer to have it enhance the au natural look. This dusk color is not too pink; it really makes me look more like I’ve been out in the sun. And with my fuller brows, I feel like a Nordic princess (and I only just recently figured out how to give myself milkmaid braids, lol).


Anti-Chafe Stick — Body Glide

I picked this up last month when I had to wear a long dress and be in an outdoor wedding and it is a GAME CHANGER. This summer has seen me getting out for a lot of walks with the babe, and I like to wear short shorts, but I also have thick chubby thighs and chafing is the worst thing ever. I was skeptical that this little stick would make that much of a difference but it truly does. (By the way, there is a “for her” version, which is just a way for companies to trick women into feeling like their problems are somehow soooo much different to mens’. Skip it).


Facial Spray — Evian

I love this shit. It’s especially great on long flights. It hydrates your skin and sets makeup. I would recommend everyone – man and woman – keep a little can with them daily.


Racerback Bra Clip — Bllatta

This is an odd one, but I was grateful to find out about these things because I didn’t want to have to find a racerback nursing bra. Summertime is for wearing tank tops and showing off tattoos.

Additionally, I use a daily moisturizer, anti-perspirantand concealer because those baby-induced dark circles are no joke. I also have a water tracker app to keep me hydrated. I highly recommend it!

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