My home office refresh

OFFICE-1Happy Hump Day (ugh)! I’m still decompressing after my insane trip to the Canadian Rockies last week, plus I’ve got some actual work to do, so blogging is unfortunately taking a bit of a hit. I need to sit down and map out some content because I love this blog and want to see it flourish.

Anyway. It’s looking pretty likely that I’ll be working from home for the foreseeable future, which I’m pretty pleased about. I have a nice little work wardrobe for when I have to go to meetings, but I also like wearing leggings and sweatshirts and getting coffee and listening to anything I want loudly. Plus working freelance is going to give me a chance to work on my new photography instagram account, so I’ll be able to drive around the area taking photos when I’m not working. It’s going to be great!


Because of this, I wanted my office to get a big refresh. I had issues with my desk wobbling; the cheapo IKEA legs were causing that, so I upgraded to something much sturdier (and lemme tell ya: they don’t wobble). I also had a tendency to load a bunch of crap on my desk, so I slapped a couple of these cool little hexagon cork tiles up on the walls. And I suppose the most significant change was moving my desk to the wall under the window. As a reminder here’s what it was looking like before:

OFFICE-1A big ol mess. OFFICE-6OFFICE-9OFFICE-10I got a little wheelie cart for all my food photography props. My plan for this part of the room is to use it as a studio part time. So I’ll have a backdrop and lighting, and having things on wheels will make it easy to clear the space. The desk has wheels too!OFFICE-11OFFICE-12OFFICE-13I didn’t want to go overboard on spending. So I got a few things to make the space more useable, such as this desk riser (with drawers), this headphone stand and these little bins. I splurged a little on a few ornamental desk organizers, like this lovely little cup, this brass stand and these bookendsOFFICE-14OFFICE-17OFFICE-8OFFICE-2

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Hi! I'm a graphic designer, photographer and female person. I live in Minneapolis with my husband Alan and our baby son Alexander and baby cat Arya.


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