A simple summer dessert

PEACHMINT-19Recently I found myself in a rut. I’m happy being a stay-at-home mom at this point in my life. Truly! It took a long time to come to peace with it (part of it has to do with my baby having an actual personality now, and the weather being nice). I miss working and getting paid to be creative. But I will work again. I’m confident of that. What I really wanted was some sort of outlet in the meantime. I remember being totally beside myself one night before bed, crying to Alan that I felt like I had lost a part of myself.

Then the next morning, I was sitting at my computer and Alex was taking a characteristically long nap, and I had the idea to do this post on stationeryHonestly, that post was not really about the stationery. It was a impromptu mini art direction opportunity. I got to utilize some amazing natural light in my office, take photos of beautiful paper products, and use props! I was in heaven. And editing the photos afterwards is always one of my favorite parts. I emailed Alan, telling him how elating and therapeutic the little project had been.PEACHMINT-3Sometime later I was perusing the blog Cashew Kitchen, whose cozy and moody food photography just gets me, and it hit me that I should take that up as a hobby!  I would be able to check off a lot of boxes, including playing around with my camera, getting more comfortable with editing, art direction, and styling. AND, Art Directing a Cookbook is on my Life List even, so this gets me a little closer to that goal.

I have plans to collaborate with my younger sister Addie, who is passionate about food, cooking, cultivation and who has wanted to start a food blog that emphasizes cooking with local, seasonal produce. Synergy ✨

So, here it is! I’m starting off with something super simple, and it’s so easy, a whole blog about it is totally unnecessary.PEACHMINT-17I tossed this dessert together the other night after putting Alex to bed. I’d been frustrated with my diet choices lately; the last two weeks basically we’d been “dining out” every single night which is not only a super bad habit, it’s expensive. On top of that, my incredibly awesome and badass sister-in-law sent me a literal box of ice cream for Mother’s Day, and well, since it was there, I had to eat it, you know?

When I finally had the energy and time to go to the grocery store, I made sure to get some fruit for snacking on. And yogurt for Alex. And a bunch of herbs, because herbs are the essence of good food.

Anyway. I had just put Alex to bed. I was buzzing off having cooked a good honest dinner, and Alan was off helping my sister and her family unload boxes into their new house. I sliced up a little peach, tossed some sugar in a pan and began to caramelize to top some greek yogurt. Then I thought … How could I ramp this up a bit?

And then I thought… I should really take some photos of this.

PEACHMINT-5Summer has never been at the top of my list when it comes to Best Seasons, but there are certain things I love about it. Warm golden evenings. Cooking light, vibrant dishes, long-lasting light… And all these smells! Fresh mint is such a fine and refreshing smell.PEACHMINT-18And these flavors blend together seamlessly. It would be such a perfect way to top off a beautiful day spent outside.


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Hi! I'm a graphic designer, photographer and female person. I live in Minneapolis with my husband Alan and our baby son Alexander and baby cat Arya.



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