Week in review

0504-32This week I’ve really lacked in motivation – no blogs, no grocery shopping, no cooking… I’ve hardly done anything. Just feeling really pooped. And with current events as they are, I wanted start the weekend off with something pleasant and nice.

This is really more like, the last couple weeks in review. I think I’ve whined in the past about how tricky it is to upload and edit baby photos in a timely manner, but it’s still true. Especially because picking a time to do a photo dump is so arbitrary when there’s no big events to focus on. BUT I will say that I took a few special photos this week that will be cherished (see above – books at bedtime). 0504-9A lot of people ask how the cat is doing with Alex’s presence. Personally I believe that she loves him. She’s SCARED of him, because lately he’s just super active and moves around, and he pets her (more like grabs?), but she doesn’t shy away from coming near when he’s around. She just lays down a few feet away. I think she likes being close to him. My babies.0504-11🍑0504-7Alex is also a maniac in the bath! He loves it. I wish he was big enough to just swim around in the big tub because I feel like it would be so liberating for him. He splashes a lot and relishes the water being poured over his head. We’ll be doing swimming lessons this summer and I think that will be a good outlet for him.0504-60504-260504-29Gentle sunshine.0504-33I decided to give him this little foam sword I got literally a hundred years ago (ok — 13) at Lego Land in California… Probably one of only a handful of things I’ve hung onto from my youth. Not much of a pack rat. But what can I say, I love swords. And Alex is a master of this one. 0504-150504-16As I mentioned above, Alex is extremely active these days. We got him this baby walker about a month ago and he just kinda sat in it — or walked backwards. Then one day he just figured it out, and now he’s unstoppable and it’s both a blessing and a curse. I’ve had to move all the magnets up on the fridge; we had to move the planter to the porch; and he knocked over the cat’s water glass in my office. It’s great he has the option of independence in it, but it still takes a looooooot of supervising. 0504-35FINALLY — the big milestone from this week. Solids! The very first time was baby oatmeal, and it went reasonably well. He’s most interested in the spoon. He loves to grab things. I’m wondering how I’ll ever get him to eat anything at all. We think the oats did a number on his tum, as that night he had a difficult time getting to sleep, as well as his first nap the next morning, so we switched to puréed avocado, and he seems to like that a little better. Though, he hasn’t gotten too much of it in his mouth.0504-210504-180504-20



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Hi! I'm a graphic designer, photographer and female person. I live in Minneapolis with my husband Alan and our baby son Alexander and baby cat Arya.



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