Alexander the Grey


I was thinking this morning, if I have a touching moment with my son, but don’t share it on social media, did it really happen? The amount of time we spend with our accounts and devices is kinda scary to me. I worry about the shift in human interaction, and wonder how it’ll affect the generations for whom tech is ubiquitous. Confession: within two hours of Alexander’s birth, while he was sleeping in the little bassinet and Alan and I dined on hospital fare, I was browsing my Facebook feed. 😬

But I did have a tender mother-son moment the other night I decided not to share with the masses, even though I knew it would accrue some sick “likes”. It’s difficult to find the right balance of sharing in the digital age. It’s gratifying when people tell me they love seeing the photos of him, but I’m also conscious that at some point it might become too much. (But hey, the “unfollow” button is right over there).

Anyhoo. Alex wears a lot of grey. That’s on me. My bad, bud. I’m afraid grays and blacks are pretty much the only thing for you on the horizon, until you can have a say in what you wear (which I promise I will honor and cherish!)0330-0403-80330-0403-11Such a beautiful smiley baby. Alexander has really been putting us through the ringer lately with poor sleep. He had an ENDLESS cold (which I think is finally in the rearview) and now he’s teething which is super tough to see him deal with. We’re doing the best we can by squirting tylenol into his mouth every 6 hours which he HATES but mostly, he’s the greatest little viking about it. Happy despite his circumstances (dude, teach me).0330-0403-13Look, it’s the cat!0330-0403-140330-0403-19We had a visit this weekend from Alan’s parents, which, contrary to the pictured evidence, Alex did looooove. 0330-0403-180330-0403-21Viking hat courtesy of his Aunt Jessy. (Sweatshirt from Cotton On).0330-0403-230330-0403-240330-0403-25


How was your weekend? Did you watch the finale of Big Little Lies last night? Wasn’t it amaaaaaaaaazing?

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Hi! I'm a graphic designer, photographer and female person. I live in Minneapolis with my husband Alan and our baby son Alexander and baby cat Arya.


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