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02110226-3Somehow, improbably, I got more blogging done in the first month of Alex’s life than the subsequent three. It’s become so easy to keep my camera on the dining table so as to have it ready at a moment’s notice, but it seems to mean that I never actually bring it back the 20 feet to my office to load onto my computer.

So, that means that it takes forever to import, wade through the hundreds and hundreds of photos to pick out some good ones, then edit them, export them, and post ’em up on here.

In truth I suppose that it’s a thousand times easier to take a few good photos, immediately transfer them to my phone, and edit and post them on instagram. I can sleep soundly at night knowing my child’s life is at least being broadcast in some way (that’s sarcasm. I’ll never sleep soundly with Trump in office, ha ha ha ha ha.)02110226-802110226-10So anyway, here’s a photo dump from February (most of it anyway) and then I’ll get back to bloggin’ more, because I’m actually thinking of #content all the time. I just never get the motivation to put it all out there.02110226-1202110226-1902110226-2102110226-2202110226-23A few weeks back now, we had alarmingly unseasonably warm weather. 60 degrees (!!!), which I’ll admit it was nice to not have to put socks or a jacket on for a week, but also, come on, that shit is not normal and I can’t tolerate it or anyone who says they prefer it to natural winter weather. UGH. Alan has been taking Alex on walks around a nearby lake for some dad-son time. 02110226-2702110226-3602110226-3902110226-4102110226-6102110226-6202110226-4502110226-49He’s FINALLY playing with everything. His little gym, this activity chair, his bouncy swing,  toys, all of it. It’s been such a relief  to just plop him on the floor or his little chair  and finish my coffee. 02110226-70I don’t post his weekly photos on here, but I thought this was a charming outtake. Alan is a good sport with helping me on these “shoots”, because I take it sooooo seriously. 02110226-4402110226-7302110226-74

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Hi! I'm a graphic designer, photographer and female person. I live in Minneapolis with my husband Alan and our baby son Alexander and baby cat Arya.


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