holidays-2I’m averaging roughly 100 photos a day of Alexander, which is way too many, I know, but I’m also taking more than I can edit and share at a time, so here’s a good old fashioned photo dump. Some from the holidays and others from just me and him hanging out, and him and Alan hanging out (extra days off from work have made a huge difference — and we will miss that extra time with him!). Alex loves to just chill.holidays-3holidays-6A few window crystals — we were #blessed with a polar vortex the weekend before Christmas. It was so cozy and bright and cold. My favorite kind of winter.holidays-10holidays-11Early Christmas gift from my mom to Alex — a handsome little bodysuit inspired by Hamilton which she is #1 fan of. For my handsome little guy!holidays-13holidays-18holidays-21holidays-22holidays-23holidays-24holidays-25Christmas eve at my parents house was a classy and low key affair with a gourmet meal made by Chef Adam (my sister’s longterm bf). Check out all the presents! Two parents, 4 kids, 4 spouses, 7 grandkids…holidays-54Cousins.holidays-49holidays-53holidays-55Overall, Alex’s first Christmas was pretty good. We didn’t give him any gifts (except the gift of life? Which I’m pretty sure counts as like 5 Christmas presents), but he got lots of little gifties from grandparents and “cousins” (pretty sure they didn’t buy them, but). It’s exciting to think that next Christmas he’ll be walking around. He’ll be a completely different little person. It’s exciting and heartbreaking at the same time. holidays-30holidays-31holidays-32holidays-34holidays-35holidays-36Luckily we got a coupon to get 101 prints from Shutterfly for free (coupons for their services show up EVERYWHERE especially in regards to baby products. Thirsty). It’ll be nice to have a little baby album that he can look at in years to come. I still look at my baby photos from time to time.holidays-38holidays-39holidays-40holidays-43Seriously — THIS KID! I’m completely enamored with him. But as a new parent I have conflicting emotions constantly. I want him to keep sleeping, but I want to be with him, I want him to grow up and become a little person, but I want him to stay exactly this way forever. When your baby is born, they truly hit the ground running and start growing and developing immediately. It can be such a blur. I’m glad I have done my best to document his progress with voracity because I kind of just have hazy recollections of those first days.

And I’ve always heard that the first couple months are truly the hardest, and indeed, things ARE getting easier. Sure, we’re still totally wiped out, but we’re getting the hang of the breastfeeding thing, and figuring out how the best ways to get him to sleep. Even though carrying him around still kills my back, there’s a stamina I have now that I didn’t before to just stick with it a little longer because I’m pretty sure he’s dozing off.

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Hi! I'm a graphic designer, photographer and female person. I live in Minneapolis with my husband Alan and our baby son Alexander and baby cat Arya.


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