Early Days

alex_week2-4Life with a newborn continues, and it is ever changing and super challenging, but we find little victories here and there. For example, sometimes you just have to let them cry themselves to sleep, and feeling confident enough to make that call is surprisingly rewarding. This little guy gets himself so worked up to the point where he fends off sleep for a long time — especially in this last week. Still working on finding a balance of feedings and naps and “awake time” (which is interchangeable with “crying time”). Alan is back at work now so the days are particularly challenging for me as I struggle to find time just to scarf down a bowl of cereal or use the bathroom while Alex cries in his crib.


But, I wouldn’t trade these days for anything. He’s only this little once, right? He’s certainly a handful, and I’m super run down and nursing a head cold right now, but he’s one helluva cute baby and I’m going to enjoy him.alex_week2-3Here he naps with grandma, the day before the election, when we were all bright-eyed and optimistic.alex_week2-6I was so excited to vote for Hillary Clinton, and obviously so many of us were sure she was going to win. I was really adamant that I take Alex with me to vote, and I had to do it on election day. I wanted him to be part of that historic day. Unfortunately for his future, America lost big time that day. But also somewhat fortunately, Alex will have no memory of this presidency. I was lamenting to my therapist, however, that when he’s my age he could still be feeling the repercussions of the Trump tenure, to which she awesomely replied “or he could be feeling the effects of the first badass female president.” Yes.alex_week2-14alex_week2-15I’ve been taking weekly photos (which you can see on my instagram) on various textures/patterns. It’ll be a fun challenge to see how many I can use before I’ll have to resort to repeating myself. This is the big shag rug in his nurseryalex_week2-20alex_week2-22alex_week2-23alex_week2-26alex_week2-27alex_week2-28alex_week2-29alex_week2-31alex_week2-33We took Alex on his first walk around one of the lakes. Possibly one of our last chances of this year as winter has rolled in quite suddenly. Oh my gosh, his little face.alex_week2-36I just like documenting how much cool shit this kid has. The cover is from Native Wilds, his stroller/car seat combo is UppaBaby and his cozy blankie is from Fine Little Day (natch!).alex_week2-37alex_week2-40Wahh, wahhalex_week2-47alex_week2-50I’ve had some success with the Solly Baby wrap (only used it *three* times so far) but this particular time he wasn’t having it. I will say it’s much easier on the back than just straight up holding him. I had been regularly visiting the chiropractor leading up to giving birth and my back was feeling great. All that went down the drain in the weeks postpartum, but I’m going back now and I’ll be bringing Alex as well to get adjustments! It sure is a pretty little wrap though isn’t it?

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Hi! I'm a graphic designer, photographer and female person. I live in Minneapolis with my husband Alan and our baby son Alexander and baby cat Arya.


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