Pretty your walls with Artifact Uprising

ARTIFACT-5Lately I’ve taken to investing in some good framed art for our walls. We have long been in the habit of collecting screen printed posters, and about 80% of them never get framed, never get hung on any walls. Pains me to admit, but I don’t think they will. My old uptown apartment had walls of framed posters, and that does seem like a thing you have when you’re in your early 20s in an apartment, but we’re like, married and stuff now, and a baby on the way. Time for some classy displays. And even better if they’re personal photographs, right? So I came across Artifact Uprising, which I’ve been using for all kinds of stuff, including our Christmas cards from last year. I love the very simple and minimalist designs available, plus the photo book options (I made one of our wedding, which I might feature on here eventually, and I’m currently doing one for our New Zealand trip) and most of all, the options for printing and framing your photographs.

Essentially, if you are a photographer, this is a dynamite company. ARTIFACT-1ARTIFACT-2Recently I decided to get a New Zealand photo printed and framed to pair with a photo I took at the cabin last year. There was a real empty space burning a whole in the wall. ARTIFACT-3ARTIFACT-6ARTIFACT-7ARTIFACT-8ARTIFACT-4Back in January I also upgraded the wedding portrait on our mantel , which was previously a Target photo print with a $5 frame I found at Michael’s. From far away it looked fine, but up close you could see how horribly warped it was. Not so with Artifact Uprising! The prints are extremely fine; rich coloring and archival quality. Pre-framing, the prices are super reasonable, but there’s also a nice variety of frames to choose from. The service is also fast. I got my New Zealand print within two weeks of ordering.ARTIFACT-9

*Note — this post is not sponsored by Artifact Uprising. I just like them, and want to spread the word! 

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