We’re on Each Other’s Team.


RTG, 2013

Today, July 1, is the 6 year anniversary of Alan’s and my first date (AND when we became BF and GF officially, because I was super smitten and super impatient). As far as first dates go, ours was pretty awesome and summery: We played pickup volleyball (!) with a bunch of his coworkers, then went to the CC Club for beers and greasy food. Our first date essentially became one big 5 day weekend as we got together the next night, and then I went camping with him and his friends in Wisconsin for the weekend, a tradition that would continue basically every summer. In fact, I didn’t really like summertime until I met Alan.

We clicked almost immediately. We laughed at the same stuff, we were more or less politically aligned (I was less informed then, and these days I probably identify as more liberal than him), and we could just talk and talk and talk about stuff. The summer of 2010 was heady. We did camping and cabin trips, I helped him set up his new apartment and we were essentially cohabitants from the 3rd month onwards. So many drunken weekends; smoking on the front stoop; watching Battlestar Galactica; getting me into A Song of Ice and Fire… Those were youthful days. Whereas I would say Alan has kind of been the same throughout our relationship – (he’s always known what he was interested in, and has worked at the same place since before we met etc)… I was young when we met and have grown and changed a lot, and Alan supported me. Even when it was hard to do.

I was jobless, then graduated college, got work, we bought our house, I became unemployed for a long time, and since I got hired at Star Tribune in 2013 I’ve had a lot of jobs at different places (Star Trib, General Mills, City Pages, Freelance), and my financial situation has been fluid, but with Alan’s help I’ve been able to build up some pretty dope savings which helped me just this past May when my contract with GM was abruptly put on “hiatus” by the company. It may sound weird, but Alan placed some expectations on me that were difficult to live up to at first (being healthy, saving money), but have empowered me to become a strong and confident woman. In the early days it mostly felt like criticism; I was trying my best, working two days a week and sort of doing the dishes! Now I know what “trying my best” looks and feels like and I am busier, more creative, and more successful than ever. I’m not doing it for him. I’m doing it for myself and the love and support of a Good Man helped me become that way. Basically, I look at my life now and think: Holy Shit!

The people who love us should only ever inspire us to be our best selves. Alan has, and I’m grateful to have found him. I love you Alan! I can’t wait for the next big thing.😘😘😘😘😘

(I just wanna say, I’ve been as good an influence on Alan as well, but I can’t speak for him obvs…)

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Hi! I'm a graphic designer, photographer and female person. I live in Minneapolis with my husband Alan and our baby son Alexander and baby cat Arya.


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